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Sweet talker—or fast talker? This Monday, March 13 expressive Mercury glides into agile Aries, turning us all into silver-tongued devils until the 31st. No spacing out allowed! You could miss the punch line or even get taken for a ride by a charming salesperson. If you’re the type that hates small talk, get over it. Everyone’s attention span will be short for the rest of March—and a witty one-liner will make a stronger impact than a long and meandering tale. For maximum impact, break everything down to bullet points and prepare your elevator speech. If you only had one minute to state your case, what would you say? New friendships and flirtations will pop up like spring crocuses, but don’t send off for the matching heart-shaped lockets until April. These flash fires may fizzle as fast as they sizzle. Your best companion for the next couple weeks may be “me, myself and I.” Inspired bursts of brilliance may pop up if you sit quietly, without the distraction of devices. But do keep a capture tool handy so you don’t lose those gems! When with others, try to keep your argumentative streak in check. Debates could heat up quickly with loquacious Mercury in Aries—and go from friendly dialogue to heated, bridge-burning exchanges. When tempers start flaring, call a time out!

As if that weren’t enough to slow your verbal roll, a battle of the egos could burst out on Friday when the strong-willed Sun clashes with authoritarian Saturn. The know-it-alls are out in full force—and no one will be quick to concede. Be on guard for bullies and don’t step into their gaslighting booby traps. The minute you feel your emotions overtake you is the moment you hand them all the power. Silence may be the strongest weapon in your arsenal near the weekend, so don’t be quick to show your cards (or even drag them mightily on Twitter). Practicing restraint is the way to win—but we’re not saying it’s going to be easy!

But amid all the bluster, this weekend may bring some much-needed levity, as flirty Mercury glides in stride with seductive Venus (retrograde) at the same degree of Aries. Talk about a burst of spring fever! Clever banter, shameless come-ons—yep, our exchanges will be charged with the Ram’s spirited dynamism. But with Venus in reverse, common sense could fly out the window in the face of a seductive exchange. Be careful not to tempt fate by putting yourself in a compromising situation—one that could lead to a regrettable (but undeniably HOT!) hook-up that may put pride, or even an existing relationship, in jeopardy. And no, this is NOT the weekend to try to patch things over with an ex, unless, of course, you are fine with winding up in bed together. Um, oops?

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