Astrology & Forecast Leo/Aquarius Nodes ~ May 9, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018


The Marriage of Mind and Hearts

The North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius


On Tuesday 9th May 2017 the True North Node enters Leo and the True South Node enters Aquarius. They will stay in these signs until November 6th, 2018. Expect a long, slow flashback in two areas of your life. The past will repeat itself, and you may also experience past life karma. You will see symbolic repeats of previous events, particularly from 1999-2000, but may also experience an odd feeling of familiarity about particular people or developments, as these have been met before, in a prior incarnation. The North Node in Leo (below) will bring issues about babies, children and young people if you have factors there.





You now have around two years to achieve closure, with two specific departments of your world. One is ruled by Leo. One is ruled by Aquarius. You can read more about how this affects you, below. You will classically experience a loop between two or more items on the list. One affects the other. They are tied together, like two children in a race whose shoelaces are knotted.

If you are a Sagittarian, for example, it may be that in 1999 you were involved with a book project involving foreign people. If you are an Aquarian, perhaps your ex was involved in a charity team project with you, that year. Thematically or literally, it’s coming back.

Whatever is unresolved and unfinished – no matter if you thought you’d ended the chapter about 17 years ago – will return. It may be a life lesson or a reward you deserve to collect.

Of course, you have a personal birth chart too, which shows the personal or intimate side of the cycle. I’ll look at that in a moment. The closure you achieve in 2017, 2018 is not the end of the story. After all, the Nodes will come back to Aquarius and Leo again. However – doing all you can to tie up loose ends and complete your soul’s journey towards progress is a smart idea on this cycle. It makes it easier next time.


You will typically find that two areas on this list become tied together, or woven into a knot, over this period.

ARIES Children. Babies. Lovers. Youth. Friends. Groups. Teams. Networks.
TAURUS Career. University. Volunteering. Success. Property. Family. Patriotism. Flatmates.
GEMINI Travel. Academia. Foreigners. The Web. Publishing. Multimedia. Beliefs. Ideas.
CANCER Money. Property. Business. Charity. Ownership. Debts. Assets. Values.
LEO Ex Partners. Current Partners. Potential Partners. Foes. Groups. Friends. Teams.
VIRGO Lifestyle. Body. Workload. Health. Secrets. Anonymity. Mystery. Seclusion.
LIBRA Children. Babies. Lovers. Youth. Friends. Groups. Teams. Networks.
SCORPIO Career. University. Volunteering. Success. Property. Family. Patriotism. Flatmates.
SAGITTARIUS Travel. Academia. Foreigners. The Web. Publishing. Multimedia. Beliefs. Ideas.
CAPRICORN Money. Property. Business. Charity. Ownership. Debts. Assets. Values.
AQUARIUS Ex Partners. Current Partners. Potential Partners. Foes. Groups. Friends. Teams.
PISCES Lifestyle. Body. Workload. Health. Secrets. Anonymity. Mystery. Seclusion.





HOW 1999 and 2000 ARE COMING BACK

The Nodes show repetition from the past. Familiar themes, life stories and experiences which make us feel déjà vu.  Sometimes it’s literal. Old faces or places could return now, or particular projects. More commonly, the repetition is symbolic. It’s like hearing a cover version of a song you know very well.

In 1999 and 2000 you had major cycles in Aquarius, which is the zodiac sign the True South Node will shift to, on 9th May.  In fact, the whole world had a strongly Aquarian cycle, which is why we were all so focussed on teams, groups, tribes, networks, friends and community. I am sure you remember the Sydney Olympics and the Paralympics in 2000. This was an unusual Olympics when Cathy Freeman, the famous indigenous Australian athlete, symbolically flew the flag for Aboriginal people as well as the Australian team.



We associate Aquarius with democracy. It is about the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind, with no barriers of age, gender, race, nationality, religion or class separating us. In Ancient Rome, the Aquarius was the water-bearer who supplied the communal swimming pool at the Roman Baths. It attracted young, old, male, female, rich and poor. Together, the community could share the baths they did not have at home. The symbol today (two wavy lines) shows us an image of the water the Romans shared.

