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Ready set, here comes August. August delivers two eclipses and another Mercury retrograde. Be reminded that eclipses are event-generating not only on the date that they occur, but that they are triggered prior to and post for an extended period. They are not always ominous, they can sometimes be exceptionally opportune, but they typically deliver the unexpected.

Launching the month, Uranus stations retrograde on August 2 (10:31 pm PDT). It serves as a cut-to-the chase, hit the target with greater precision, but it may initially create a pull-back/regroup on the full steam ahead that we have witnessed in recent days regarding Trump, Putin, and North Korea (to name but a few). Then again, noting that Mars, ruler of Aries is a trigger for the lunar eclipse of August 7 (opposition the eclipse moon, conjunct the eclipse sun), Uranus starting retrograde may simply be a cock-and-reload influence.

August 4, Jupiter in Libra surpasses the third quarter mark with Pluto in Capricorn. It is the last of three such alignments that have stretched over the past 10 pivotal months. Jupiter/Pluto have been working to crystallize an evaluation process.

Jupiter/Pluto can bring you to the conclusion that there is no more to gain from continuing along the same line, that you’ve witnessed enough, have taken it as far as you can, and that its now time to redirect attention and efforts. Befittingly, Christy Clark, who has recently lost her grip as Premier of British Columbia, has chosen this Jupiter/Pluto transit to quit politics. August 4 is her formal last day on the job as leader of the B.C. Liberals and as a riding representative.

Conversely, perhaps Jupiter/Pluto has brought you to a constructive turning point or goalpost. Now that platform is well laid, it is time for the move-in or move-on-it phase. Either way, Jupiter/Pluto greatly amps up motivation, ambition, necessity, obsession, control-it and power-it- up agendas. This evaluation process has been working to restructure social consciousness and social consensus. It is both a dismantling and a construction process.

(150 forest fires still burn in British Columbia. I hope that both Uranus retrograde and Jupiter/Pluto will assist firefighters to get things under better control.)

Regarding our personal lives and the bigger picture of social, economic, government and political foundations, Jupiter/Pluto will continue to stay on the breakdown it down, build it up, and work it out punch-clock until 2020. Nothing is small or insignificant about the shaping of reality between now and then.

A solar eclipse often coincides with an attention-getting outer world event, a notable action from someone of influence and/or a death or a birth of someone of prominence. A lunar eclipse tends to mark critical personal life peaks and turning points, although lunar eclipses bring conflicts out into the open and can certainly also impact the population. Both solar and lunar eclipses will be major acceleration catalyst for you if they make direct contact to the personal points of your natal chart, otherwise you may simply witness them as more dynamic new or full moons.

The Aquarius lunar eclipse of August 7, can be particularly significant for you if your birthday is that day or near it, or you born February 3/4, May 3/4, or October 24/25. If it is not hitting your chart in some direct way, you may simply feel the effect as a good time to socialize, to push the refresh button, shake it up a bit and/or to show your pride (Vancouver Pride Parade and festivities are sure to hit over the top). Jupiter in Libra is in harmony to the eclipse which suggests good connecting and more of everything, including spending and profits.

On the other hand, if it hits your chart directly, the lunar eclipse could prompt a radical lifestyle change and/or personal reinvention. Although there can be a radical twist or turn, after the fact, you may see that it has been on brew for some time. No matter how abrupt or out of the blue, it can be exceptionally opportune. The lunar eclipse is triggered from August 2, the day Uranus stations retrograde. Both eclipses of the month bring potentials to the surface that are now ripe and ready to be accessed.

Certainly, this eclipse is a line-up for/set the divides between allies and opportunists re the North Korea wild card episode that is (as of the time of this writing) on a hot trigger.

Mercury in Virgo begins retrograde on August 12. Continuing to September 5, Mercury puts added focus on the fill in the missing blanks, work-it-out, get it fixed routine.

