Shift Frequency Newsletter ~ October 16, 2016

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To Vote or Not to Vote – It’s a Choice

One particularly interesting gift Creator Source gave this creation is Free Will. In fact, I was once told “This is a free will universe. All is allowed.”

My choice is to vote in this upcoming election. Yours may be not to. Both are very fine choices.

A vote was once sacred

America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are built on spiritual principles concerning life that were inherent in Native American governing systems. “These native governments were viable and fully operational political bodies which controlled their citizens and their territories and were an important factor in the development of the United States government we live under today.” (Robert J. Miller, American Indians & The United States Constitution)

This modern American nation state is a microcosm of Earth’s humanity. Every country on Earth has a citizen who has been nationalized American. Each unique vote cast will carry this heritage – this knowing. When combined these votes represent Earth humanity in her entirety. So each American who votes will literally be choosing the planetary outcome for millions of lives this November.

And yes, I know it’s all rigged on the 3D side, which is why it will require a tidal wave of light to overcome and attain global peace.

Timelines bifurcate

On an entirely different level I see this as a clear bifurcation in time – a split between a descending (denser) frequency Earth galloping into war and global tyranny vs. an ascending (lighter) frequency Earth that throws off the shackles of Group Think and becomes peopled by Individuals who decide what they wish life to be for themselves personally. If a sufficient number build harmlessness into their personal blueprints this has the power to propel humanity from the static pursuit of happiness into true happiness lived and present in each moment.

I do plan to continue summaries at some future date. I am simply too fatigued from working with all the energy available right now to do so at this time.  Thanks in advance for understanding.

Until next time,

Gillian Grannum, Ph.D.


ECETI News Reality Check

James Gilliland – I find it odd that all over the internet NASA is disclosing the fact that UFOs exist and they have been working with them. I think after the Texas poll where 99% of the people said they believe in UFOs they had to jump on the band (…)

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Mysterious New Blood Bacteria Seems Like Nanobot Bioweapon [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Dr. Nick Delgado is a researcher of biochemistry and endocrinology, with a special focus on anti-aging medicine. In this clip, Dr. Delgado speaks to me about a disturbing new phenomenon that he’s been observing for about a year and a half.When he examines patients, Dr. Delgado (…)

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The Real History Of The Anunnaki – Why They Came To Earth [Video]

Michelle Walling – Men are the result of genetic modification of a human by space aliens called the Anunnaki. This is an excerpt of a documentary that discusses history of the Anunnaki and the reason for the necessity to find gold to make monoatomic gold.There were many things monoatomic gold (…)

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Navigating New Dimensions and Timelines

Aluna Joy Yaxkin –  Something strange has been happening, and if you have noticed this, you have been experiencing a REAL PHYSICAL, dimensional re-alignment. The last couple of months have been really challenging.I like to think of this as a cosmic fire walk. We have traveled through the 20 (…)

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8 Reptilian Traits In Human Beings

Gregg Prescott, M.S. – According to Sumerian legend, the Anunnaki genetically manipulated our genetics and created three versions of what we know as mankind, today.The Anunnaki may have reptilian blood too, as they intermixed with their creations.We don’t specifically know how our DNA was manipulated. What we DO (…)

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6 Major Media Conspiracies Happening Right in Front of Your Eyes

Sigmund Fraud – Woven into the ever-evolving narrative of the mainstream media are key plot lines, hidden in the sub-text of so-called current events, going for the most part unnoticed by the public. We could say this happens by chance but since we already know the structure and purpose of corporate media (…)

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How To Recognize Implants And Tags

Michelle Walling, CHLC – Many people on the planet are having a more difficult time surviving and staying balanced and centered than others. There are several individual reasons for this; however there are some patterns that are apparent as to why some people are targeted by over others for implants (…)

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Global Assistance For The Political System In The USA

Patricia Cota-Robles – This is a critical moment in the evolution of Humanity and the Ascension process we are ALL experiencing at this time. There is a Divine Plan unfolding that may not be obvious to our finite minds, but that Humanity’s I AM Presences and the Legions of Light in (…)

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Doctor Claims The Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How!

Prof. Sergei Bubnovskiy from Moscow has an innovating new technique that can strengthen your immune system in an amazing new way!According to the professor, soaking your legs in an ice-cold bath for 10-15 seconds after coming home from work can reinforce your immune system and prepare it for the (…)

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Now That Obama Ceded Control of the Internet, Here’s What It Means

Jeremiah Johnson – As you may or may not know, as of midnight, October 1, 2016, the U.S. control over the Internet was handed over to ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  Congressmen wrote letters, experts petitioned their protests, and four states lodged a complaint in a (…)

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Science Confirms People Absorb Energy From Others

Nadia Vella  – Did it ever happen to you, when you were with a person and you felt a bad vibe, as if the person was absorb energy?“Everything is energy” is one of the main axioms of science, and human beings are no strangers to energy transformations.Bioenergetics is the science that studies (…)

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Warning Signs From The Universe

Andrea Schulman – Many people believe that things “just happen” to them, but as we connect more closely to our intuition we are shown that everything that happens to us is of our own creation.  We may not be fully aware of what we are creating moment to moment, but (…)

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