 Aquarius is about people power. It will be interesting to see what the new Aquarius Node cycle brings to former American President Bill Clinton who was in the White House with partner Hillary back in 2000. What will it bring for Vladimir Putin, President of Russia at that time; former Australian Prime Minister John Howard; former New York Mayor Rudy Giulani?

Watch Sun Aquarius Oprah Winfrey on this cycle – she ruled television in 2000. Will she rule politics once the South Node crosses her sign by 2018?

Not surprisingly, the television show Friends was massive in 2000. So was boy band ‘N Sync with its Aquarian style and name. Teletubbies was on your television too (more groups of friends).  If you were a child in 2000, then that show may have influenced your ideas about the world more than you think. All these milestones from the last Node cycle in Leo-Aquarius take us back to the idea of people power, communities, equality, groups and the importance of tribes, friends and acquaintances.



Your Solar Chart or regular zodiac sign horoscope is an excellent guide to what to expect – and the list of affected life areas, above, shows where the headlines of your life will occur, in terms of what comes back. There will be a second story, of course, shown by your personal birth chart. If you are a Premium Member you will have this, and can ask me questions in Comments at the end of this story. I will do my best to answer as many as possible.

You can also look up your ebooks if you are a Premium Member and hit Search on this website to find out more about the particular planets, points or angles affected in your chart. If you have anything in Aquarius or Leo, for example, just look up its meaning in your chart. This is the theme, or story, that will be triggered as the Nodes will both conjunct and oppose this spot in your chart, on their way through. It’s big.

If you have the Moon in Aquarius, for example, you have a chart statement that says, you need to be needed by your friends. You mother your groups. That’s coming back now. If you have Psyche in Aquarius, your group or team projects live forever. This returns in 2017-2018 as the True South Node goes through this sign. The True North Node is automatically opposite these points, at the same time.

Here’s an example of a Leo placement. If you have the Sun in Leo, you shine through your love life and your children, or other involvements with younger people. It’s how you gain attention. This theme repeats as the True North Node goes through Leo in 2017-2018. At the same time the True South Node will be exactly opposite, in Aquarius at the same time.




Whatever your personal birth chart looks like, in your lifetime, one of the most powerful cycles you have ever experienced, took place in 1999 and 2000 when the True South Node was in Aquarius, alongside Uranus and Neptune, two slow-moving outer planets, which are game-changers. That was a potent line-up of three big factors, crawling through one zone of your horoscope, altering one area of your life.

Even if you were a baby or small child, what happened in your first years through 1999 and 2000 will return to you. The three horoscope factors lined up together in this zodiac sign from 1st January 1999 through 9th April 2000.

In all cases, as the transiting South Node goes through Aquarius from May 2017, familiar themes will return. Perhaps people you have not seen for years will come back.


You may be an Aquarian (born between late January and late February) or have the Ascendant, Cupido, Psyche or any other horoscope factor in this sign. If so, you express your personality through friendships, which matter as much to you as partnerships or family relationships. For better or worse, you live your life through the highs and lows you experience with your friends.

Groups also matter to you. These may be bands, political parties, tribes, private members’ clubs, ensemble casts, teams, associations, charities, societies and so on. As with friendship, the ease or difficulty with which you express yourself in groups, depends on the factors in Aquarius you have and the aspects (patterns) they make with the rest of your chart.

What happened to you from 1st January 1999 to 9th April 2000? If you have factors at 0 through 22 Aquarius you would have been directly affected by an unforgettable episode involving the group – and your friends.


At that time we found Neptune moving from 1 to 6 Aquarius. Uranus moved from 10 to 19 Aquarius. The True South Node moved from 0 to 22 Aquarius.

One way or another this part of you was triggered at that time. Not only that, a major statement about yourself and your life was written – forever – regarding friendship and groups. You are now going to read that statement again, in a new way, from May 2017.

The idea of the Nodal cycles is to help you develop, progress and evolve. You should have learned from what went down in 1999, 2000. Now you can use it.




Even if you don’t have Aquarius factors, or particularly those at 0-22 degrees of the sign, you will still experience the classic ‘rewind, repeat, resolve’ function of this cycle. One area of your life will reveal this, May 2017 through November 2018.


