Aries New Moon in Houses ~ Your Forecast – March 27- 28, 2017


On March 27 – 28, 2016, the Sun and Moon are aligned at 8º Aries — where does this fall in your birth chart? Look for the Aries glyph around the outside of your wheel. Take note that Aries might fall across two houses.

The Aries New Moon is like walking through a purifying fire, to burn off sleepy habits and get you animated.  In the direct glare of Aries, the essence of a situation — or what needs to happen next — becomes clear.  Avoid flame wars and power struggles that tie up your energies.

This is one of my favorites, and I love the Dark of the Moon in general.  It’s a fire New Moon, since Aries is the Firestarter of the Zodiac.  Aries is the total bravery that leads to brand new beginnings.  There’s a burning off the deadweight, and making fierce decisions aspect to it that gives it a punch.

Look for ideas to take symbolic action with Rituals for Fire Moons.

Aries is a cardinal sign, making this one for action, though it may find active expression at the Full Moon.

What’s been germinating through the winter months is now ready for launch. This is the very first sign of the Zodiac. What’s seeded now has the force of Spring behind it.

These interpretations below are just a jumping off point — like this New Moon.

House-by-House Forecast

Aries New Moon in the First House:

(House of Aries and Mars) Your rising sign is (possibly) Aries, so this is backing to go big, and make a striking first impression. Being seen — by potential employers, friends, acquaintances — sets things in motion. Your presence opens doors — now is a time to reinvigorate your self-image. Adorn yourself with the colors of fire — oranges, reds, yellow. The heat of the sauna or steam room is purifying, and a place for reflection at the New Moon. Get moving, with a vigorous activity you love doing. Do your own thing, even if it makes you stand out — embody the power of the pioneer. Spirit in Action: Sparking encouragement; taking the lead; demonstrating the magic of action; animated and inspired.

Aries New Moon in the Second House:

(House of Taurus and Venus) With Aries here, you’re the first to jump on novel ways of making a living. This lunation revives your entrepreneurial spirit. Have you been developing an idea or product that’s aligned with a niche in the market? Now is a time for strategy, drawing allies, and mapping out a plan of action. Ponder how to share your originality with the world, as something to sustain you (through wealth). Be a pioneer — consider radical ways to thrive. Put energy into cultivating your natural talents, and face fears of not being good enough. Beautify your space, take stock of your assets (inner and outer), and work practical magic in the 3D. Spirit in Action: Live your values. Strike out on your own and be productive. Grow your own!

Aries New Moon in the Third House:

(House of Gemini and Mercury) The fires of Aries in your third house give you a dynamism in everyday exchanges. You’re often the first to ride a trend, and come alive in an animated, very social atmosphere. What will light a new fire in your consciousness? Follow what’s full of potential — areas to learn about, research, expand your vision. Is it time for a purge of the trappings of an old mindset? A physical act is recycling old magazines, switching out books, starting a brand new journal. Start a blog or site to share your perspective. Consider fiery oratory — ways to tell stories or give presentations where your whole body is alive. Spirit in Action: Sparking ideas. Moving others with your passion through a medium. Bright mind awakens potential in others.

Aries New Moon in the Fourth House:

(House of Cancer and the Moon) Aries here paints the walls red, and ensures a high-spirited home life. This lunation could inspire a move, or investment in real estate. You’re alerted to ways to grow, having to do with family, origins and sense of place. You might conspire more family time, without distractions. This could be time to rearrange the furniture, to support new ventures. An area dedicated for work, regular exercise or creative experimentation could be what’s needed now. Out with the old, in with the new — a trip to Goodwill could be in order. Sage your home, and enliven it with vibrant music and colors. Spirit in Action: Investing more in home life. Making home a nurturing place for the essential self. Striking out from family (perhaps temporarily), to remember who you are.

Aries New Moon in the Fifth House:

(House of Leo and the Sun) With the fires of Aries stoking your natal house here, you are revitalized by adventures, romance, and what you do in your time off. Now is the time to jump on activities that vibe with fun, testing your abilities, and perhaps some good-natured competition. What mediums of self-expression are calling you? There could be more than a hobby in it — new doors, friendships and even love could be found by following what you love. There’s an element of the speculative here, for risks at this lunation in finances, love or a creative idea. The act of trusting, and going with instincts makes you a winner in the process. Spirit in Action: Spotting a lucrative investment opportunity. The courage to create. An ardent love affair.

