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Your Weekly Overview:

Ready to switch to focus view? After six dizzying weeks of whirling dervish Mars plowing through aggressive Aries, we could all use some grounding. This Thursday, we’ll wave bye bye to those warmongering and stressful vibes as the red planet plants down in earthy, pragmatic Taurus until April 21. Raise your hand if you could use a nap! If the scary news feeds didn’t frazzle your nerves, the pounding pulse of daily life may have done the trick. Decelerate to a slower, steadier pace starting Thursday. And once you’ve caught up on sleep, pop on the project manager’s fedora. All those radical notions that got stirred up during Mars’ page-turning tour through Aries must now be run through a rigorous reality test. What will it honestly take to pull off these grandiose schemes? Crunch the numbers, map out the timelines, and get a clear sense of the required resources. Don’t assume a buzzkill! The hard statistics may reveal that certain dreams are more doable than previously anticipated. Industrious Mars in Taurus keeps our eyes on the bottom line. While it was fine to make art for art’s sake earlier this year, there are bills to be paid. Without compromising integrity, how can you monetize some of those raw talents you’ve been honing?

Hello spring awakening! Mars is a lusty planet, and his tour through earthy, sensual Taurus heralds some memorable moments between the high-thread-count sheets. Seduction is an art form to be appreciated and not rushed now. Tap into every Eros-and-Aphrodite approved element—touch, taste, aroma, ambience. And bring that rush of spring fever to the great outdoors! Nature provides the perfect backdrop for love, Mars in Taurus style. Rent a lavish room at a beach resort or mountain lodge (with spa services!), meet a date for an al fresco stroll through the tulips and enjoy some tasteful PDA.

Get ready for a weekend cleanup mission. This Sunday, March 12 the full moon blooms in neat freak Virgo, blowing the whistle on the, er, sloppier areas of our lives. This lunar lift completes a six-month cycle that began in September, with the corresponding NEW moon. Virgo is a sign that lives for structure, order and routine! And with these moonbeams overhead why not make everything cleaner AND greener? Earth sign Virgo calls for mindfulness with everything from the food we put on our plates to the footprint we make on our environments. This might be the perfect weekend to watch the documentary Chasing Coral (on Netflix) about the destruction of coral reefs due to climate change; or No Impact Man which follows a die-hard New Yorker and his family who attempted to live in the heart of Manhattan while making zero impact on the environment for a year. On a totally mundane level, how about giving your home a deep spring cleaning? (With eco-friendly cleaning products, naturally.) Think of how much easier you’ll breathe when you’ve decluttered your desk, annihilated the dust bunnies, paid all your bills and cleaned out your Inbox. Right? Since Virgo is the analyst, follow the prompt and get your taxes done early. Crunching numbers into a realistic budget can also bring peace of mind.

Another house to get in order with the Virgo full moon? Your body—the temple that houses you here on Earth. Scan yourself from head to toe. Where are you feeling achy or out of alignment? Before you pop the OTC drugs for every nagging twinge, tune up your system the Virgo way, with natural healing first (unless, of course, you legit need a doctor). Flood your body with tons of fresh H2O all weekend. Dehydration is often the hidden culprit behind our minor pangs. A mug of warm water with lemon can restore you to a disease-busting alkaline state. Virgo rules digestion, so remember that gut health is the key to overall health, as it governs your mental health and a strong immune system. Pop a daily probiotic—and see what happens if you swap out the refined sugar and white flour for dark leafy greens and lean proteins. If you can’t make it to the gym, get up for hourly stretches or walks around the block. More physical activity can do wonders for the sedentary desk jockeys out there! Instead of the bottomless refills at the coffeepot, brew a matcha (green tea) latte; and try a turmeric golden milk at night. Holistic treatments like massage and acupuncture can also realign your systems. Has it been awhile since you saw your MD? Get those routine checkups on the calendar if only to quell the rumblings of your inner hypochondriac.

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