Your Horoscope ~ June 29 – July 5, 2017


by Rose Marcus

Over this next week, summer pleasures, national birthdays, and the heat are the main attention getters, but the stars have other matters on the front burner.

Whether the destination employs a plane, a road map, a contract, the home base, or the heart, Friday’s Mercury/Pluto and Sunday’s Mars/Pluto oppositions direct us through a more momentous conversation and/or gateway. There’s more riding on the here and now, more than simply the marking of time. Then there’s the past—revisiting it, honouring it, processing it, saying goodbye to it, and/or springboarding from it. Emotions run deep and surface readily. Keys now in the ignition, Mars is driven to lay a better, more secure foundation, to get it under control in a more conscious directed way. You may feel it as the pressure of a time margin or as a more alert recognition of triggers and responses.

Mars in Cancer is on a big push and energy surge through Canada Day weekend. Friday/Saturday, the transiting Libra moon and Venus keep the action, the money exchange, and the crowds on a constant reload. The weekend could be a record breaker.

Past Sunday morning and into Monday, the stars hit a smoother, easier-to-take pace. Thanks to Venus advancing into trendsetter Gemini, and Mercury/Uranus also lighting a fresh spark, USA Independence Day picks up more steam as the day progresses. Get out and enjoy the evening!

Venus in Gemini boosts social activity and sales. It also gets the conversation moving along. Mercury in Leo, starting Wednesday, boosts confidence levels, the happiness quotient, romance, pleasure, and play prospects.

Happy Canada Day! Happy Fourth of July!

March 20 – April 20

A break in the routine does you good. Parking hassles or crowds aside, the long weekend and the week ahead are ideal for switching gears. If you haven’t quite managed to get yourself up and running yet, look to Tuesday/Wednesday to hit the action switch. Venus in Gemini boosts social opportunity. Mercury in Leo puts you in the mood to play more.

April 20 – May 21

One way or another, now through Sunday takes you to an ending or arrival point of significance. Mars/Pluto forces you to reconcile with the growing reality. It also strengthens your resolve. To Tuesday, Venus in Taurus keeps you making the most of it. Monday’s your best for doing just that. Tuesday/Wednesday turns your attention to something fresh or added.

May 21 – June 21

Family, finances, and making the most of it are all-consuming projects. You’ll pack in plenty over this next week. It’s not about how much but how well. When it comes to spending time or money, quality over quantity wins, hands down. Pace yourself; slow it down through Monday. Spontaneous or planned, Tuesday evening, Venus into Gemini and Mercury/Uranus are great for a perk-me-up.

June 21 – July 22

Ah, the long weekend! While crowds may not be your thing, time off and a battery recharge most certainly are. Sunday/Monday hits the sweet spot. Regarding the important stuff, Mercury (Thursday) and Mars (Sunday) in opposition to Pluto suggest a mindset, game plan, or priority is taking shape. Tuesday/Wednesday, there’s next; there’s more. Do it; say yes; go for it; get moving.

July 22 – August 23

Share; team up; ride the good wave this long weekend. There’s no lack of great entertainment picks or folks to spend time with. One-on-one, at home, or in vacation mode, Sunday onward finds you on the total-immersion program. Spontaneous or planned, Tuesday evening through Wednesday keeps the good stuff going strong. Wednesday is optimum for travel, romance, and pleasure-seeking.

August 23 – September 23

The long weekend or a vacation start couldn’t be better timed. Now through Sunday, let yourself off the hook and make the most of the time you have. Sunday onward is also ideal for loading up on the best of what’s available. More to say, more to do, more miles to go: Venus into Gemini, starting Tuesday evening, sets you onto next, pronto.

September 23 – October 23

Cut yourself loose this long weekend. A major reset is in order. Be your own best lover; aim for first place, not second. Enjoy it to the fullest, but if it feels like pressure rather than pleasure, don’t take it on. Let others step up to the plate. Sunday onward, the stars deliver. It’s a great week to connect, enjoy, go, do, and see.

October 23 – November 22

So much is in flux; so much can stay the same. The past and the future keep you completely consumed as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto through Sunday. Even so, it’s bust-up-the-concrete, springboard time. Sunday to Tuesday, the Scorpio moon puts good timing on your side. Venus into Gemini and Mercury into Leo keep you going strong through Wednesday.

November 22 – December 21

Fully present and accounted for? Wherever you go, give it your all. Through Sunday, the stars keep you fully occupied. Either it is what you want or it’s not. Through Tuesday, your radar doesn’t miss a thing. Tuesday evening into Wednesday, Venus, Mercury, and the moon in Sagittarius have you in rock-star action mode. Feel it; say it; share it; do it.

December 21 – January 20

The art of compromise can give you a run for it through Saturday/Sunday, but don’t let guilt or duty be the driving force. Still, extra caretaking is in order. Loved ones and folks in general can be needy. Sunday through Tuesday, the going is smooth. Tuesday evening through Wednesday/Thursday, play it up, indulge, and enjoy yourself.

January 20 – February 18

At the end or just reaching the launch pad, the stars make good on either. Still, Friday/Saturday, you can feel on overload and/or pulled in too many directions. Making everyone happy isn’t always easy; please yourself and somehow it all works out. Tuesday evening through Thursday, seize the moment! Venus into Gemini and Mercury/Uranus make for great synchronicity.

February 18 – March 20

Through the first half of the weekend you can be on a switch track with plans, a decision, a purchase, or a relationship issue. Sunday through Thursday, you’ll hit an upswing. Don’t buy into pressure or let someone talk you into it. Trust your impressions and intuitive instincts. You’ll know just how to play it. Monday is easy going.

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