Aries New Moon in the Sixth House:

(House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) An Aries-inspired house of health and working life makes you one to squeeze out all you can in a day. A new habit of exercise started now can be a catalyst — for your social life, health and even your love life. Applying heat/warmth to diseases of body and mind can be purifying — like taking a sauna or soaking up the Sun. Be a warrior for your own sanity. That word has a Sixth House (Virgo) theme in it — sanitation. Be bold with healing, and getting rid of dead weight. A shake up in your routine wakes you up, and in that alert state, life is good. Spirit in Action: Exploring a cutting edge health technology. Looking into being a healing pioneer. Declaring independence from treating symptoms, and getting to the core issues and prevention. Taking charge of your health and day’s rhythm. Taking a stand and confronting what keeps you from being productive.

Aries New Moon in the Seventh House:

(House of Libra and Venus) Your house of Libra is Aries-charged, making all relationships intense. You thrive when you’re challenged to keep at your edge. This lunation, call in friends and partners who provoke you — even with tough love — to be independent, and reach your true potential. If you seek a main ally in love or business, draw up a wish list of qualities and send it out at the New Moon. This house is also about meeting the public, or your audience. Shifting focus to those who will be receptive to your ideas makes a huge difference == hone in on your target audience. Spirit in Action: An overhaul in how you present yourself or market your business. A significant change in relationships — endings or beginnings.

Aries New Moon in the Eighth House:

(House of Scorpio and Pluto) Aries in the house of the shaman gives you a bold spirit for even the most difficult feats of transformation. This lunation opens doors to new ‘secret’ knowledge, perhaps a new area of experiential learning. A cauldron, bonfire or candle can be a point of meditation, to purify your psyche, to die and be reborn from the ashes. Write down what you’d like to transform on paper and cast it into the fire. Cut cords with someone you’re enmeshed with, by visualizing fire between you. A wildfire has its place in nature, cracking open seeds, and burning off dead material. Soul searching now has that feel of walking through fire, and emerging ready to begin again. Spirit in Action: Being a catalyst, drawing out hidden treasure. Becoming independent financially, or merging resources with another. Fighting off energy vampires, being your own psychic border control.

Aries New Moon in the Ninth House:

(House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) Lucky Jupiter and the bold spirit of Aries in this house combine to give you a mighty adventurous spirit. A fresh start here could mean a new field of study, travel plans or following a thread of gold to an inspired philosophy. Many times in your life, you reach new horizons that revive your sense of the future. The seeker shows up in dreams at this lunation, dropping hints with synch winks at what paths to embark on. Travel could have some physical challenge to it, like walking the Camino or The Way, in Spain. Your quest has to be full-bodied, for you to stay engaged. Spirit in Action: A solo journey. Lightening your load, to be light on your feet (like the Fool). Combining the intellect with hands-on experience. Travel and knowledge-seeking, on one trip.

Aries New Moon in the Tenth House:

(House of Capricorn and Saturn) You’re an ambitious soul with Aries in your house of life’s work. This is a lunation to rededicate yourself to your calling. If there is a huge gap between you and your dream, ask for spirit’s guidance to close it. Aries here gives you courage and resolve. This could be time to set new goals — a new mountain to climb. You thrive with meaty and long-term goals, and actions now have force to move you upward. Is it time to take the lead? Looking at your competition in an area gives you insight into how it’s done. Meet up with someone whose achievements you admire. A great time to think realistically about your work life, with the optimism of Aries to overcome hurdles in the way. Spirit in Action Finding a mentor, or being one. Stepping into authority in your field. Gaining credentials and experience, toward mastery.

Aries New Moon in the Eleventh House:

(House of Aquarius and Uranus) With Aries in your house of friends and allies, you’re a natural leader. Fresh air in this house means a look at who you’re keeping company with. Is it time to draw into your sphere new friends that vibe with your current interests? You also might follow a passion for a cause, a vision or an emerging paradigm. Moving in circles of bright minds nourishes your need for a new beginning. Now is a time, too, for unconventional plans of action. You might defy convention, by breaking away from the Internet, or some other radical move of mental independence. An unusual interest could end up being a viable path — one of movement and growth. Spirit in Action: Joining or leaving a club/group/association. Inspiration out of the blue. The power of invention, originality, quirky ways.

Aries New Moon in the Twelfth House:

(House of Pisces and Neptune) If Aries is the light in your house of the deep interior, you wield power behind the scenes. You instinctively know that all that’s seen, first is experienced as unseen. Your force as a visionary makes this lunation one for soul searching, downtime and active dreaming. A retreat for you can be very active, in your studio, pottering around, or walking in nature. The new treasure is found when you consult your divine inspiration directly, cutting out any middlemen and distractions. Spirit in Action: Be present to your own rich inner landscape; Move your soul messages; Unplug and tune in to something more; Create a vision board; Invite the muse, create, rest, be.

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