The solar eclipse of August 21, dubbed the Great American Eclipse because its path travels across the entire country. This eclipse had its first trigger on May 9. On this date, the transiting karmic axis switched from the Virgo/Pisces sign axis to Leo Aquarius where the eclipses will happen over the next 18 months. Donald Trump fired James Comey the director of C.I.A. on May 9 and since then, its been one thing after another.

If his recorded birth-time is correct, the solar eclipse of August 21 is especially dynamic on Donald Trump’s chart, translating the light from his Mars (26:46 Leo) to his ascendant (29:55 Leo). The eclipse degree is 28:52 Leo. The eclipse falls in his the 12th house, traditionally considered the house of hidden enemies and self undoing. Evolutionary astrology considers this house one of ultimate resourcing, to the plus or minus. There has been much speculation regarding the demise of Donald Trump’s presidency and it remains to be seen what effect solar eclipse will have on his chart. At the time of this writing, Donald has multiple challenges, his white house staff and North Korea flexing nuclear muscle to mention but two.

This solar eclipse receives a trine from Uranus which, as stated above, has just begun a retrograde cycle. Continuing in retrograde motion to January 2, 2018, Uranus retrograde keep heating it up until the kettle boils over/something implodes. Uranus retrograde serves to widen political divides and to keep a specific (or number of specific) social, political, economic trend or challenge fired up. Aside from Trump, the solar eclipse can spark major new discoveries and innovations from science and technology.

A solar eclipse infuses more dynamic life into endings and beginnings. The solar eclipse on August 21 holds greater than usual potential for several reasons. It is a total solar eclipse which makes it more potent, it is in the sign of Leo, a highly creative influence, it is very close to the culminating degree, and it is trine Uranus retrograde. Whatever gains life, has a particularly dynamic creative force behind it and hits a fast track. Watch something fresh or brand new to spark. Eclipses are often linked with geophysical events. With Uranus retrograde and Mercury retrograde in the mix, anything goes.  While Uranus retrograde is in favourable position to the eclipse, it can still inflame, incite, produce added volatility, aggression, grandstanding, a show of force or might.

As stated above, Mercury travels retrograde from August 12 to September 5. Mercury will start its retrograde cycle in Virgo, but finish in the sign of Leo August 30 to September 5. During this time, Mercury will re-trigger the degree of solar eclipse. Mars in Leo does the same from September 1 to September 5. (Mercury and Mars will both move into Virgo on Sept 5.)  The fact that Mercury is retrograde during the solar eclipse intensifies the karmic potency of the eclipse, suggesting a key circumstance or person acts as a major catalyst. Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to fill in missing blank, to go back and rework something that has been left hanging or unfinished, to repair, upgrade, renovate, correct, or heal. In other words, the retrograde offers the opportunity to make improvements where it is most necessary and desirable. Mars, the north node and the solar eclipse in Leo supported by Uranus and Saturn can support creative endeavor. They can also supply you with the confidence you need to strike out in a new direction.

If you have felt disconnected or haven’t been able to reposition yourself back at your own creative center, then look to the upcoming eclipses to provide you with the fresh fuel assistance you need. If your experience is disruptive or jarring, know that more and better lies ahead. The next six months or so continue to be infused with more than average potential. The heart journey is a big one this month. Take it one step at a time, aim to love yourself more, and to create the best you can for yourself in every moment. What is launched now and in the coming month or months will continue set a new reality base that will carry us through to the next set of eclipses (late January/mid February 2018).



August 7: Full Moon: Partial Lunar Eclipse, 11:11 am (15:25 Aquarius )

August 21: New Moon: Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 11:30 am (28:53 Leo)

August 2: Uranus stations retrograde: 10:31 pm

August 12: Mercury in Virgo stations retrograde: 6:01 pm

August 22: Sun enters Virgo: 3:21 pm

August 25: Venus enters Leo: 9:30 pm

August 26: Juno in Capricorn stations direct:10:14 am

August 27: Sedna in Taurus stations retrograde: 11:37 am

August 31: Mercury enters Leo: 8:29 am

**All times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates of note: August 2 -7, 10 – 13, 16, 20 – 22, 24 – 27, 31

Copyright © 2017 Rose Marcus


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