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Your Weekly Overview:

Pass on the shortcuts, Cliff’s notes, and even a few of those so-called lifehacks. There’s no replacing the wisdom gained from hustle and hard work—that’s this week’s planetary PSA. On Thursday, April 6 taskmaster Saturn slips into its annual retrograde, retreating through worldly, philosophical Sagittarius until August 25. Expansion plans could hit a speed bump, and if so, don’t even bother trying to forge ahead “against all odds.” First, pull over and pop open the hood. This slowdown gives us a moment to fine-tune and adjust, making sure that we have solid structures in place to support our growth. What feels like hard work in the moment CAN create ease by late August, if we put proper systems in place. Issues surrounding global politics, cross-cultural relationships and the education system will be pushed further into the headlines now. And plans to relocate, go back to school, or start a business could be met with some challenges. While you don’t need to cancel them on Saturn’s account, you may need to reassess. Is this really where you want to put your time and energy? If your heart isn’t in it, you’ll struggle to find the motivation. But if you’re clearly pursuing a passion, anchor-weight Saturn gives you the power to muscle through the toughest parts of the process and come out stronger on the other side. A daily practice will make perfect—this is your chance to grow into a more disciplined person, even if you’re a little bored by the routine from time to time.

Before Sunday hits, back up all your important data, clear the air with feuding friends, and do your best to get all your paperwork (cough, taxes) filed. As the weekend wraps this April 9, Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time in 2017. This backspin lasts until May 3, beginning in Taurus then slipping back through Aries for the remainder. Stubbornness reigns supreme—help! While it’s important to stand one’s ground and stick up for our values, we’ll have to be careful not to stonewall the opposition, killing all hope of compromise in the process. Conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or even shouting matches. What’s important to remember for this three-week phase is that you CAN agree to disagree—before relationships are rammed into the ground. Table touchy topics until you can sit down for margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, say. Since Taurus rules financial foundations, this retrograde may reveal an old source of income that may be profitable once again. Use the next couple weeks to refine your Q2 budget. Not sure where all your money’s been going? Track spending in a notebook and you’ll quickly see your habits and patterns. (You spent HOW much on green juice and sample-sized cosmetics? Erm…humbling for sure.) You may also want to review all your monthly statements with a fine-toothed comb. Kill those recurring charges that you forgot to cancel for months and pick new passwords for your bank log-ins if it’s been a while since you switched those up. When data-driven Mercury is off course, an ounce of prevention is worth a kilo of cure.

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