Astrology & Horoscopes ~ April 2017

April Overview:
April opens with Venus a little more than half way through her retrograde cycle, which started on March 4 in Aries. She’ll finish her double-back track on April 15 in Pisces, but really, the cycle began much earlier and will last much longer. Typically, the karmic nature of relationships and situations become more obvious during Venus retrograde. No doubt you have see evidence of destiny at play in your personal life. Venus retrograde prompts a critical reassessment regarding essential needs, money matters, and survival issues (at all levels, relationships & health included).
Have you faced an inner or outer conflict in recent weeks? Have you been feeling more fired-up and less tolerant or patient? Dealing with an anger issue (yours or theirs)? Perhaps you have felt a greater necessity/urge to pull back from “we, us, or it” to give yourself more breathing space. Venus launched her retrograde tour in the sign of “me first” Aries. Yes, SELF first is the priority! What do you want, what do you need? Venus retrograde stokes the inner fire. Try not to give into reactionary impulses. Allow for the process to unfold, to inform and instruct you. Listen to the feedback. Whether it comes from your heart or from another, the message is worth your extra time.As of April 2, Venus backs into Pisces. She’ll finish retrograde in this sign on April 15. Venus retrograde in Pisces is exposing in some fated or karmic way. On the difficult end of things, you can face disillusionment or loss. You may feel that you are coming up empty no matter what you try. Offering up a bittersweet healing balm, Venus retrograde conjunct Chirom aims to help you see the wisdom in letting go and moving on. Relinquish your attachment to the projection – the elusive “ultimate” – whatever that might be (i.e. the only one, the special one, the once in a lifetime fill-in-the-blank). This is not to suggest that you should not dream or hope, but rather that you should tap from the abundance of the universe, not from the empty cup. On the plus side, Venus in Pisces will materialize potentials that are ripe and ready for a new phase of creative growth. First there may be clearing to do. All retrograde cycles are intensification chapters aimed at facilitating accelerated evolution. Between April 10 and 20, Venus in Pisces is closely aligned with Chiron. It’s a personal journey but also a time when the collective consciousness or masses are feeling it. The month ahead can bring the iconic to pass.

This time frame encompasses Easter, one of the most important of Christian holidays. Jesus may have suffered for our sins, but why must there be a continuance of starvation, homelessness, poverty, and the needless loss of precious, precious lives?

Saturn in Sagittarius begins retrograde on April 5. Earlier on this same day, Mars trines Pluto; it’s an opportune take-charge, manifesting transit. Producing a turnstile effect, something is released, surpassed, or moved out of the way, while something else is on the gain or the overtake. The attention, deal making, or priority shifts onto another target. A next track, project, or phase hits the run-way. Even if you feel unexpectedly taken off course, know the transits are ultimately conspiring to point you in the right direction.

Tax-filing month delivers a doubly whammy of retrograde. Just before Venus completes retrograde (April 15), Mercury in Taurus begins (April 9). Mercury retrograde will revisit Aries on April 20, and finish out the cycle on May 3 in this fire sign. While we can’t put life on full stop, if possible, it’s always best to avoid the very start (especially the actual first day) of Mercury retrograde regarding important paperwork, purchases, decisions, money matters, or travel. If you can’t, allow an extra margin of time or budget. Also, try to make provisions for the unexpected.

A full moon in Libra happens one day after Mercury stations retrograde. We will already feel it’s swing and spring-it affects in the few days preceding. The moon gains a great big boost from Jupiter in Libra (conjunct) and Pluto (square.) The sun will have already have supplied extra fuel to these two heavyweights on April 7 (Sun/Jupiter opposition) and April 8 (Sun/Pluto square.)  In other words, April 7 to 10 are fully stacked. These few days may prove to be the most critical, informing, shaping, driving, or escalating peak of the month. One way or another, folks are on the move. In addition to our personal life in high gear, these few days are sure see significant mobilization, escalation, trend- setting and news-making at all levels. A full moon, especially in Libra, can be polarizing. Adding to the mix, on April 8, Venus squares Saturn, a transit that brings the reality into fuller view. If you hit a bumpy ride over that weekend, feel encouraged to know that April 13 to 17 the stars show good potential for making rapid progress, for moving it to higher ground and/or coming up with something new.  Venus and Mars in good shape on Easter makes for a good family weekend or for getting together in any way you see fit.