The True North Node produces the same effect as a film stuck on rewind. You can try to fast-forward the film but on a symbolic level, you will always be returned to the same scene, script and cast. It can feel challenging.

Look at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We have solid time, place and date of birth facts for her, so we can rely on her horoscope. She was born with the True North Node in Cancer, the sign of family, home and country. This is hard-work karma. Her children have divorced. Aside from these fiery separations, her own royal property has not been immune to smoke and flames. No matter what she does or says, she has karma with the family and palace.

We need to put the True North Node in Cancer in context. The repetition is always frustrating here, but why has it been so particularly difficult for Her Majesty? She has Fortuna in Cancer too. Vesta. Pluto. Apollo. Hygiea. The Descendant. It’s complicated.

Being born with the True North Node in Cancer automatically gives The Queen her True South Node in Capricorn. The repetition is more relaxing here, less restrictive. She’s been at the top, in other lifetimes. She has the Ascendant here too. She is the very image of ambition and achievement – and staying power. Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat who scales the heights and hangs on.



 The True South Node is easier than the True North Node. You still get the constant replay, but you can sit back from it and watch it from a distance, if you like. Maybe you can repeat yourself if you want to, but you don’t have to. It feels comfortable. You can relax about the action because you’ve been there – and done that.

It can feel like handling the reins on a horse you know very well, on a journey you have taken many times before. Often, the True South Node shows itself in childhood or adolescence.

This feeling of ease and over-familiarity  is also true by transit, as the South Node passes through. You may experience the South Node in Aquarius from May 2017 as déjà vu. You’ve seen it all before and you can lean back and watch the story with detachment. If you go ‘back there’ then you will be repeating itself, but perhaps you want to do that.


Equally, the North Node going through Leo may feel like a song or film stuck on rewind. You want to get on with the rest of it – but destiny keeps you glued to the same place. Compared to the South Node in your chart, or by transit, the North Node can feel a little too familiar for comfort. You may want to move on, but life does not.



You’ll often read that you should develop the traits of your North Node sign to be happier, and leave behind the traits of your South Node sign. This is the belief, held by many astrologers, that the North Node sign and house reveals the traits you should develop (what you should make the most of, and do more with) and the South Node sign and house reveals what traits you should leave behind.

Thus, the idea goes, if you have the North Node in Cancer, you should develop your emotions, your care for other people and you should build your security through property. As you automatically have the South Node in Capricorn, you should leave behind the traits of that sign – being the boss, being goal-driven.

If only it was that simple. The Nodes are fate, writ large, in your chart. In my experience with clients and my Premium Members and their horoscopes – one cannot choose. Could Her Majesty the Queen refuse the call to duty, when it came? She was born to be Queen. Her Cancer North Node launched her into a family where being the eldest child was a job.

Had she been a monarch before? Perhaps. Certainly a leader of some kind. Had she known her family members before in other lifetimes? According to astrology, yes, Her Majesty had.

If you’ve never sat down and really looked at your Nodes and figured out how you have woven the pattern from the original knot (usually at repeated intervals, when the Nodes are being transited) why not start now?

When the transiting or travelling North Node and South Node return to the same zodiac signs they occupied at your birth, you have a Nodal Return. Her Majesty the Queen has the True North Node at 20 Cancer and True South Node at 20 Capricorn.

She will have her Nodal Return in May 2019, as the True North Node moves to 20 Cancer and True South Node moves to 20 Capricorn.

As you can see elsewhere in this story, this is the same month that Prince Charles will experience the historic pass of Uranus (revolution) across his own Nodes too. This seems heavily fated, as Stephanie Johnson showed us in a Melbourne astrology Meetup in April 2017.


In your personal birth chart, which you will have if you are a Premium Member, you can see at a glance where karma from one or more previous incarnations is at work in your personality and your life. The True North Node, by sign and house, will show what is inescapable, extremely familiar and repetitive in your life. No matter what you try to say and do, nothing changes. In this way, you get to master the issues at hand. Because you cannot control what repeats, you learn to develop spiritual qualities like patience, tolerance, a sense of humour, compassion and a philosophical shrug of the shoulders, about what continues to occur. This is where you develop grace.

