Taurus New Moon & Forecast in the Houses ~ April 26, 2017


In the Pacific Time Zone, the New Moon will occur at 5:16 a.m. on Wednesday, April 26.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 7° of Taurus.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 7° of Taurus in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence. London time at 8° at 1:16pm.  To Check your Time Zone click here

New Moons always represent new beginnings and a chance to set new intentions or goals in the areas associated with the sign.  The keywords associated with Taurus include responsible, reliable, resourceful, patient, loyal, and down-to-earth.  In general, a Taurus New Moon is known for being a time when we catch our breath after the fast-moving and motivating, even driven, energy of Aries.  And yes, the Sun’s stay in earthy Taurus will slow us down and ground us in whatever we have been working on.

However, this should not be considered a time when we should quietly sit back and eat bonbons.  At the time of New Moon in Taurus, Mercury and Uranus are both in fiery Aries.  But more importantly, due to Mercury’s retrograde motion, these two planets are less than 1° apart from each other.  This powerful conjunction (0°) will not only influence us strongly during the New Moon but will continue to impact us through mid-May!

Conjunctions represent a blending of the two energies involved, which in this case are thoughts and words combining with sudden insight and changes.  Traditionally, Mercury represents the lower mind and Uranus represents the higher mind.  So just imagine what is possible when you have these two mental energies working in tandem.  Exciting possibilities!

Conjunctions also often represent a time when something is ending and something new is just beginning.  Due to the joining together of Mercury and Uranus, some very interesting ideas may come to us during the next few weeks, and we will likely feel more willing than usual to think about problems in an entirely different way.  And due to Uranus being present, “different” will be important.  In some area of our lives, we need to shift our perceptions so we can consider solutions that we didn’t see before.

Additionally, both Mercury and Uranus are in a close trine (120°) to Saturn at the time of this New Moon,  As with the conjunction between Mercury and Uranus, Saturn will continue in that positive relationship to Mercury and Uranus through mid-May.  This wonderful aspect will help us make sure that any new ideas that are forged now will help create a solid foundation as time progresses.  And the grounded energy of the Taurus New Moon means we will be encouraged to consider all possibilities slowly and patiently.

But remember, given Uranus’s involvement in this aspect, you can choose to passively wait for change to come “out of the blue” which will probably leave you feeling pretty shell-shocked, or we can take charge and look for where a new order is needed.  In some way, the old order (Saturn) needs to be converted into a new order (Uranus), and the trine makes it easier than usual to make changes wherever adjustments are needed.  If unsure where to focus, it might help to look to where there is chaos or upheaval in our lives.  That chaos may be our conscious or unconscious rebellion against an old order.

Additionally, Venus is conjunct (0°) Chiron in compassionate Pisces at the time of the Taurus New Moon.  Venus’s influence is more powerful than usual because Venus is the ruler of the sign of this New Moon (i.e., Taurus).  Venus puts increased focus on our relationships, finances, and whatever we desire.  The conjunct to Chiron brings with it the opportunity to heal, but only if we are willing to look inward, accept our wounds, and use forgiveness and compassion toward ourselves and others.  We need to leave the past behind and move beyond issues of victimization, co-dependency, and/or martyrdom.

On Friday, April 28, Venus, which had re-entered Pisces during its retrograde phase, moves back into Aries, where it will remain until June 7.  While in Aries, Venus feels more confident about going after whatever it desires.  And after weeks spent in retrograde (Venus went direct on April 15), this Venus may not be the typical “gentle” Venus.  We could be a bit more impatient than usual, like a horse at the starting gate of a race when the gate has been held shut a bit longer than usual.  This Venus in Aries feels it’s time to start fresh.  Our desires feel stronger than usual, and we may feel a spontaneity and enthusiasm that can be delightful.  We may be particularly interested in things like exploring new creative interests, new ways to take care of ourselves, and new types of relationships.

The second of three squares (90°) between Saturn and Chiron occurs on Sunday, April 30 (the first occurred on December 28, 2016).  Remember, squares always represent a turning point of some kind.  It’s time for us to look at any structures (Saturn) in our lives that are limiting our ability to heal (Chiron).  Individually, we need to express our own inner strength, but this may involve eliminating any behaviors, attitudes, or beliefs that no longer serve us.  Societally, many astrologers feel that this series of Saturn-Chiron squares, which will culminate later this year, represents a turning point when humanity needs to accept the reality that we are all one people and that society needs to have compassion for everyone.  Some of us may feel frustrated by the old structure, belief systems, or rules.  It will be helpful to remember that the irritation we feel is simply a way of bringing to the surface an awareness of what needs to change.

