It’s A Beautiful Time ~


By S. C. Lourie

Feeling anxious, unable, downhearted, desperate, confused, unmotivated, troubled, frightened…all of these emotions are so normal and natural in a world where we are not made to feel supported or acknowledged. We are like coal sent into the fire of cut-throat living to make fuel for a machine that sees right through us unless we have our national identity number stamped on our foreheads or if we perform superlatively well.

But even then we only get recognized for as long as we are useful, for as long as we can stay at the top. All sorts of feelings come up when living in such emotionally harsh circumstances. And they don’t mean you are doing anything wrong, they don’t mean you have bad karma, they don’t mean you’re failing or that you are fundamentally weak. They actually mean that you can feel beyond what you’re told to feel and through your gut instincts and emotional intelligence you know this kind of environment is not one you can openly give your heart over to.

It is part of your spiritual awareness, your aptitude and sensitivity. You don’t need to switch on the positivity when such feelings come up. You don’t need to run to your practices and subtly command yourself back into shape. You don’t need to step it up, or step up or step out and make something happen. All you need is to love yourself, listen to yourself, allow yourself space to to feel everything under the sun and you will find balance beyond the intensity and you will sink deeper into the organic and wholesome being you fundamentally are. You will find your inherent wisdom. You will slowly realize in your body as well as theory or hope that you have everything within you, the universe and more.

Source: Butterflies and Pebbles

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