You need to read the True North Node in the context of the other horoscope factors in the same zodiac sign and house. In other words, that stuck-record feeling will happen in the context of the planets, asteroids or angles which are also in the same sign. Together they tell a story, rather as a film does. It is a story you will see remade many times during your life. The director, cast and setting may change. The theme music may be different. Yet the essential plot is the same. You must play your part and try to do it peacefully and productively, no matter how much private teeth-gritting there may be about your inability to change your destiny.

If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, using the Natural House system, you can see where your karma is at a glance. Read both signs together.

The story typically begins in childhood or young adulthood. Quite apart from the example of Queen Elizabeth and her family role, I can find examples of child migrants in my files, who were forced to leave their home town and homeland, by their parents, seeking a better life.

If you find yourself endlessly ‘looping the loop’ with your nodes, it may be that you have never made your peace with issues left over from the first time, or the second time, or the third time they were triggered in your horoscope. Feeling like a pinball whizzing around a machine may be a sure sign that you need to work on your True South Node and True North Node and really dig quite deeply for some answers. Is there a creative compromise? Maybe you just need to aim for acceptance.

ARIES-LIBRA Self and Partnership. Image and Marriage. Reputation and Divorce.
TAURUS-SCORPIO Wealth and Charity. Business and Values. Property and Debts.
GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS Communication and Language. Local and Global. Beliefs and Ideology.
CANCER-CAPRICORN Family and Career. Home and Property. Ambition and Class.
LEO-AQUARIUS Groups and Leaders. Stars and Teams. Royalty and the People.
PISCES- VIRGO Substances and Health. Escapism and Duty. Workload and Boundaries.

A conjunction to either your True South Node or True North Node by a slow moving outer planet like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto (or the Nodes themselves; a Nodal Return) will be important in terms of your life history and your personality development.

A conjunction is that period (usually over weeks or months) when a planet like Pluto moves to the same zodiac sign and degree as either of your Nodes. Events or themes which are typical of the sign concerned will emerge. So, for example, if you were born with the True South Node at 1 Capricorn and Pluto passed over 1 Capricorn a few years ago, then classic issues about ambition, position and mission would have arrived. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top.

As you might expect, former boyfriends, mothers, brothers, best friends and current wives all have a good chance of triggering your Nodes. Why? Karma. It’s not always the case, as not everyone has a past life connection. However, if someone has a chart factor conjunct, or at the same sign and degree (allow one degree’s difference) as your True South Node or True North Node, then you’ve had one or more past lives with this person. You have agreed to return together, so you can figure out the deepest challenges and rewards of your Node sign position.

If you’ve ever met your future boyfriend (for example) and felt a weird sense of familiarity in the first second you lay eyes on each other, this person may have a horoscope factor ‘on’ your True South Node or True North Node.

Beyond conjunctions (when Nodes line up at the same sign and degree as other factors in the charts) there are other aspects, like trines, sextiles, squares, quincunxes and oppositions. Space does not allow me to into all these but – if the numbers or degrees line up – even in different signs, there may well be a classic Node journey for one of you.

To use the Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node example again – if your boyfriend has a planet which trines one, and sextiles the other – he may trigger typical inner conflicts with you, about being a mother versus being a career woman.

Perhaps you want him to stay at home with the family and be a full-time father but he wants to go back to his career as a pilot. Maybe he wants a baby and you don’t, because your ‘baby’ is your job. If you want to know more about the signs from a woman’s point of view, you can discover them in more detail in Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins).

The medium Rita Rogers (who read for Princess Diana) has a very interesting view of soulmates. She is best-known for her communication with the spirit world, rather than astrology, but I think her views on partners are fascinating. She believes that destiny conspires to have you meet in any number of ways. Often, because the spirit world cannot get you together any other way, you have to meet in the most unusual circumstances – in order to complete the karma with each other, that you have agreed to sort out, before you both incarnate.

It is also very common to see people with Node contacts meet, fall in love, then find out that they had been within a stone’s throw of each other, for years.

I have seen this with clients, who have lived streets away from each other (but never met) then worked minutes away from each other (and never met) then even studied/taught at the same college – and somehow managed to avoid each other. Finally, they have been brought together by ending up in the same share house.