Mercury retrograde revisits Aries on April 20 and Venus direct does the same on April 28. Both are good for a fresh energy infusion. Mars into Gemini on April 21 is also mobilizing. Start to finish, April is fully loaded!  Despite the retrogrades (five in total), we are on the clock with Spring Forward time!

April 10: Full Moon in Libra: 11:08 pm (21:33 Libra)
April 26: Super New Moon in Taurus: 5:16 am (9:27 Taurus

April 2: Venus retrograde revisits Pisces: 5:25 pm
April 5: Saturn in Sagittarius stations retrograde: 10:06pm (27:48 Sagittarius)
April 9: Mercury in Taurus stations retrograde: 4:15 pm (4:50 Taurus)
April 15: Venus in Pisces stations direct: 3:17 am (26:54 Pisces)
April 19: Sun into Taurus: 2:27 pm
April 20: Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde: 5:46 am
April 20: Mercury retrograde revisits Aries: 10:37 am
April 28: Venus into Aries: 6:13 am
April 29: Ceres into Gemini: 8:39 am
**Please note, all times listed are PDT, please check your local time.

Dates to watch: April 2 – 5, 7-11, 13, 15 -21, 24, 28, 29

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19
Venus has spent the past month retrograde in Aries, but as of April 2, she’ll backtrack into Pisces, to finish the retrograde in this sign on April 15. The month is best used to regroup and to let circumstances reveal more of the story-board. Stay hopeful, stay wise, stay poised. Potentials are shaping up but you can’t push what isn’t coming naturally. As best you can, keep working to get a better foundation laid or a better system in place.  The sun exits Aries on April 20, but you’ll continue to draw added fire power from Venus (April 28 to June 6) and Mercury (April 28 to May 15) in Aries.

April 5, Mars and Pluto provide good incentive. Saturn’s turn to retrograde on this day gives way to the Mars/Pluto initiative. Whether it’s plan A, plan B, or something unforeseen, that which is destined to come into being will now hit the cleared-off runway.

April 7 to 10 can produce a challenging, fully-stacked, turn-the-tide few days. Mercury in Taurus begins retrograde (April 9) with a full moon in Libra right behind it (April 10). Relationships, money matters -whatever the issue, choice, opportunity, or profitability – you are not dealing with a little, you are dealing with a lot. It’s all riding on the moment.  You can’t sit on the sideline for this one. Noting the start of Mercury retrograde, someone or something unexpected could reroute you. You could get pulled into more than you feel ready for. It can be off, it can be on, it can be now or never time. It can go from nothing to everything in some dynamic, full-thrust, or extreme way. Watch your impulsive side. No matter how it plays out, April 13 to 17 can set you onto a productive platform with something solid to show for yourself. April 20/21 brings you to another key lay the foundation/set-it-into-place time.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20
As of April 2, Venus retrograde backs out of Aries and into Pisces. This switch can see you resurface socially and put you back in the game in some significant way. As is typical of both this retrograde and Mercury retrograde (April 9 to May 3), expect to revisit, review, or reconnect. One way or another, someone you’ve lost touch with, or something you’ve lost track of can show up again. There’s plenty of the bitter/sweet (perhaps pain too) in the process of facing the truth. It’s a time of relinquishing and loss, giving up to get, and of opening-up to a new reality. Venus retrograde, Chiron, and Saturn bookmark the now as a critical destiny-making moment. In fact for some, the now is infused with exceptional life-altering potential.

The full moon in Libra on April 10 and they days leading up to it set major wheels in motion. Be courageous enough to untether yourself from self-undoing, from situations and relationships that you know are not in your best interests. Recognize this moment is an unfolding process rather than an overnight success story. There’s more time to put in, but resolve that you are ready to take a leap of faith into a better future. Know that the work/effort will most definitely lead to reward.

Mercury retrograde backtracks into Aries as of April 20 and on April 21, Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini. Both are energizing and mobilizing influences. Expect for both to keep your process or your situation on the move along.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20
While Venus tours retrograde in Pisces, things you thought were solid or complete can require more attention, work, safeguarding, finishing, or reinforcement. Don’t bank on the promise until you get it in writing. Along with Mercury retrograde (starting April 9) contracts can fall through or be delayed. You may be required to jump through more hoops, to bend your rules or to back out of a commitment. Sticking to your intentions or the pre-set plan can be a challenge. You are only human, you can only do so much at any given time, but whatever you do, don’t give up on the good for you stuff. Everything is a work in progress – including you.

