Libra Full Moon ~ April 10 -11, 2017


Full Moon in Libra

Bright and Balanced

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The April “Pink” Full Moon is going to be quite the attention grabber.

It won’t be the color that grabs us (fact: it’s not going to really be pink). What will spark our interest the most is the energy that surrounds it. The April Pink Full Moon will peak  at 22 degrees Libra late night on April 10th or early morning of April 11th in the wee hours of April 11th, 1:08 AM Central Standard Time, so this will occur late evening of April 10th for time zones west of CST  (depending on your time zone). Given the intensity of the combinations involved, many of us will be seeing and feeling its effects several days in advance.

This is especially the case given that we’ll be in the beginning stages of another Mercury retrograde.

Catching a Glimpse of the Self

There’s a Kahlil Gibran quote about self-knowledge, that is something like ‘don’t say you found the self, say you’ve met the self walking upon the path.’ A Libra Full Moon (at 22 degrees) is a clear night of reflection, and seeing the vital self in the eyes of the beloved, a friend, your own wise guides. Libra’s call is to polish the mirror, and see the ideal that we’re striving to become. The instinctual Moon tunes us in to where we’re in balance moving forward — Libra is a cardinal initiating sign.

The glyph for Libra comes out of Egypt, and it’s the Sun rising on a hilltop. Astrologer Geraldine Thorsten said that’s because Libra was at the Eastern horizon as the Sun rose on the day of the lunar New Year some 5,000 years ago! That puts a different spin on the glyph, as a symbol of the rising personality (self), in balance with its setting. A Libra Full Moon’s glow illuminates how we’re doing balancing needs of the self, with the needs of those we’re responding to around us.

More on the Libra Full Moon

When the Moon is full in Libra, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aries. At the Full Moon, the luminaries are in balance as opposites.

Libra is a cardinal sign, whose social grace and drive earns it the nickname, “iron fist in the velvet glove.” Libra is known for pushing the envelope, impacting others, forging ahead, being at the leading edge. Libra is an air sign that is fair-minded, artistic, socially energetic, mentally forceful.

Full Moon in Libra: glamming it up; adding sophistication to your wardrobe; luxury and refinement; righting a wrong; beautifying anything; pursuing justice; being forceful with an alternative narrative; pushing your ideas through (with tact); choosing another path; weighing your options; clear-sight; reaching for ideals; championing human rights; being a voice for truth; overcoming dualistic-thinking (black vs white, republican vs democrat, male vs female).

This Full Moon lights up: relationship imbalances and strengths; areas in need of action to make right a wrong; bright spots to follow; creative inspirations; ways to make life more pleasurable; culture that elevates and awakens.

It’s a Good Time to:

  • Disengage from programming that keeps you off balance, and stuck in old grooves.
  • Find the power of balance, as a strong platform to initiate something brand new.
  • Take action to achieve resolution — compromise or confront — to move forward.
  • Bring the elegant and artful into view around you.
  • Take action on a balancing worldview to make it real and to “walk your talk.”
  • Make a new friend or partner, network, get social.
  • Attend an art gallery opening, or explore the museum with a friend.
  • Create an over-the-top romantic moment, with a candle at dinner, sweet smelling herbs in the bedroom or bath, extra enticement with appearance.
  • Use this peak moment to weigh a significant issue.

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