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Great Tribulations = Great Tests

Jelaila Starr – This is for the starseeds, walk-ins along with those light workers known as the “Earth Sirians.”Channeler’s note: The Earth Sirians, formerly from Sirius B.  More info about them can be found in Mission Remembered, Book Two.  The reason Devin refers to them is they are being given a (…)

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Eclipsed by the Light and Dark

Jennifer Hoffman – Eclipses are portals between the past and the future that show us simultaneously where we have been and the possibility of a new potential. That portal to the future is brief but compelling and when the eclipse passes, we have to decide whether we are going to (…)

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System Failure – Waking Up in the Matrix

Morag O’Brien – The matrix. It signifies seeing beyond the invisible prison walls of our reality, and recognising and questioning its existence is one of the first signs of awakening — of truly waking up.At first, the beginning of our transition and re-calibration to higher frequencies beyond the construct of the matrix is (…)

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6,000 Years On The Hamster Wheel

Paul Rosenberg – Modern man is trained to think in certain ways and to turn away from anything that differs… to give authority the benefit of every doubt, instinctively and forever.Nearly all of us have been pushed (nay, shoved) in that direction, and we’ve instinctively feared to break our (…)

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Transcending the Psychic Sludge

James Gilliland – Recently because of Global and local events there has been heaviness – a barrier so to speak – between clear guidance and the chaos of social consciousness. There are ascension waves that are exponentially getting stronger to help in the awakening and healing process yet it seems (…)

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Extraordinary and True

Sarah Varcas –  With four planets in Aries and five in Pisces, this eclipse speaks of over-due endings and fresh starts. A new way of being is in reach, born of wisdom gleaned from (…)

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Ways The World Is Doing Better Than You Might Think

Alanna Ketler –  With so much chaos and uncertainty around the world — war, terror attacks, racial division, health concerns, and more — it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity of it all, to wonder if things will ever change and if we should even bother trying to help what seems like a lost (…)

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New vaccines will permanently alter your DNA

Jon Rappoport –  I reported on this stunner in my previous article, “Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?” But it deserves its own article. The information needs to be spread far and wide. Now.The reference is the New York Times, 3/9/15, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” It describes the (…)

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The cosmic directional – Buoys in time

Gillian MacBeth Louthan – As we finally come to our next stop in time, we all seem to be stuck waiting on commands from the light. Crossing our fingers holding our breath counting to seven, we wait for the universe to wave us forward, like an intersection cop with neon (…)

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