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How much qualifies as “too much”? That is the question to ponder this Monday, May 29, as renegade Mars in curious Gemini locks into a rare opposition with structure-hound Saturn in expansive Sagittarius. This polarizing pull won’t be easy to navigate: Mars is the accelerator while Saturn is the emergency brake. Just as we’re about to gun the engines or blast off on a daring plan, the buzzkill of pragmatism could pull us down to earth. (Damn you, gravity!) There’s a hidden blessing here. Saturn, which happens to be retrograde until August 25, is insistent that we refine all our visionary plans. Some rules just weren’t meant to be broken…like, yeah, gravity. But Mars’ role is to keep us on our toes so we don’t get stuck in a rut. Blending the Saturn-Mars vibes could help us pull off the perfect pastiche of old school and new world order. Form CAN follow function and still feel fresh! There may be clashes with authority figures near Monday—and a continued face-off between the old guard and the world’s progressive thought leaders. The cry for change could be met with pushback to keep things as they’ve “always” been. At best, the Mars-Saturn dust-up might help us find a happy hybrid; at worst, the battle lines will be drawn, pushing people further apart.

Fortunately, on Thursday, peacekeeper Venus in Aries flows into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) with Saturn in Sagittarius. Creative compromises may emerge—and with “divine feminine” Venus in the frame, may be spearheaded by powerful women. More illumination arrives on Saturday when the bright, beaming Sun forms a productive trine to worldly Jupiter in “love will save the day” Libra. Can we lay down our swords and lead with our hearts? Absolutely. But not without proper boundaries. On Sunday, the Sun clashes with self-sacrificing Neptune warning us to create clear agreements—and avoid codependent overgiving—before we proceed.

On Sunday, June 4 Mars embarks on a seven-week tour through Cancer. After a frenetic (but amazingly social) cycle through Gemini that began on April 21, the slower, sensual vibes of this water sign will be greatly appreciated. Cancer is the sign of home, family, nurturing and women’s empowerment. Draw attention inward and put more focus on your inner circle. Without a solid support network, where would any of us be? With courageous Mars occupying the crab’s shell until July 20, we’re likely to see some strong female and pro-gender equality leaders step forward. (Time to start stumping and supporting women for the 2018 elections!) Emotional intelligence may be the most important measure of smarts now. Slow down, tune in, and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

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