The Nodes have always been important to humanity. Robin Heath, author of the stunning and groundbreaking book Stonehenge – Temple of Ancient Britain (Wooden Books, Glastonbury 2000) has shown how the famous stone circle measures the lunar nodes. The Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge incorporates the period of the lunar nodes – or as he writes in his book, ‘Predicting Eclipses  – who nodes how holds power.’ Professor Sir Fred Hoyle was the first astronomer to discover this ancient use for Stonehenge. Why did they drag all those stones, all that way, to create this measuring device? Astronomy or astrology?

Stonehenge image from Twitter @poppetymoffitt



The charts of the Royal Family as a whole show you how the Nodes work. Sarah Ferguson has the True North Node in Libra, the sign of marriage and divorce. Hard karma. She probably knew Prince Andrew in another lifetime, too.

Diana, Princess of Wales, had the True North Node in Leo, the royal sign, and True South Node in Aquarius, the sign which rules groups and friends. This was the future Queen who devoted her time to raising awareness for landmine and AIDS-related causes. Classic Leo-Aquarius stuff.

Diana had astrologers guiding her, including Penny Thornton and the lovely Debbie Frank, of course – but with that horoscope, she was destined to play out those Leo-Aquarius themes of leadership and the group.


Charles, Prince of Wales was born with the True North Node in Taurus, the sign which rules money. His mother’s head is on the coins and pound notes of the realm. He has hard karma here. When Princess Diana left, she took a great deal of his wealth with her.

He has the True South Node in Scorpio, the sign which rules more complex finance. He remains the heir to a fortune. He has put his wealth to good use, running his charitable causes and businesses.

Watch what happens to Prince Charles, his wealth, his business, his charities, the currency and the rest when Uranus – the planet of shocks and revolution – passes over 4 Taurus, the position of his True North Node. It will oppose the True South Node at 4 Scorpio at the same time. This is currently timed for May 20th through June 7th, 2019. This is two years away as I write this, but it will show us how astrology works.

My thanks to my friend and colleague, the astrologer, writer and Solar Fire CEO Stephanie Johnson for pointing this transit out in our regular Melbourne astrology Meetup in April 2017.

Her Majesty the Queen is a good example of how to tie the knot with your Nodes, weaving the signs together in a complex pattern that helps you and others create something of lasting importance and value. No matter how hard it has been since her father (Cancer) passed away and her position in the Royal Family (Cancer) made the top job (Capricorn) her own…The Queen has combined patriotism (Cancer) and loyalty to her family (Cancer) with the ability to stay at the top (Capricorn) for longer than any other monarch in history.

What are your Node signs and how have you managed to weave a pattern from the knot? It was the astrologer Sue Tompkins who first drew my attention to the knotted or looped nature of the North Node and South Node. It’s a great analogy.

If you have your personal birth chart from me as a Premium Member, you can see at a glance if you have Aquarius and/or Leo chart factors, which we will be watching over the next couple of years.

 The Aquarius side of your horoscope will produce easy replays involving friends or groups. The Leo side will produce challenging replays. Leo rules your lovers and children. Your godchildren and young relatives. Your affairs and marriages. Your involvement with babies through young adults (the next generation, born 20+ years after you). The connection may be professional or through unpaid work, as well as in your personal life.

 What do I mean by ‘challenging’ here? Basically, the sense that no matter what you try to do or say, to alter the shape of events, you must submit to a Groundhog Day experience. I’m sure you know the film, starring Bill Murray. The hero is doomed to live out the same day, every 24 hours and no matter how he tries to alter fate, he’s trapped in a strange time warp.

This ends up being the making of him. It transforms him from being a negative person to a positive one. He learns that the only way to get through life is to develop a sense of humour. To learn to like people. To appreciate the good things. Then, suddenly, he wakes up in a new day. Groundhog Day is over. He has evolved. Changed. And now he can genuinely enjoy the next episode. If you have Leo factors in your chart, then as the True North Node conjuncts (or sits on) your Leo elements in 2017 or 2018, you will have your own version of this famous film. It will involve your royal bedchamber, your courtship, your heirs to the throne, or your pretenders to the throne.

