Pisces New Moon Eclipse Forecast in the Houses ~ February 26, 2017


Look for these degrees on your birth chart, to see what’s up….

These eclipse events kick off a new chapter in life, and often create a release of new energies.

There can be a jittery buzz of anticipation in the days leading up to a Solar Eclipse. Something meaningful is percolating up from places where the Sun don’t shine, to be brought into awareness. The blocking out of the usual light (the Sun) is a symbolic block of familiar ways of being and perceiving.

The lunar (irrational, instinctual), also strangely familiar, holds sway. Like the Moon card in the Tarot, it’s a time of suspended reality, sometimes chaos or confusion. It’s a time of discovery or rediscovery. What is there to be absorbed, revealed or remembered?

The Lunar Eclipse is when the earth throws a shadow on the Moon, blocking out the Sun’s light. Earth holds sway. It falls in the opposite house (usually) to the solar eclipse two weeks before. What’s calling to be made real and earthed into your life?

Recycled From 19 Years Ago

The solar and lunar eclipses are sometimes disruptive shake-ups, with either major life events, or more subtle inner changes. What’s neat to note, is that eclipses run through the Zodiac every 19 years, in what’s called the Saros Cycle.

What happened to you 19 years ago? Is that core theme playing out again?

Double Act

It’s useful to look at Zodiac signs, as well as the transiting houses of the eclipse as a two act (and more rarely a three act) production also. Since Zodiac signs correspond to a house, their symbolic themes are similar. Here are some notes to get you started, by looking at where the eclipses land in your own chart.

Taking the long view, eclipses go in reverse to the natural Zodiac (Aries to Pisces) or clock-wise. You can track themes, as they build on each other and you become enlightened (lighter, grounded and more self-aware) with each eclipse cycle.

First and Seventh Houses(or Aries-Libra)

Themes: Identity crisis, loss of self, or deeper self-knowledge through relationship; singular self hood (self-image and personal goals) and the impact of being in a twosome; give and take, or out-of-balance; break-ups, periods of solo mia; going into partnership or marriage; self-promotion, relationship to “followers” or audience, or times of solo retreat from public eye.

An eclipse in the first house throws you back on the self. It might mean the end to an entanglement that’s muddled your sense of self. Or merging lives with another, with any accompanying fears of losing the self. Something happens or there’s insight to firm up the “I am” with self-defining acts, carriage, presentation or plans. A challenge of growth here is to nurture personal initiation and identity, in balance to the meaningful relationships in your life.

Eclipses in the seventh house beams on those relationships that weigh heavily on the sense of self. There can be upheavals in these big relationships, from emotional shocks or confrontations to deepening intimacy or a parting of the ways. A relationship can be wholly absorbing, until you realize you’ve lost your own defining edges. Some might awaken to the naked truth about what’s been lost or gained, by being in cahoots with a particular close friend, lover or business associate. Who am I in this relationship? Who will I become if I become allies with so and so. What’s being mirrored back to me, as I relate to this person or to the public?

Sixth or Twelfth House (or Virgo-Pisces)

Themes: health crisis and healing; the spirit body and its intimacy with disease; living fully engaged and soul retrieval; soul resistance to growing and life-threatening illness; solitude and digesting experiences; getting worse before getting better; the minutia and the infinite; being busy or making time for productive dreaming; service to others or a sense of spiritual mission; synchronicity and everyday miracles.

Eclipses in the sixth house is about tending to the earth suit, and finding a satisfying (and productive) rhythm. A crisis here alerts us to the body. Is your job missing something? Like, a sense of greater connection or purpose? It’s mysterious how illness or an accident shakes us out of a deadening routine. The eclipse alert could be subtle or in-your-face, that somethings got to give. An eclipse here demands an integration, of the soul with work, for more soulful work.

Eclipses in the twelfth house bring to the fore, the very real need to tend to that soul, day in and day out. Experiences now come in dreams or seemingly otherworldly happenings, as soul messages. One outcome of eclipses here is to become aware of something previously veiled. It could be behaviors that you show out there, in the workplace or relationships, that have been unconsciously playing out. A breakthrough can at first be humbling, but lead to being more real and physically present in your life.

