In Harmony ~



In harmony hearts dance in the light of the rising sun,
As it first appears dimly through the mist.
Bathing in the light of fire, nothing to hold back.
A kiss of divine, passion ignites a flame of electricity.

Touched by fire, the energy is like powerful music.
Angels glittering in the sky, his grateful song to hear,
The music from an Angels Tongue,
Radiating joy and now finding delight in ones life.

In the coolness of the morning,
The mist, like a cleansing rain
Healing all wounds that linger from the past,
A love of beauty clears away the fears and sadness.

Joy comes into the world
through a gentle means, happiness is rising within.
A quiet beacon of light making a heart sing,
Life becomes its own reward.

The time is ripe with imagination, inspiration and energy
Believe in your dreams, in the ever spinning wheel of your life.
Time the mercy of eternity, without times swiftness
Would you dare to fall in love and be swept off your feet.

Just as a hidden sadness resides, in the heart of true euphoria,
Just as the seeds of love begin to sprout, in a caldron of chaos,
So too, no end is ever complete,
Without a new beginning stirring inside.

Touched by fire and cleansed by cool rain,
Hearts rest in a passionate embrace,
In the light of the rising sun,
Joined together in the sexy dance of life.

In Harmony, Earth stands above Heaven,
Can you see, Heaven seems to be on Earth.
The chaos of the past is slowly giving way,
Carefully responding to rhythms of light.

As a new beginning merges into a deeper harmony,
The rain of forgiveness washes your spirit,
As you yield to your true feelings,
And In Harmony, following your heart.

@ Wendy L. Zake
Mulege, Mexico
June, 2005

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