LEARNING FROM THE LEO-AQUARIUS NODE CYCLES OF 1980, 1981,  1961, 1944, 1925, 1907
The best example I can give you of the ‘repeat, replay, rewind, resolve’ nature of the Nodes, is to look at history, as we all experienced the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius last time round. And the time before that!

As we’ve seen, back in 1999 and 2000 the True North Node was in Leo. The True South Node was in Aquarius.

Leo is associated with the Sun and Fifth House in astrology. Leo is the sign which rules Kings, Queens, and the royal court. In countries where there is no monarchy it is associated with leaders – people at the top, like Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Leo is associated with courtship and the royal bedchamber. The King’s mistress and the Queen’s lover. It is strongly linked to heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne. Above all else, of course, we link Leo to the British Royal Family.





Don’t separate them (Leo and Aquarius) for the next two years because they are criss-crossed over each other, as global stories or themes. They are opposite but inseparable.

The Nodes show where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth crosses the Earth’s path around the Sun. One is always automatically opposite the other, in the opposite zodiac sign.

 In Leo and Aquarius, the Nodes gives us an historic emphasis on the Royal Family, Presidents, Prime Ministers and their ‘heirs to the throne’ or pretenders to the throne, we also have a twin focus on groups, friends, people power, democracy, communities and so on. The people and the King. The party and the leader. The star and the team.

A classic Leo-Aquarius Node concern is the royal privilege of the leader of a group, and its impact on the community as a whole. Can the King have an affair with his mistress if it disturbs the court and threatens the kingdom? Can the Queen betray her court, just because of her position?

It works in reverse. Should one tribe, society, group, team, club or other fringe network of people affect the power and authority of the leader? Can the collective interests of just one group be allowed to threaten the King or Queen, the Prime Minister or President?

The creative conflict and productive tension of Leo-Aquarius can result in unforgettable events or achievements. The Nodes, when stretched as far as they can be taken, tend to produce epic moments in history, which are forever on repeat. Friends was about friends, not stars, but it produced celebrities. Brighter stars in the constellation, like Jennifer Aniston, raised questions about the group, versus individual fame. That’s one good cultural snapshop to describe these two signs, when knotted together by the Nodes.  

Here’s another Leo-Aquarius Node story, from a previous cycle. On July 17th 1980, former actor Ronald Reagan was chosen by the Republican Party as its Presidential candidate. The True North Node was in Leo. The True South Node was in Aquarius. That’s a good example of typical Leo-Aquarius questions about King/Star versus Team/Community. Reagan became President on November 4th.

On this cycle, Olympics stars faced problems, as the Moscow Olympic Games was boycotted by the United States, West Germany and Kenya. This is a classic case of Leo-Aquarius conflict. Gold medal winners and team captains (Leo) were up against the reality of a big community (Aquarius) no-show by other countries. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Russia was snubbed – but Britain’s Sebastian Coe starred.

Here’s another example of the Leo-Aquarius axis and the Nodes. On August 19th 1980, baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared. Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were Seventh Day Adventists (Aquarius – the group). Leo, of course, rules babies and children. The media could not read one story, without automatically reading the other.

Here are some more Leo-Aquarius events from a Nodal cycle year.  In 1980 Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, passed away, drawing attention to the group he led (Aquarius) and his upper-class status (Leo) on the fringes of Royal society. Also that year, John Lennon was shot dead, leaving three Beatles to mourn him. Totally different kings, different courts, same theme song. Leaders and groups.

It’s important to remember the Nodes are neither good nor bad, they just bring intense focus on the deeper meaning of the signs they pass through. We learn by repetition.

On May 11th 1981 when the True North Node was in Leo and the True South Node was in Aquarius, Bob Marley died. He was a leader, not only with The Wailers, but also in the movement for black rights. This brings us back to John Lennon and the Beatles.

In astrology, the Nodes describe reincarnation. What goes around will come around. What they went through before, they relived. What they recently lived through, they will experience again. This goes beyond the passing of a soul, no matter how painful for the world, and into questions about the spiritual path and its lessons.

