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Feelings…nothing more than feelings? Don’t underestimate the power of emotions this week. On Thursday, January 12 the first full moon of 2017 arrives in sensitive, sentimental Cancer. This annual lunation would normally be a family-friendly affair. Alas, things aren’t quite so cozy this ‘go round. (Fortunately, the rest of 2017’s new and full moons will be a lot gentler.) A trio of hotheaded planets—Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus—will marshal themselves into a Grand Cardinal Cross formation with la luna. Like a four-way tug of war in the skies, this rare alignment forces us to rebalance the load and make some inevitable shifts. Domestic affairs and homeland security might be issues topping the week’s agenda. Cancer wants everyone to feel safe and secure. But building walls and locking ourselves away in our homes is no way to live! Since the U.S. presidential election, citizens have been eyeing each other with greater suspicion. This full moon could be the call to come together and tune in to our hearts, remembering to treat neighbors with love and care instead of “otherizing” our fellow humans…and even dehumanizing them in the process. Let’s just take it back to the 101 lessons we all learned in pre-school, shall we? These maternal Cancer moonbeams would surely approve.

And yet, what feels so basic might be complicated by this full moon’s formation. Inside the Grand Cardinal Cross are two pairs of opposing planets—and that’s where the greatest tension lies. Nefarious Pluto in Capricorn, the sign that rules governments, corporations and the economy will sit directly opposite the full moon, tossing out the biggest challenge. On a global level, there could be some epic power plays, ones that might push countries to form alliances in the name of security. Crisscrossing the full moon and Pluto will be global Jupiter in diplomatic Libra and tech-savvy Uranus in hotheaded Aries. Cybersecurity could continue to play out as one of the biggest concerns in early 2017 with more leaks, hacks or troll attacks raising major concerns. On the personal front, we may see bullies flare up out of fear of losing control—or even losing control of their own emotions! Navigating these authoritarian types will require extra sensitivity. Threatening their “power” could backfire, while playing to their need for validation might be the most strategic tactic. Seek a middle ground between rebellious and subservient; emotional heat and rational cool. Renegade Jupiter and activist Uranus may invite us to step off the battlefield and commune with kindred spirits, gaining strength from a grassroots gathering instead of trying to slay a Goliath with slingshots and stones—literal or figurative.

As unsettling as this all may seem, the soothing Cancer full moon could also help to heal some of the rifts that have divided people over the past months. Cancer is the maternal nurturer of the zodiac, reminding us that the wisdom of our hearts can be far more potent than the narcissistic chess match playing out on the world stage. As women’s rights activists have long said, “The personal is the political.” Don’t underestimate the power of making changes in your home, family, workplace or corner of the world.

Fortunately, the same day as the Grand Cross, there will be a loving alignment of harmonious Venus and idealistic Neptune—in healing Pisces, at that. This is more reason to operate from a place of deep compassion—even if you have to put up some self-protective boundaries in the process. Mercury also returns to levelheaded Capricorn from Thursday until February 7, restoring a bit of sanity to the equation. This is the second leg of a tour that started from December 2 to January 4 (including that retrograde from December 19 to January 8). Capricorn is an earth sign, helping us plant our feet on terra firma—despite the push-pull from other cosmic events. If the Grand Cross illuminates an especially messy area of life, Mercury in Capricorn can help us clean it up and put savvier structures in place for the future. Set some goals, then make a practical plan.

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