Then on Wednesday, May 3, Mercury ends its retrograde phase and begins moving direct again.  Mercury is still in a close conjunction (0°) to Uranus (see above), so we may have many new ideas swirling around us.  If we’ve done the work of Mercury retrograde, we have reviewed our ideas careful to make sure they are both well thought-out and designed to actually get us where we want to go.  As Mercury turns direct, it’s now time to start finding ways to implement our plans.  But remember that Mercury’s change in direction may take a few days to pick up speed, so be patient as it finds its stride again.

Overall, this Taurus New Moon is ushering in a time when we will be shifting gears.  In the next Moon Update (which will be published on Saturday, May 6), we will talk about how we are all entering a time when each of us will be called to use our gifts in new ways in service for the greater good.  The seeds of those shifts in our life course may be planted now with all these new ideas coming to us.  However, given Mercury is still in retrograde until May 3, we need to remember to think through these ideas before we jump in with both feet.  The time will come for jumping.  For now, remember, “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” (Socrates).

Forecast for the Houses

Taurus New Moon in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars)

If this lunation alights here, you’ve likely got Taurus as your rising sign. At the eclipse, epiphanies dawn on you related to your presence, as experienced by others, and your self-image.

Are you embodying your values, in your self-presentation? Do you want to firm up and polish this? Or stretch to be more flexible and light on your feet?   Moving Matter: a vision for radiant health; updating your look; tangible promotion materials (cards, brochures); significant encounters; meaningful first impressions.

Taurus New Moon in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus)

A fresh start here revolves around making a living, and a life. Are structures in place that allow for a steady rhythm of productivity? Primo time for re-aligning your work to your values.

There could be flashes of how a dream can be made real. This is a time for mapping how to get from here to there. Are you in nourishing environs to say “Yes” to your calling?  Moving Matter: passive income streams; investing in natural gifts; a stable home base; creature comforts; beautiful things; living artfully; finding a path to thriving.

Taurus New Moon in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury)

This lunation favors finding ways to bring your unique perspective to a satisfying form. It could be shaping stories, a blog or a body of work related to your field. The senses are heightened, and lead to fresh ways of seeing.

What are the ways to share what you find beautiful and timeless? What mediums are right for your self-expression now? Tune in to who and what you resonate with, with special attention to voices in speech and music. Is it time to broadcast your songs or observations?  Moving Matter: street parties; how-to books; playing an instrument; sharing practical information; being neighborly; enjoying or helping siblings.

Taurus New Moon in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon)

With a Taurus-inspired house of home, you find it comforting to feather the nest. You might sense the need to lighten the load – New Moons are great for clearing clutter! This is the house of origins, and the emotional pool (family, ancestors, tradition) we swam in or swim in.

How can the waters be freshened or purified? It could relate to possessions that have an emotional weight or are part of how you see yourself. There could be changes to your home base, or the first inkling that changes are called for. Or, you could get inspired to renovate, remodel, or simply beautify your dwelling.  Moving Matter: living with nature and natural designs; de-toxing your home; letting go of emotionally heavy possessions; moving; buying or selling real estate; engagement with family (especially Mom).

Taurus in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun)

This is the house of following your blisss — with Taurus here, you find beauty in spontaneity, that’s paired with real artisan skills. Is it time to invest in your own native talents? A love affair that starts now can be a celebration of the senses.

If you’re stressed, come back to that pulse of play, and seeing where your vibe of happy takes you. A practical focus to do with your children (or those you work with) can come to the fore. You shine when demonstrating simple pleasure of being in a body on Earth, enjoying what’s in season.  Moving Matter: New playmates; physical affection; unscheduled days to explore; spontaneous acts; being heart-led.

Taurus New Moon in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron)

A re-set here can address your health or the instincts of your inner healer. You could get flashes that tweaks big or small are necessary, in how your life is set up, to bring more ease, and less dis-ease.

This house is about refinements to the whole self as a system. Here you catch sight of what’s working and what’s not. This house also relates to the community and doing your bit for the common good. You could become aware of satisfying ways to help others toward richer, more wholesome lives.  Moving Matter: weight issues; overall constitution; making your work, your art; healing sessions; being a healer; learning a craft; finding a satisfying work groove.

Taurus New Moon in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus)

A primo lunation to call in love or new friendships. With a Taurus-flavored seventh house, you crave a constant heart, loyal and true – and a good provider as old-fashioned as that sounds. This lunation can have you looking at all your main peeps. This includes those you call frenemies – any intense tie that holds your energy falls in the realm of this house.