This is similar to the Vedic/Indian astrology view of the Nodes – Rahu and Ketu. Vedic astrology or Jyotish, as it’s called in India, is the science/knowledge of time, according to Indian culture. If you are curious about this, I can recommend an excellent book and CD called Vedic Astrology –Simply Put, by William R. Levacy (Hay House).


Princess Diana’s astrology chart has the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius


On February 24th, 1981 when the True North Node was in royal Leo, and the True South Node was in Aquarius, the Prince of Wales, aged 32, announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer, aged 19. History has since told us the background story. The people (Aquarius) did not know it at the time, but the Prince (Leo) would never see the marriage through. As if that wasn’t enough, Diana was born with the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius too.

They married on July 29th 1981 with the Nodes still in Leo-Aquarius. There was a Total Eclipse on 31st July in Leo. Big blind spot. Nobody knew Diana was not Charles’s only love.

How do astrologers predict the future? By observing history. History repeats and we notice. As I’ve noted elsewhere on this website, the Great American Eclipse of August 21st 2017 will bring back karma for all those involved in the death of Princess Diana. It typically takes weeks or months to become a story, but then everyone looks back. Watch what happens.

On June 16th 1961 just as the True Nodes were entering Leo and Aquarius (they moved on June 11th) the ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev broke away from his Russian ballet company at Le Bourget Airport in France and ran towards the police, shouting “Protect me, protect me!” This is a fantastic example of a Leo-Aquarius Node pattern manifesting in an event. Will we see another celebrity defection from Russia on the new node cycle of 2017-2018? Thanks to the Trump circle, Russia is back in the headlines. It may not be about famous ballet superstars this time, but the Node cycle (which may begin with a bang in May 2017) could easily bring a story not unlike Nureyev’s.

On July 31st 1961 with the Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Aquarius, Uranus in Leo, True North Node in Leo and True South Node in Aquarius – Britain tried to join the European Common Market. What goes around comes around on the Nodes. The destiny of the EU hangs on 2017/18. There are some classic Leo-Aquarius themes playing out here. The leading status of Great Britain within Europe. The democracy of the EU.

Europe is an obsession in 2017, thanks to the French election in particular and Brexit, as well as accusations of Russian hacking in the American 2016 election. Why? The Nodes.

If we go back to April 16th 1944 we find the True North Node in Leo and True South Node in Aquarius yet again. Jupiter was also in Leo that year, along with Pluto. Joseph Stalin, the leader (Leo) of the Russian Army (Aquarius) also known as the Red Army. That day, it swept Germany out of the Crimea.

The Nodes show old lessons and familiar issues. In this case, it is about Europe. In 1944, General de Gaulle became the leader (Leo) of the Free French (Aquarius). In 2017, Marine le Pen has identified herself in a similar role, pursuing freedom from the European Union. Of course, she is also a Leo.



The Nodes are knotted or tied together. The astrologer and author Sue Tompkins, has a very good section on sign pairs/opposites in her book, Aspects In Astrology (Destiny Books, 2002).  For the Leo-Aquarius opposition, she lists these areas of focus:

Individuality v. the Group. Personal distinction v. Joe Public. The autocrat v. the democrat.

She continues, “Whilst Aquarius preaches being a democratic member of a group, Leo seeks to lead and be the monarch of all it surveys.”



In your personal horoscope, you will see the two zodiac signs occupied by the True North Node and True South Node as a connected story. Because of X, you do Y.

Here is an example, drawing on Her Majesty the Queen. If you have the True North Node in Cancer, in the Fourth House of family, property, home town and homeland then a recurring or repetitive story there, may lead you to also repeatedly live out your True South Node in Capricorn , in the Tenth House of career, status, ambition and achievement.

This may be the person who has problems with her home town or relatives, so has to move right away. The only way she can do this is by finding a career in another place. It may also be the person who is trapped by destiny and her family, to have a particular career.

It works the other way, too. The person with the True South Node in Capricorn may find her professional success leads her into repetitive situations with her home and property. This is someone who may constantly have to move, because of work. It may also be about the person who inherits a role in the family, then has to deal with the issues created by her relatives – which affect that role!