April 5 to 10 are sure to be event generating. Thanks to Saturn retrograde (starting April 5), Mercury retrograde (starting April 9) and the full moon in Libra (April 10), there’s plus and minus in the mix. April 13 sun/Uranus/Eris (conjunction) can spark something unexpected and/or more. April 15 to 20 can see you on a positive upswing.
You are likely to feel another boost of energy and see a surge of action in the last portion of the month, thanks not only to Mars in Gemini, starting April 21, but also Mercury retrograde (April 20) and Venus direct (April 28) on a revisit of Aries.

CANCER June 20 – July 22
On the one hand, Venus retrograde on a backtrack of Pisces can help you to better go with the flow and/or to ease up on recent pressures. On the other hand, it could make you feel overwhelmed, lost, or confused – especially regarding where the future is heading. This transit is not one for sorting it out in an organized or linear fashion. Instead, aim to feel your way along and keep open to exploring whatever comes your way. Time and destiny are setting the course for you, and they ask you to come along for the ride. If you think you have lost hope and faith, ask yourself this question: Do you feel that there must be more than this? That’s your hope speaking. It might be just a glimmer right now, but it can and it will grow. The best you can do is to value your time by making full use of it. Recognize that any moment could be your opportunity moment.

April 7 to 10 can see you move through or uncover plenty, perhaps unexpectedly so thanks to the start of Mercury retrograde (April 9) and the Libra full moon (April 10).  April 13 sparks something more or fresh. April 16/17 can set you onto a productive move along. Use this good momentum to nail it down, or sort-it-out. Mercury retrograde (April 20) and Venus direct on a revisit of Aries (April 28) and Mars into Gemini (April 21), keeps the get-go in a rapid state of flux through the end of the month.

LEO July 22 – August 22
For the most part, Mars in Taurus helps you to hold steady while Venus retrograde revisits Pisces, a blurred lines or mixed blessing transit. Venus is working it through it in some major way with both Saturn (by square April 8 & 21) and Chiron (by conjunction from roughly April 10 to 20). This triple combo increases the importance and the potency of the moment. It will also define the shape of things for some time to come.

Mercury retrograde begins in Taurus on April 9. An appropriate influence for tax month, it calls for a reassessment of goals, priorities, and finances. Career prospects and intimate relationships are also on the receiving end of these destiny in the making transits. A new relationship can have that soul mate feel. On the other-hand, it’s never easy to let go of someone or something that you have previously cherished.

Regarding a new relationship, career prospect, financial opportunity, and potentials in general, what’s meant to be has a life-force of its own. Watch for the process to unfold in stages through this month and the next month or few.

The last two weeks of the month keep you and the action going strong, thanks to Mercury retrograde (April 21) and Venus direct (April 28) on a revisit to Aries and Mars advancing into Gemini on April 21. All three are mobilizing. All three set you on a positive upswing.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22
Venus retrograde, back to Pisces as of April 2, can reveal something more and/or open it up for you in some major way. Along with Mercury in retrograde (starting April 9), one way or another, the month ahead can put you back in touch with folks you may have lost track of. The Venus transit can also show you where you have been deluding yourself, where you have been seeing only what you want to. Unrealistic or projected expectations (regarding yourself, another, or a potential) can be in for a let down. You have major relinquishing to do. On the other hand, the month ahead can let you off the hook and/or bring a welcome release.