It may be time for a cord cutting or updating the soul contract – ask for guidance on how to resolve lingering entanglements that aren’t healthy (including ones in your psyche). It’s time to weed your relationship garden, compost it and make it a fertile place for new life.  Moving Matter: break-ups and make-ups; moving in together; merging resources; business partnerships; enemies as important teachers.

Taurus New Moon in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto)

Here you are face-to-face with the mysteries of power. It’s a lunation to invite growth that resolves challenges to manifesting what you desire.

The tangible world (possessions, your body) is a demonstration of your ability to transform. Is it time for a house cleaning?  Moving Matter: de-toxing; letting go of some things to make room for others; moving energy through intimacy.

Taurus New Moon in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter)

A lunation to make adventures happen – experiences that come with sensual memories of being there, doing that. Is it time to expand your knowledge with travel or a stimulating course of some kind? Taurus in this house is a hands-on philosophy, wanting to demonstrate what is known, and possibly teach it.

This lunation could be a time to consider new roles, to do with passing on wisdom. This house also activates physical feats – is it time to set a goal for your personal best? Or perhaps, like my Sagittarius friend, it’s time to keep moving, by walking every day as a transition from work to evening downtime.  Moving Matter: practical philosophies; universal skills to travel with; realistic aspirations.

Taurus New Moon in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn)

Here life’s work is the target, and what kind of field you’re developing in over time. The psyche delivers messages in dreams with you in the starring role. You could realize it’s time for a shift with work.

And in this time of chaos, it could call on you to be extraordinarily resourceful – to make full use of your talents, skills, persistent drive. What’s worth achieving? What will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction?Moving Matter: Gaining concrete and lasting skills; the stabilizing presence of a mentor; spotting a mountain to climb.

Taurus New Moon in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus)

This house is about timelines, and where they are leading you. Is it time to see if the path you’re on, is in line with your values? Are you growing things that you feel good about sending out into the world? What alliances feel right, for the purpose that’s beating urgently in the now?

Which connections do you need to release, with good will, if they are no longer on your wavelength? Visioning at this New Moon can be very practical, but with solutions that seem ahead of their time. This house is about vibes, and embodying the vibes that will lead you (and attract) the future you want to live.  Moving Matter: Innovations that are futuristic, yet very useful; new friends that blow your mind; using technology to broadcast your resonance; finding collaborators and investors.

Taurus New Moon in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune)

With a Taurus-inspired twelfth house, a life-long meditation for you is valuing your intimacy with the spiritual source. You have the potential to be a magical creator, drawing on an infinite terrain – your vibrant imagination.

Is it time to set new goals, to support yourself financially? Your spiritual life holds the key to making a living. Your medium might include your body, voice or dexterity with your hands. You could be inspired to add to or establish a sanctuary in your space, for reflection, meditation or simply inviting the Muse. Be good to yourself and slow down to hear the sublime guidance.  Moving Matter: divinely-inspired artisan or artist; the music of angels; deep rapport with animals, trees and plant life.

New Moon Magic

Every New Moon is a moment of symbolic and real rebirth. This month, it’s in Taurus, so seeds of the new are planted in fertile soil.

It’s an earth sign that reminds us of our place in the natural order of life, and is a mover and shaper of the tangible. Some Taurus themes to consider for new Moon intentions are:

  • Coming to your senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing.
  • Breaking goals down into do-able steps, or establishing a realistic path to your dreams.
  • Finding ways to bring your inner wealth out into the world.
  • Cultivating abundance through self-sufficiency, dogged effort, and using ALL of your available resources.
  • Enjoying a Sense of Place where you live, by seeking out what’s native, seasonal, embedded in the landscape.

Taurus is a sign that senses its way through the 3-D world, and that’s why it’s the slow-mover. The Sun and Moon aligned in Taurus gives us all a window into the soul of things, dirt, the material, the body.  Read about ways to cultivate the earth element.

At the New Moon, the psychic senses are heightened as well; in Taurus we can tune in to intuitive visions about how to grow what we’ve got, within and without, into all we need. We can initiate plans that require us to dig deep into what’s rich and substantial in ourselves, and make something out of it.

It’s the new Moon of planting seeds, as water is drawn up to the surface of the soil. In the dark, with what it needs, the seeds starts to grow, just like your intentions. You can even plant seeds in a ritual, to represent your intentions for the month.

You can also garden by the Moon, and Taurus is a fertile sign (in its classification).

As you care for it, keep your focus on the other goals high on your list, and cultivate them into being, too. May your garden grow!


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