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You don’t need candles or a crystal ball to make a wish this week. On Friday, January 27 the new moon in Aquarius—the sign of hopes and dreams—equips us all with visionary powers par excellence. We’ve already made our resolutions, but do they have enough heart and soul to give them wings? If they fall more into the punishing, “must do” category, probably not. Take time to align with a more fulfilling point of view. While the goal may remain the same, or similar, the motivation behind it could change. For example, if you’re just working out because it’s the New Year and you O.D.’d on Godivas and small batch bourbon and are feeling out of shape, you might have a few weeks of wind in your sails. But how about finessing your fitness goals because you want to be in fighting shape for 2017’s activist marches or so that you can live long, prosper and be there to help ensure awesome futures for your kids (or nieces and nephews)? Aquarius is the sign of community and idealism. Connect your personal goals into something greater and you won’t have to struggle to find your willpower. That said, keeping ourselves accountable 24/7 is nearly impossible. Embrace the Aquarian community spirit and form a support or mastermind group with people who are working to achieve the same goals. You could wind up with friends for life. Aquarius is also the sign of technology, so if you’re looking for assistance as you achieve a milestone, believe us: There’s an app for that!

The Aquarius new moon is also the day that marks the Chinese New Year annually. On Friday, we’ll wave a (not so fond) farewell to the cheeky Monkey who was quite the trickster in 2016. From stealing so many icons (so suddenly!) from the earth plane, to Brexit and U.S. Presidential insanity, the past year was…bananas. Nevertheless, 2016’s Fire Monkey was true to form with all his sneaky unpredictability and chaotic ways. Friday, the calendar turns over as we welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster—a flamboyant energy that is also a helluva lot more predictable. Given the patriarchal uprising that is afoot, some might not love hearing news that the Cock will reign supreme in 2017; however, although the Rooster might strut his stuff, he’s pretty darn protective of the hens in his coop. And his crows, which come like clockwork every morning, are meant to wake people up. Metaphorically speaking, we are hoping this means there will be more #WokeFolks on the planet in a very short time. Staying on point with our resolutions will be easier with this systematic creature at the wheel. The Rooster is associated with Virgo in Western astrology, a sign that is equal parts creative and anti-chaos. While the runways are all ablaze with statement sleeves, insane patterns and giant shoulders (just visualize that Cock on the catwalk, chest puffed and wings a-flapping), at the end of the day, sense wins out over swagger! Read more on the Rooster Year here.

Of course, not all will be tame in the skies this week. On Saturday, January 28 go-getter Mars arrives in its home sign of Aries, kicking off an energetic five-week phase that lasts until March 9. Like a triple-shot of espresso, this cycle will wake us up and get us psyched to initiate. Embrace the competitive spirit but remember that the real goal is simply to be the best YOU on the planet! A word to the wise: Find a physical outlet for blowing off steam. With the warrior planet in this fiery position, egos and tempers could rage out of control if we aren’t careful.

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