Then again, you can find the month ahead is full of promise. Venus can bring a welcome release or let you off the hook. The things that are mean to be will shape up naturally and in due course. Potentials or relationships that don’t hold enough prospect can falter. Accept what is and make the most of what you have to work with. Even if it hurts, causes loss, or you can’t make sense of it, there’s a purpose to all that you experience.  Look at it as a purposeful clear-away and keep your eyes on the future. Venus retrograde in cahoots with Saturn (April 8 and 21) and Chiron (all month, especially April 10 to 20) infuse great potency into the month (and the next several). It’s your date with destiny. Nothing is small or insignificant, it is all shaping, for some, it is life altering. The month’s action happens in three noticeable waves: April 5 to 11, 13 to 17, 19 to 21. April 24 to the super new moon 26 also shows good productivity, staging, or manifesting.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22
One way or another, Venus on a revisit to Pisces (starting April 2) puts you back to work. The cycle draws added attention to what’s missing and what’s needed. Yes, there’s more to correct, heal, process, or piece together. Depending on your perspective, that can be a plus or a minus. Whether it’s opportunity in the making or a stop/gap that needs tending, to be sure there’s always room for improvement. Venus retrograde can show you where you are most vulnerable, but it also provides the opportunity to do something about it. Know your immune system can be vulnerable, so make sure to pump up on vitamins and other good for you stuff. Also, put added attention toward safety and security matters. Don’t forget your passwords – or anything else for that matter. To the plus, Venus retrograde in Pisces can reveal a great, perhaps even exceptional, work potential or healing prospect.

Mercury begins retrograde in Taurus on April 9 and just one day later, the full moon loads up in Libra.  Whether its you, them or it hitting it full force, April 5 through April 13 is a major activation time. Relationship wise, financially, and/or personally, April 15- 17 sets you on a productive upswing.

April 20, Mercury retrograde revisits Aries, April 21, Mars enters Geminin and on April 28, Venus also revisits Aries. Expect to hit another fast-track wave in the last ten days of the month.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21
April 2 to 28, Venus revisits Pisces. While retrograde (to April 15) she’ll help you to get a clearer view on a specific issue or target. Whether you are considering taking it on or ditching it, Venus helps you to better assess what advantages and disadvantages you face. Some matters and relationships are for up for choice-making, other are well into their wash and rinse cycle. All are designed for exponential growth. The past, the future, and the present – Venus draws from both Saturn (square) and Chiron (conjunction), increasing the karmic potency of the now.

April 7 to 11, expect to hit a fast-track. It could be a matter of side-tracks and extras, with everything coming at you at once. Someone or something could appear out of nowhere. April 9, Mercury begins retrograde in Taurus. April 10 delivers a full moon in Libra, a Venus ruled sign. April 12/13 also puts you or it on full thrust. These dates, along with April 16/17 can see positive steps or gains made. Noting that is Easter weekend. If it doesn’t play out in some dynamic way, at the very least, the stars set a hit-it-right backdrop for the long weekend.
Mercury backtracks into Aries as of April 20, and on April 21, Mars advances into Gemini. You should feel this shift/prompt as a next layer, phase, or step.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21
Craving more privacy, peace, and quiet? Is something weighing on your heart? Venus retrograde in Pisces, starting April 2, can plunge you even deeper into an inner conversation. It’s a good transit for soul searching and creative conjuring. Yes, take time out for a personal regroup or sabbatical. Family and home matters are also a feature of this cycle. If you are devotional/spiritually inclined, Venus retrograde in Pisces is an ideal transit for you.  You’ll get even more out of meditation classes, a retreat, or more communing with the divine. If you are a drinker or drug abuser, watch for the voice of your inner conscious to start nagging more insistently.
Venus finishes retrograde mid month (April 15), but Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde on April 9. This will extend the revisit and reassess program for a few more weeks. Neither transit is meant for a full stop. Rather Venus and Mercury are on an extended program to clear away debris, the left-overs, and loose ends. At the same time, they are also activating your refresh button.

Saturn in Sagittarius turns retrograde on April 5. The transit will redirect you in some significant way. Something that appeared full of promise may prove to fall short. Saturn aims to keep it real and to point you in the direction of what’s more authentic, more worthy of your time, attention, or heart. To this end, Saturn retrograde is a qualifying and streamlining influence. This reprioritizing transit prompts or forces a shift of perspective or objective. If it can’t carry you/isn’t meant to go the distance, it won’t.

April 7 to 10 is better suited for travel, a change of pace, or a get away from it all. Then again, noting Mercury retrograde, starting April 9, and the Libra full moon on April 10, it is wise to stay alert for something extra or unexpected Something or someone is sure to carry you off. Watch for these few days to be informing, revealing, and eventful. Someone could surprise you, impress you, or gift you. Money can come or it can go.

