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The True Power Behind Both The Rockefeller And Rothschild Families

Yeah, even researchers like Daniel Estulin admit the likes of Rockefeller are way down the totem pole. He mentions House of Braganza as being one of the richest.These are the people that have all the natural minerals in the world, are they not? (…)

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Super Easy Exercises to Create a Positive Life

Cherie Roe Dirksen – You’re probably familiar with the saying ‘what you think you create’ but how can you seriously filter every bad thought? There is a way, (…)

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Antarctica Just Became Even Stranger…

Joseph P Farrell – Just when you thought it was safe to revisit the subject of Antarctica, or perhaps, even thought it was the one safe place on Earth to vacation – perhaps lounge on the shore and throw in your fishing line, or have a nice leisurely ski vacation, or (…)

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How To Send Distant Energy Healing To Anyone

Tanaaz Chubb – Our thoughts are powerful. So powerful in fact that often just thinking about someone can send a small stream of energy their way.We are all energetic beings and we all have energy that flows from within and around us. When we start to become aware of this (…)

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How “Free Money” Fails

Paul Rosenberg –  You might think that throwing free money into an economy would create a permanent party, but it never quite turns out that way. And I think it’s important to understand why. After all, we’ve been watching a free-money party since 2008, and if it ends, the morning (…)

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Who Were The Knights Templar?

Stephen Dafoe – Within two decades of the victory of the First Crusade (1095-1099) a group of knights led by Hugues (Hugh) de Payens offered themselves to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to serve as a military force.This group – often said to be nine in number – had the (…)

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FBI Whistleblower “Sang Like A Canary” About One World Government And Pedophilia

Catherine J. Frompovich – One World Government was discussed in 2005 by a former FBI agent-officer, Special Agent Ted Gunderson.  He called himself a “conspiracy realist.”  He talked about the One World Government’s game plan for total control:Control the pressCorrupt youth through sex and drugsGet their own people (…)

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Experience A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

Awakening 5D Healing – As we transition from a third dimensional reality to a hyperdimensional existence we are experiencing a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being. A process that has accelerated in 2016 and now sees us in an intense period of recalibration through 2017, on into the next 7 years.This (…)

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Inverted Systems

Lisa Renee – Inverted Systems feed upon human co-creative consciousness by purposely tricking people out of their personal intent and consent. With the current acceleration of the electronic era, the exploitation to manipulate and extract energy from humanity is at an all-time high.This month we look at Inverted Systems (…)

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Empathy Is The Medicine The World Needs

Judith Orloff MD – Our world desperately needs healing. The world is wounded and in pain. Our earth, our climate, our global relationships are not being honored and protected. Even so, division and polarization are not the answers. Rather, empathy is the sacred medicine the world needs.What is empathy? (…)

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