Don’t forget – the  ‘what’ of the repetition in your life will be shown by the other chart factors in the same sign as the Nodes. The Nodes are neither good nor bad. However, they tell a dual story (the two signs feed into each other in your chart) and most people who discover their Node signs and houses, immediately recognise lifelong patterns. If you are curious about the signs and houses in your chart and need to know more in-depth information, you can pick up my book, 2020 Astrology.

Some astrologers argue that prediction is a bad idea. I disagree. I think prediction is a good idea, because firstly – it usually proves astrology  – and secondly, it allows us to learn from the past.

Prediction is possible if astrologers have reliable and accurate birth data to work from. That means – just one official birth certificate, from the very beginning – and no changes. Unlike other politicians, Tony Blair gives us excellent material to work with.  He was born on 6th May 1953 at 6.10am in Edinburgh. Blair has the True North Node at 6 Aquarius in his Eleventh House of groups This key group in his life is obviously the Labour party, but this may describe another group he either joins or creates. He has just returned to politics in May 2017 after leaving his role as British Prime Minister behind – so he clearly has ambitions to rise again.


The Tony Blair horoscope and the Nodes.

I’ve mentioned how Aquarius is associated with democracies and communities. It is about the group which has no barriers based on class, race, gender, age and so on. It is commonly associated with the British Labour party. Well – Aquarius is now waking up in Blair’s chart.

Mr. Blair will experience the transiting, or travelling South Node at 6 Aquarius between 11th and 28th June 2018 and he will also experience transiting Mars at 6 Aquarius that month, as well as transiting Saturn at 6 Capricorn. That’s a trigger. All eyes on June 2018.

Mr. Blair also has Salacia at 6 Capricorn, in his Tenth House of career. This describes someone who can operate in two different worlds at once – neither of them real, in the ordinary sense of the word. He was once in a band, believe it or not. He was never going to have a normal professional life.

It’s possible to make a prediction, based on these triggers to his Aquarius Node. Between 4th June and 28th June 2018 (one year away as I write this) the former Prime Minister will make an historic decision about his career that affects the community of friends and acquaintances within the Labour Party, but also his own ambition to fulfil two roles at the same time.

This decision will be difficult. It will be provocative. It will bring back what he owes people and what he is also owed, from the distant past – namely November 1999, when the True South Node last stood at 6 Aquarius. It also possible there will be a karmic repeat of March-June 2000 when Neptune also passed 6 Aquarius.

In June 2018, Tony Blair may meet a situation rather like the one portrayed in the classic film, In Which We Serve, written by Noel Coward and Lord Louis Mountbatten. It’s a film about the sinking of a destroyer, its crew, Captain and the lower decks – the working classes and the upper classes. King and court. You have to wonder where the Brothers Miliband will be in the film, by that point.


People are often surprised to hear that a country has a horoscope too, but in fact, the astrological charts created for a nation’s ‘birth’ show the future quite clearly. The United States is popularly believed to have been born on the Fourth of July, but actually, she came into being earlier in 1776, when her full title was first used in official documents, on 2nd January 1776. As you can see from this chart, this gives her Aesculapia, Mars, Diana, the South Node, Cupido, Minerva and Vesta in Aquarius.

This is a nation of different interest groups – tribes, communities, networks – and in fact, America began life with a mixture of many different religions and nationalities. Out of this eventually came two political parties, Republican and Democrat.

Once the South Node moves to 26 Aquarius between June 8th and 19th, the nation will begin a long process of instant karma, involving both parties. As the South Node crosses Vesta at 26 Aquarius first, the initial episode will involve major questions about the politics which involves one man, and two or more women. Either or both parties will be involved.

From there, the Node crosses Minerva, Cupido –and then returns to its own position, which is profoundly important. When the True South Node moves to 16 Aquarius from December 6th through 17th, the United States will be sent all the way back to 1776, when her constitution was being formed and her identity on the world stage, as a country full of different religions, political parties and communities was being formed.

The True South Node continues its journey after December 2017 and will ultimately conjunct Mars, the planet of war (and battles) between October 10th and 21st, 2018. This chart for the ‘alternative America’ born not on July 4th, but on January 2nd, shows the stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of the country’s horoscope – and how it will be affected.

Copyright Jessica Adams May 2017. 


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