What To Do When Your Twin Flame “Runs”


This post is dedicated to the MANY twin flames who are dealing with a “runner.”

For those of you new to these terms, a twin flame is a divine counterpart — your literal “other half” — with whom your soul longs to merge in heart, mind, and body. Some say you actually share a higher self, you are literally one as souls.

A “runner” refers to the twin who is overwhelmed by the connection and decides to try to “run” from it (this doesn’t work by the way, but they don’t know that yet!), leaving the “stayer” in deep pain, feeling like their life is on hold and they don’t know what to do.

We have not gone through a full-fledged “runner” dynamic, but we have experienced some variations on the theme, and have learned a lot in the process.

Our style is that we only share with you that which we have experienced ourselves, and/or information that we have intuitively received that feels right to us both. This is what we know about this dynamic.

Instead of “runner” and “stayer,” we like to think of these twins as a pair in which one who is the more spiritually ready, and one who is still catching up. One of the cosmic truths about twins is that it only takes one to call in the other energetically, and it can take the other by surprise (to say the least!), and even can send them into shock. This happened with us.

Remi was “ready” — free and clear and had been waiting for a long time. I was not :-). I still had young children, was in an existing relationship, and still had some loose ends (soul tasks) to tie up before I was as ready as he.

But when we connected, my soul *knew,* and for the rest of me, ready or not, the process began.

When twins meet, there is an activation that occurs for both, a soul merge that once done, cannot be undone. Then the process begins of full reunion — merging in mind, heart, body, and energy fields, which twins desperately want to do.

As Shakespeare famously wrote, “The course of true love never did run smooth…” And boy is that ever true with twins!

When the souls connect, a process is set in motion, and we as twins can either go with it (surrender), or fight it (resist, or “run.”). Unfortunately, most twins are still caught up in old paradigm patterning (more on this below) and often pre-existing life situations (marriages, kids, jobs, homes, geographical ties) don’t seem to fit into the twins coming together. To add to the challenges, when twins connect, and begin to merge on all levels — all of the “garbage” we carry (old traumas from this and other lifetimes, childhood and ancestral programming, religious teaching, fears, unworthiness issues, baggage from past relationships, and the very damaging old paradigm of love, sexuality, and relationship) comes up and rears its not-so-pretty head.

Twin reunions are almost NEVER easy. Never.

So it is easy to see why twins “run.” But what can the “stayer” do? Are you powerless to just sit and pine away, sitting in some divine waiting room hoping your twin gets it together?


You have very real power in this situation, and as the “stayer” we can assume you are more spiritually ready for your twin. So here is your job my friends!

1) Drop the 3D story of what is happening — “He blocked me on Facebook!” “He won’t leave his wife!” “He lives in Ecuador and can’t get a Visa!” etc. etc. Not to minimize the pain of these very real situations — we get it. But your power lies elsewhere. Take a deep breath, and drop the story. It loses a great deal of energy when you do, and you are free to take your power where it needs to be.

2) Tune in to the 5D reality — you are twins, you are merged as souls. Nothing will ever change this. This life is temporary — it feels very real, but only a small portion of us comes down to earth to experience life here. Much of you (your large/higher self/soul) is having a blissful experience in the higher realms NO MATTER WHAT. And guess what, you and your twin are too! You can absolutely tap into that reality anytime, and it is more real than what you experiencing down here. Just try it now — imagine you attention going “up” to the soul level, and imagine you and your twin are there together in blissful union. The color is golden, or maybe blue….let your soul lead the way, FEEL this, it is real! Until this manifests in the physical plane, you can hang out there and have the bliss you have been waiting for. It’s already yours!

3) As the “stayer,” it is your job, your sacred duty (should you choose to accept it) to help your twin come “up” to where you are. Imagine holding them in your unconditional love, your pure consciousness and awareness of who they truly are as a soul. Remember when you met — how you felt about them? Go there. Again, drop all of the “stuff” they have done, all of the hurt, and just focus your attention on the love and holding consciousness for them. This acts as a literal magnet — it lifts them up, it draws them closer to you. We cannot predict what they will do in 3D, but as souls this is guaranteed to have effect, and will only bring you closer to reunion, this lifetime or the next. Imagine loving them, imagine holding them, imagine giving them nothing but the most pure positive energy of your soul. Doesn’t that feel amazing? That is your gift to them, and to your twin union.

4) Look in the mirror and absolutely dedicate yourself to your own healing, growth, and life path. This is so important! You don’t have to sit in life’s waiting room, no matter what your twin is doing! Twin flame unions are the best opportunity you can imagine for healing EVERYTHING you still carry and propels your absolutely into your own awakening. Dive into to your healing. Use the fuel that is is the twin flame energy to ascend further than you thought you could go.

The twin journey ultimately leads you home to your Self and the divine love that you truly are — why not go there now? Ask your soul to show you what stands in the way of you becoming, being, radiating total divine unconditional love, and heal it. Ask to be transformed into love, no matter what your life circumstances are.

5) Drop all anger, blame, criticism, judgment, etc. of your twin. This can be soo hard to do! But it is so necessary. When Remi and I were going through our “mini-runner” phase, the anger was what pushed the other away, when what was needed was the very opposite. Trust us, YOUR TWIN CAN FEEL the energy you are sending their way. Twins are very telepathic, some are more aware and tuned into this than others, but all can feel their twins on some level or another, and what their twin is doing is affecting them. Have compassion for them — you may have “called” them to you before they were quite ready, and know that your presence turned their lives upside down! They are suffering too, and you can help the both of you with this awareness. You have great, great power as a twin!

6) Have faith. The Universe is on the side of twins. Ask for divine help in whatever way feels right to you. Get in touch with you soul’s guidance, and follow it fearlessly. And know that, no matter what, this journey is one of the greatest blessings on earth.

We hope this has been helpful to all of you. Blessings to you all, you can do this!

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