Mercury retrograde pushes the refresh button in Aries in April 20 and Venus direct does the same on April 28. On April 21, Mars enters Gemini. Watch for things to hit a fresh wave and/or a faster move-along.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20
While Venus tours retrograde in Pisces, you are best to keep open-minded and open-ended. Allow for things to progress naturally. Go with the flow rather than to try to pin it or another down. As the month advances, more will unfold/be revealed. There will be more to factor in or to deal with. Allow time to work for you, rather than force yourself to work for it.

Along with Venus, Mercury retrograde, starting April 9, also calls for a re-evaluation. Something you thought was solid or secure may prove not to be. It could be a minus or it could prove a plus. Folks can change their mind or heart. It can be worth it to check in again and/or to give it/them another go. The full moon in Libra on April 10 and the days leading up to it can bring a switch of attention, direction or momentum. You could go from one extreme to another.  April 8 and 21, Venus and Saturn move through a checkpoint. These dates are shaping in some significant/reality driven way.

Whether you observe the holiday or not, Easter long weekend should deliver the goods. April 15 to 17 can be good take charge, piece it together, or get it accomplished days.  The last week of the month also sets you up for a productive move-along.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19
To a certain extent, Venus retrograde in Pisces runs at an optimized frequency for your sign. The caveat it is who she’s keeping company with, namely Saturn and Chiron, two planetary influences that keep reality going strong. It’s a mixed bag of plus and minus. Progressively, Venus/Saturn is qualifying, shaping, and defining in some tangible way. Over the month ahead, you’ll see what’s real, what’s not/what holds promise and what does not. Venus/Chiron underscores the karmic importance of the moment. The pairing can also gift you with an extraordinary resource, capacity, or opportunity. Encompassing Mercury retrograde (April 9) the full moon in Libra (April 10) and the end of Venus retrograde (April 15), April 5 to 21 marks the action peak of the month. The full moon in Libra can bring a relationship matter or financial issue to a head. There can be financial gain or substantial spending or investing to do. With Mercury retrograde also tossed into the mix, there’s sure to be something unexpected to contend with, likely to do with home, family, or security matters. On the other hand, news, a visitor, a special event, an invitation, something lucrative or pleasing can make your day. As is typical of retrograde cycles, reconnections are a high probability. A special someone can make a reappearance.

Mercury’s backtrack into Aries on April 20, Mars into Gemini on April 21 and Venus into Aries on April 28 are all good for a fresh infusion. Expect communications, plans, projects, and circumstances to pick up good speed.
The whole month is action packed. Take it one day at a time! There’s plenty to get through and plenty to be gained.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20
Venus on a revisit of your sign, starting April 2, creates an energy field around you that others will notice, that attracts in a very specific way. Firstly, Venus retrograde works as a regroup, pull back, and/or isolate-it influence. You may naturally feel resistant, especially when it comes to taking on more or getting involved. A time out or an extra degree of separation allows for better viewing. In turn the step back will provide you with a better perspective on circumstances, relationships, involvements, and investments.

Secondly, Venus retrograde accelerates the unfinished business of a karmic circumstance or relationship. It can take you through another ‘round (perhaps even a last go around) with something or someone specific. Know the month ahead sets you up to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time. Thanks to the start of Mercury retrograde (April 9) and a full moon in Libra (April 10), April 7 to 10 can produce an onslaught or a domino. Know that expectations may not go per plan. People can surprise you. Things can hit you unexpectedly (health, expenses, repair work.)

Stay ready for anything goes through the full moon weekend. The days preceding Mercury retrograde (April 9) and the full moon in Libra (April 10) can produce an onslaught. It’s an exposing, face it, lay-it-on-the line, all in or all out few days for relationship issues or money matters.  While caution is always urged during Mercury retrograde, you may need to re-new a financial agreement, sign a lease, etc. If so, see if you can get your deal sweetened. If not, opt for short term rather than long. Venus retrograde and the rest of this month’s transits are setting you up for the fresh and new. Clear away what you can and get your ducks lined up. Lucrative potential awaits.

Mercury retrograde revisits Aries on April 20 and Mars advances into Gemini on April 21. April 20, 21 through the end on the month can produce a second wave of pressure, momentum, or opportunity. While there are smooth runs throughout the month (April 15 to 17 and 24 to 27), over all, there’s no real let up for the entire month.

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