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Call in the detectives, throw down some tarot spreads. Early this week, there will be SO much going on below the surface that nothing should be taken at face value. On Monday, July 10 the Sun in covert Cancer will oppose secretive Pluto in buttoned-up Capricorn. Appearances CAN be deceiving—and they probably will be. We’re not saying you should walk around treating everyone you encounter like a prime suspect. Just use greater discernment. And if someone’s motives seem, er, questionable, DO investigate. Unless trust has been established, it’s best to keep your own cards closer to your vest—but not so much that it arouses suspicion or makes you look like YOU are hiding something. Such a tricky line to walk!

And uh, who’s the boss? The Sun and Pluto can be obsessed with power, but in different ways. Like a member of the royal family, the radiant Sun loves to be large and in charge—and can even bring some ego trips. Pluto is more like a mobster, observing with quiet, even vengeful, control while pulling strings from the background. (Or, in a more political context, it’s like Trump versus Putin…will their subterranean dealings finally implode this week?) Are you trying too hard to wrest control of a mission, even in a motherly (Sun in Cancer) way that is cloaked in “caring” vibes? As the saying goes, “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” Make an extra effort to be diplomatic and democratic, to avoid a revolt from your squad!

On a positive note, the Sun-Pluto opposition can set off some seriously sexy sparks. Nothing like a little mystery and dynamic tension to ratchet up the chemistry, right? There’s a thin line between love and hate—and near Monday, it could snap—leading to one of the hottest hookups of Summer 2017. Sure, this might fall into the “It’s Complicated” category, but exchanges THIS passionate don’t come along every day. The question is, will that sexy cat and mouse game actually lead anywhere? If by the weekend you’re still obsessively chasing without any reward, go find somewhere else to play. Sunday’s quarter moon in Aries brings the focus back to our own dreams and desires. Detach from sticky entanglements and give your personal wish list a review. Are those goals bringing deep down fulfillment or could they use a tweak? Have you been placing other people’s needs above your own? Refine, redefine and rediscover YOUR happy place. Self love is NOT an act of selfishness, it’s one of self preservation!

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