Fifth and Eleventh House (or Leo-Aquarius)

Themes: experiencing being special or unique within a group of unique individuals; love affairs that are a peak or valley; urge to be seen, admired, respected; friendship ups and downs; call to create/express yourself solo or in collaboration; a shift with a child or children; making a name as a headliner, or with allies; self-focused goals or going with flow of bigger circle.

An eclipse in your fifth house revolves around what most revs your self of standing out and shining. It could be a wake up call to seize the day with your creative gifts. A romance begins or ends, that makes you fall in love with life. The spark and color it awakens is what matters. Acknowledging the need for recognition, and setting out on a path to bring talents to fruition. An event that brings favorites to the fore — perhaps turning what you love into your life’s work. Shake-ups with children, a risk (gamble) or your heart.

Eclipses in the eleventh house have to do with extended friend networks — colleagues and collaborators, near and far. Your attention is on these wider circles, with possible endings of some alliances, and seeking those more up-to-date. An eclipse here can bring a shock to your awareness, with new and “weird” information that’ll take time to integrate. You might meet odd characters, or reveal your own strangest inclinations or fascinations. The genius is unleashed, or you experience more freedom to say and do what you like.

Fourth and Tenth House (Cancer/Capricorn)

Themes: mother or father, or parenting; public sphere and home life; emotional roots and ancestral legacies; making your mark and having a home base; authority and nurturing.

Eclipses in the fourth house brings attention to home life. A crisis here could bring you back to your roots, through tragedy or sense of responsibility. The forces that shaped your emotional body loom large, perhaps triggered by an event that calls it back.

An eclipse in the tenth house rouses dynamics of authority — claiming it or giving it away. Events happen that challenge you to overcome emotional legacies that keep you from symbolically climbing that mountain. What happens here builds character, and could play out in a public way. A crisis could bring more attention to the home front. Or, it could jolt to action, a latent desire to find our place in the world, if we’ve been tending to the home fires.

Third and Ninth House (Or Gemini/Sagittarius)

Themes: being the student and/or teacher; questing for consciousness, experience and skills; getting credentials; acting on inspirations; readiness to expand horizons; apprenticeships, travel, urge to learn; filling gaps in knowledge.

Eclipses in the third house jolt the nervous system, and involve the networks you’re plugged into. Something meaningful happens in the local ‘hood, or in your snippet-fast everyday exchanges. Brothers, sisters, school mates and extended family could play roles. Or an eclipse could activate an urge to go back to school, or be trained in a new field.

An eclipse in the ninth house lures you out of the known, into the edge of your personal frontier. A path opens, and with a trust in the universe, you signal you’re ready to grow beyond known borders. This can involve travel, a sabbatical or time as an exchange student. Your philosophy is altered, or you begin a course of study, not knowing how it’ll change you.

Second and Eighth House (or Taurus-Scorpio)

Themes: Natural talents — developing or squandering them; self-sufficiency or financial dependence; living your values or “selling your soul;” contentment or crisis/drama; building up or tearing down; procreation (fertility) and decay, composting, clearing (death).

An eclipse in the second house hits on material realities — money, what you own or owe, what you’ve built (symbolically) with your own two hands. A crisis here could shake you to the foundations, to do with finances, and possessions that you see as what makes you, you. It could set off an ordeal, where you’re tested to stick with a soul’s calling through hardships. There can be inner wrestling with how much to invest, and what’s most important to achieve.

Eclipses in the eighth house are intense, and bring on soul searching. There can be events that take all we’ve got, and then some, to move through. Some might become aware of the heavy energetic price of debt, arrangements with strings attached or toxic entanglements. A catharsis might be due, to summon emotional courage, and transform your darkest fears into action. Being close to death is a possibility, with all the reflection the ultimate life passage brings. Other possibilities are banishing psychic or emotional vampires (or becoming aware of this in yourself); intensity around sex; meeting your or another person’s dark side; leaving a controlling situation; opening to gifts in the shadows.

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