The Mystic’s Message ~ Inevitable Growth


Loved ones, prepare yourselves for an energetic download
of sorts. And, first, please cease your worrying.
You are about to be given a great KEY to the Universal Equation.

To start, you must know, you are great warriors of the light, despite times of feeling a bit like molasses has slowed you.
If you have ever been “slowed” it is so that
a Divine Quantum Leap could be prepared.
For truly, the mathematical equation of forward progress is:

Pr = Ep x Vi x Fa x P

That is, Progress equals present Energy (Ep) for something multiplied by Velocity of the individual subject (Vi, aka “you”), multiplied by the varying Force acting upon it (Fa),
multiplied by the Potential (P) of all possible outcomes.

No matter the variants (or variables) at any time of the factors
in this equation, growth is always inevitable. However,
if you were to begin meditating on the above equation,
you would begin to understand all of the “players”
in this game of which you are a part in a much larger way.

For example, through meditation, you might actually realize
that you are BOTH the present Energy that determines
the Velocity at which you can move toward your goal,
AND you are equally the variant acting Force upon it
by the thoughts and patterns that you keep within your DNA.

However, Potential is derived from both your higher desire for something, as well your surrender to its complete unfoldment. Can you play both sides in this dualistic reality you live in, and yet have also created? How good you become at doing so will determine how quickly you can manifest your reality with your thoughts, words and actions EVEN in a world that seems wrought with fear.

How? Well, let us share one final secret with you.
The more that others go into fear, the greater the opportunity for lightworkers to know their truths, and grab hold of greater light quotients that others are seemingly letting go of. Yes!


Once you show others the way with the great power that you are and hold, it is THEN that you can again share this light quotient with those who would then be stepping back out of fear and into love. Then the planet’s great light quotient can be held by all who can receive it.

In doing so, you would actually multiply that shared light quotient throughout the leigh lines of Earth, so that all who are ready to feel, heal and transform may do so, returning as many to the ONE consciousness as possible.

For now, see NOT molasses, but potential, perhaps where others have seen darkness and fear. This is quite frankly the greatest opportunity you have EVER had.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


***This guidance column was written by Ray Rolando for and It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.

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