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Your Weekly Overview:

Hold your fire—as there will be plenty of flames. This Thursday, April 20 Mercury retrogrades back from grounded Taurus into hotheaded Aries, raising temperatures and tempers everywhere. Mercury’s moonwalk began this April 9 and has been scrambling signals since. But they haven’t been quite so obvious. With the reversal in brash Aries for the remainder of the retrograde (until May 3), it’s not going to be much of a mystery how anyone feels. But wait before you sound off on a relative or a friend-of-a-friend who dared to comment on your public Facebook feed. Angry words can still be voiced diplomatically, leaving room for dialogue. Then there are those people who just love to push everyone’s buttons. Stop playing right into their hands like silly putty. Pull back and observe the game. Maybe they’re enjoying making those controversial statements and watching you whir around like a spinning top! Or maybe you’re giving them their daily dopamine hit by getting drawn into the argument. Disengage for sanity’s sake—and possibly the preservation of your own reputation. In 2017, you never know who’s got a camera on you.

On Wednesday, the Sun hunkers down in grounded, stable Taurus until May 20, restoring some much-needed order to our courts. With the exhilarating-yet-erratic Aries solar flares, the last four weeks have been anything but boring. But we could all use a moment to catch a breath and find our focus again. Productivity returns during Taurus Season—in a slow and steady way. Don’t rush through the practicalities of any plan. With a sensible sign like Taurus at the helm, we need to carefully consider every detail, ensuring a high-quality and elegant outcome. Simplify anything that’s become too complex—but not at the expense of luxury. Tasteful Taurus loves life’s finer things, as long as they have a legit purpose, too. For the past four weeks, Aries has been stoking our creativity and originality. Now, the rubber meets the road. Which of these innovative Ram-spurred visions can we actually bring to life? Don the project manager’s fedora and add some practical magic to the recipe.

Also on Thursday, the fourth retrograde of April goes down. This time it’s mysterious, metaphysical Pluto that’s plunging into reverse, inviting us deeper into the chamber of secrets between now and September 28. From 2008-2024, Pluto is trekking along the Capricorn trail, transforming big business, government and the economy. We’ve seen huge worldwide shifts in these arenas for better and for worse! Pluto’s “tear it down, destroy, then rebuild” fingerprints are all over these markets. Capricorn is the sign that rules the patriarchy—and with oft-sinister Pluto here, we are seeing the worst of that rear up. But we are also essentially at the halfway point of Pluto’s tour of Capricorn, a pivot point for change. In order to transform something, we must see the whole picture: the good, the bad and the ugly. Pluto has certainly revealed the patriarchal stronghold that was simmering below the Obama era surface. Interestingly, Obama was elected the year that Pluto first entered Capricorn. (You can read more on Pluto and the astrology of The United States here Pluto retrograde can be a welcome time out from the intensity of change, and a chance to integrate and get introspective about our choices. On a personal level, we can re-evaluate what “keeping up with the Joneses” really means while Pluto backspins through Capricorn. It’s not about buying more stuff or leaving a huge carbon footprint, but rather, making meaningful choices that create a legacy instead. But do watch out for power struggles and shady characters slipping past the good judgment radar. Pluto retrograde can rouse dormant rivalries and throw off our intuition. Take nothing at face value and run those background checks!

The final shift of the week (and what a week it will be!) comes on Friday when motivator Mars buzzes into Gemini until June 4. The red planet visits each sign every other year, and in Gemini, he sets the stage for prosperous partnerships. The search for our kindred spirits could be an exhilarating one now but don’t rush to bestow the “soul twin” label on just anyone. What looks like The One, walks like The One and even talks the talk of The One may not actually live up to its promise—though it’s easy to jump the gun with the red planet’s pressure. When the urge to merge strikes, test the waters with a short-term collaboration to see where the rubber meets the road. Variety is the spice of life when Mars is in Gemini, so there’s actually no rush to commit at all. Why not taste from the sampler platter before deciding on a favorite dish? Gemini is the communication sign and debates could be quite lively now, as well. We’ll have to be careful not to make any promises that we can’t keep though—even if it IS Mars in Gemini’s right to change his mind. Like, hourly!

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