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Your Weekly Overview:

Ready to feel the power of your purr? The air is charged with mystery and seduction this week, thanks to the full moon in Scorpio this Wednesday, May 10. A spring fever outbreak could become pandemic and pairings more permanent. Have you been secretly lusting? Intense attraction will be all consuming—but these very situations could take a dramatic turn. What starts out as a dynamic spark may turn into a heated lovers’ quarrel, with all the Leo scene-making and Scorpio jealousy thrown in for good measure. (Watch for flying objects!) Reacting to our quick-fire emotions would be a bad idea this weekend—especially the ones on the list of Seven Deadly Sins. (Uh….lust?) But this lunar energy can push promising partnerships past their tipping point, too. The urge to merge will be stronger for many, with playing-for-keeps Scorpio in the mix. Exciting partnerships could become “officially official” before the week is through.

All hail the queen—the one inside you! (Or king or empress…pick a royal, any royal.) The compass of the universe is shifting in a new direction this week as the lunar nodes move from Virgo-Pisces to Leo-Aquarius. Where does our karma need cleaning up and what is the destiny we must focus on? This transit, which happens approximately every 18.5 months, can totally reshape the universal focus, from the personal to the political. The lunar nodes—also known as the South Node (karma) and North Node (destiny or dharma) always move together and fall in opposite signs. The South Node reveals our baggage and our bull$#!%. It makes us utterly aware of what we need to clean up! The North Node guides us towards our new assignment. How do we deal with the messes we humans have made? But there’s always some awkwardness when it comes to embracing the North Node. It’s as if we’ve forgotten its language—so much so that we resist dealing. Yet, deal we must. Call it our astrological evolution.

From November 12, 2015 to this May 10, 2017, the South Node was in watery Pisces—the sign of illusions, virtual reality and scandalous corruption. The North Node’s position was in earthy Virgo—the rule-abiding, cautious (bordering on fearful) “just the facts ma’am” pragmatist of the zodiac’s wheel. We see these nodal thumbprints all over the U.S. presidential election! The karma of the Pisces South Node created illusions via fake news, election hackings and hidden email servers. What was even true?! The trolls were in control and totally behind the illusory Pisces smokescreen! The way humans mistreat water has dominated headlines and become mission critical to address: the melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels, the poisoned tap water in Flint, Michigan—and the threat the Dakota Access Pipeline poses to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. #WaterIsLife became a rallying cry for the conscious-minded of the world and the NoDAPL protest drew civilians and celebrities in record numbers.

The Virgo North Node helped us awaken to environmental consciousness. But in parallel play, it also brought in a self-proclaimed “law and order” president and cabinet who are fixated on mining earth-based resources (Virgo) like coal and oil at the expense of water (Pisces). Both of the 2016 presidential candidates came packed with Piscean illusions, secrets and scandals from their pasts, making voting a complex choice for many. The Virgo North Node DID begin the process of blowing the lid off of fake news, demanding journalistic integrity (buh-bye Bill O’Reilly) and fact-based research. We’re still fumbling our way through THAT one, but like we said, the North Node’s messages may require a translation app before we gain facility. (Someone code Duolingo for astrospeak, please!) Virgo is also the sign of service and civic engagement. This North Node transit turned political disengagement from “checked out” to “woke.” There’s been a huge rise in boots-on-the-ground, grassroots engagement during earth-sign Virgo in full effect, as protest marches and calls to government representatives reached record levels.

The health care “reform” is also a major result of the Pisces-Virgo nodes. Both signs govern wellness. Pisces rules hospitals, elder care and addiction (hello, opioid crisis). Virgo is the sign that governs insurance, and the attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act keep on coming in the final stretch of this node pairing.

Pisces also rules jails, and Virgo can affect accounting and the economy. Police brutality has been captured on video during this nodal pairing, making it impossible to hide the offenses. Some cities are implementing retraining of officers while others are continuing to resist. Privatized prisons have allowed companies to basically use slave-wage labor to produce their goods. Watch Ava Duvernay’s “13th” ( for an eye-opening historical documentation on this. Hidden, undocumented immigrants (Pisces) are being brutally handled by I.C.E. agents while a Virgoan sense of nationalism grows in tricky ways. No, none of this is resolved yet. But a nodal transit puts the issues in our faces—and we can expect to see more work done to transform this.

Now, for the shift…

From May 10, 2017 until November 6, 2018, the karmic South Node heads into “we the people” Aquarius—the sign of mass culture, high-minded futurism and communal affairs. The Aquarius South Node is SO the Constitution: freedom of everything, power to the people! And indeed that sacred document is under fire as we write this. Aquarius can call forth the progressive protestor and humanitarian—but also the populist. The growing divide between the “haves” and “have nots” will become more striking over the next 18.5 months and MUST be dealt with. To do so, we must stop with the labels—deplorables, snowflakes, coastal elites—and unite in the human spirit. Underneath it all, people just want to feel safe, heard and understood. As technology (Aquarius’s domain) has rapidly changed the landscape of the job world, artificial intelligence is replacing human labor. But where do we draw the line? Machines may very well be able to ring up our purchases and automate everything, but the impact on some populations has been devastating. Technology is moving too fast for many to keep up! The groundswell of anger from the right-leaning populist ranks comes from a fear of feeling abandoned and left behind. How do we bring everyone into the future without sacrificing progress? That is something we will have to grapple with during this nodal cycle.

The North Node awakening arrives in the sign of regal Leo. Listen up! The clarion call has sounded for new global leadership AND a transformed relationship with our leaders. While Leo might be “down for the crown,” it is also the sign of personal responsibility and authority. It’s time to stop looking for a king, president, boss, pastor, shaman or another eminent figure outside of ourselves to be our ultimate guide. True wisdom and a connection to the divine (or cosmic consciousness, spirit, God, universal flow, whatever you’d like to call it) is packed right inside each of us. And by November 2018 it could emerge via an explosion of the arts—one of Leo’s favorite channels!

Internet security and safety are also huge concerns for technophile Aquarius as well as Leo, the sign of fame and public exposure. For the past decade, people have been sculpting virtual personalities on social media that don’t always line up with life. We’ve Twitter-dragged and secretly snarked in text messages and emails that we’d die if anyone but a chosen few confidantes EVER read. Set up that VPN (Virtual Private Network) and do a mass deleting. The hackers and trolls could (okay, will) keep on messing with things while world leaders “might” keep attacking the free speech and privacy policies we’ve enjoyed online since the birth of the Interwebs.

Fascinating fact: The United States was “born” (July 4, 1776) with an Aquarius South Node and Leo North Node, which means this country is having a nodal return. These returns only occur every 18.5 years and can really shake things up. The last one happened in 1998, which was when Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial went down. (More on that here:

There’s no doubt about it, the world is ready to pass the crown and scepter to a new brand of leader. But will this next chapter illuminate a few brave, bright souls or will we be guided by principle instead of authority—or both? We’ll be watching…and marching…with baited breath and the spirit of universal love in tow.

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