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Something’s simmering, stargazers, and it’s about to erupt! This Wednesday, February 22 aggro Mars in Aries clashes with nefarious Pluto in Capricorn in a hotheaded square. A cesspool of secrets could spew to the surface like rushing hot lava—and the truth might be stranger (and uglier) than fiction. Does something feel “off”? Follow the intuitive hit and investigate. But please be stealth: With brash Mars in Aries at the wheel, clumsily-handled cases could give the secret-keepers a chance to destroy key evidence. On a personal level, moods will be stormy during the workweek. Our inner Valdemorts may drop by for a visit, as the rage towards injustice builds. Do whatever it takes to stay in a peaceful, centered state of mind. Losing control of emotions could bring intense consequences from punishing Pluto. There’s a time and place to get involved and a time when it’s more strategic to keep one’s distance. Do not be hasty to jump into the line of fire. Risks, if warranted, should be calculated to make the most potent and proactive impact.

If the Mars-Pluto dustup proves anything it’s this: What the world needs now is love, sweet, love. Here’s some uplifting news. This weekend, compassion floods in like a tidal wave to soothe the scorching effect of the combustible square. It starts on Saturday when messenger Mercury drifts into dreamy, empathetic Pisces until March 13. Enough with the finger-pointing, name calling and cruel social media slings. Peaceful, loving communication is the way to win now; building bridges instead of walls. If that’s not possible, it may be necessary to swim in a new direction, socially speaking. Where are the kind-hearted people hanging out these days? Mercury in Pisces brings us back to our heartfelt humanity and rouses our charitable instincts. People are people; we all bleed red. When some of us suffer, we all do in a grand sense. The urge to give back and tend to the less fortunate will sweep throughout the world now. Get involved in a volunteer effort and feel the love. The shadow side of Pisces, however, is that it can be a master of illusions, so it’s important to find legit proof to back up any belief. 2017 has already proven to be the year of fake news, post-truths and gaslighting insanity—and we’re not even done with the first quarter! Mercury is the information gatherer and carrier, so take extra precautions to ensure that you’re not spreading any false information in haste.

Sunday brings yet another wave of healing. A solar (new moon) eclipse lands alongside Mercury in Pisces, cranking the compassionate floodgates wide open. This is the final eclipse in a series that began March 20, 2015 and we could finally get clarity to some foggy situations that have left us befuddled for the past two years. Pisces rules the seas and this eclipse may reveal more information that’s been hidden below the surface. Avoid denial (a Piscean pitfall) at all costs. The only way to heal is to deal, painful though that may be. Eclipses can bring shake-ups and wake-up calls and this one might alert us to people who are hurting in our midst. Don’t underestimate the power of a small, loving gesture to change another person’s life. Having healthy boundaries is equally important. Giving is not a true act of generosity if we exhaust ourselves in the process. If we’ve been trusting the wrong people, the eclipse could reveal snakes in supporters’ clothing. Snip those toxic ties—and quickly—because getting burned for a second time is not worth the pain.

Plunge into your passions! This eclipse also marks the beginning of a poetic, romantic and divinely inspired cycle that culminates with the full moon on September 6, 2017. This is a stellar time to start a meditation practice, journal, learn an instrument or dive into the arts—particularly music and dance, which fall under Pisces’ jurisdiction. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t nail it on the first go. Practice makes perfect!

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