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Your Weekly Overview:

Send up the prayers for peace! We’re going to need them under this week’s intense and combative skies. On Monday, February 27 warrior Mars and erratic Uranus align in fiery Aries, sending up a battle cry…or “Viva la revolucion!” Fuses will be shorter than usual; impatience at a high. Ready the Time Out Chair. This alignment can make everyone hotheaded and irrational. The upside of the Mars-Uranus conjunction? Electrifying change and progress are in the air! Community spirited Uranus is the high-minded futurist of the solar system while Mars can bring that “power to the people” courage that’s needed to fight for an important cause. Activist efforts will continue to spring up throughout the week—perhaps in response to some unsettling power plays.

While everything is racing along at breakneck speed, there will still be some checks and balances from the stars. (Phew!) Throughout the week, lawmaker Jupiter in Libra—the sign of justice, love and harmony—will sit across the table from Mars and Uranus, calling out their unchecked egos and overblown extremism. And on Sunday, taskmaster Saturn will form a supportive angle to Mars, dialing down some of the chaotic intensity. What’s good for the goose must also be fair and just for the gander. And if not, well, here come the picket signs and marches…it’s the new normal for 2017!

Thursday will also bring a merciful dose of compassion and heart when that Sun shines its rays alongside empathetic Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune-Jupiter melee can feel like an Olympic medaling match with everyone vying for the gold but forgetting to play fair in the process. The Sun-Neptune pairing tunes us in to the spiritual dimension. What if we could ALL win by working together and supporting each other? Pause for the cause near Thursday. Assess the impact of all actions. Victories will be bittersweet if someone else has to suffer in the process. Avoid the guilty conscience and remember to share!

But wait…there’s more. On Saturday, temptress and TLC-bringer Venus turns retrograde until April 15—a mojo-muddling cosmic event that happens every 18 months. This go ’round la love planet will retreat through Aries until April 2, before scooting back into Pisces until April 15. Spring awakenings may come a little later this year; or, they may crop up in a confusing way. It won’t be easy to read people’s signals—and old flames could be stoked just as new attractions are heating up. While Venus is in Aries until April 2, the focus is on filling your OWN love tanks. True love begins with self-adoration. Instead of looking outward for validation, build up that internal confidence by treating yourself like solid gold. Nurture your creative interests and tone down that punishing schedule so you have time to relax, dream and indulge in life-affirming activities. Forgiveness will be the theme for the Pisces period of the retrograde from April 2 to 15. But before extending that olive branch to anyone else, make sure you’ve given all of your emotions their proper airtime! They don’t have to be neat or uplifting or positive—not at all! Getting in touch with anger, sadness and other “messy” feelings can help you figure out where your personal boundaries lie. Think about it this way: You can’t say “yes” unless you can also say “no.”

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