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Don’t sweat the small stuff this week—but don’t sleep on it either. Information hawk Mercury is still napping in retrograde for another eight days before pivoting into direct motion again next Tuesday, September 5. So much for keeping Labor Day plans spontaneous! This is not a holiday weekend to leave up to chance. Until Thursday, Mercury is reverse-commuting through Virgo, which could screw with scheduling, deliveries and the transfer of data. Email detailed directions to all your fellow revelers, and if you need them to bring something (camping supplies, veggie dogs), text them personally instead of putting it on a group thread. An ounce of extra planning (and tact) is worth a pound of cure. The line between fact and fiction could feel nearly nonexistent in the first half of the week. If conversations get confusing, don’t get sucked into a debate. The best thing to do is to pull back, get centered and connect to your own inner wisdom. Wherever possible, hold off on making any binding decisions or signing contracts until greater clarity resumes after the 5th. (Or when the shadow of Mercury retrograde fully passes on September 19 If you can’t hold people off for that long, read the fine print with a magnifying glass and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Then, on Thursday the 31st, the messenger planet slips back from mission-oriented Virgo into live-out-loud Leo. Fixated by fall fashion and all the deconstructed jackets, glitter boots and fishnets on the runways? Put ’em on a Pinterest board, or at least, save the receipt. The wildest (and most expensive) styles could bring a rush this week—especially if everyone in the dressing room is crowing about how AMAZING you look. But try it on at home, even sashay by your true friends and ask for their unvarnished opinions. You may quickly reconsider. Or it might be the opposite. With Leo’s fire tamed by Mercury’s moonwalk, you may go a little too understated and basic. Tindering and IRL flirtations could churn up mixed results, too, as Mercury retreats through romantic Leo’s realm. What looks like keeper material may be the very fish you wish you threw back into the river. It’s wise to move slowly this week or at least know that you will be prone to romanticizing…even to the point of deluding yourself. That doesn’t mean every date will turn out to be a loser, of course. How about stretching out the courtship rituals? It will only make things hotter if you’re stoking the right fire.

The weekend belongs to the show ponies—and even Mercury retrograde can’t rain on THAT parade! A flamboyant trine between firecracker Mars in Leo and rabble rouser Uranus in Aries could turn the world into a giant talent show (or glitz pageant). “To thine own self be true” might be the world’s mantra while these liberated planets link arms. There may be some highly entertaining ideas bandied about, coupled with stunning displays of ego. (Wow. Just. Wow.) Since Mars and Uranus are in a simpatico trine, some loudmouthed “leaders” could be vaulted into power with a little too much ease. Be mindful about who you’ve hoisted on that pedestal. Swagger can be mistaken for smarts and strength under this transit. Need a weekend project? Creativity and technology can meld in magical ways during a Mars-Uranus trine. Play around with programs and price out production costs—a digital venture or invention might be more doable than you realized. But think carefully before you post anything questionable under this celestial starmap: Is the controversy worth it? One impulsive rant or suggestive photo could bring drama for days (or months).

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