The Power of Daily Mantras ~ September 10 – 16, 2016


The Power of Mantras

This Week in Mantras covers discontent, boredom, memories of love, wise choices, and more.  Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?


September 10 (Discontent and Boredom):I am strong enough to block discontent and boredom from coming into my relationship.”

Relationships are hard work, and they take time. It certainly takes focus to keep things fresh and romantic. Both you and your partner have to continue to court each other. Therefore, you need to keep dating each other, even after marriage. It will keep love alive and fresh. It will keep you both connected to each other, and it will keep the lines of communication open too.

September 11 (Emotional Loss):I relax and let all the feelings flow through today.”

Relax and allow your feelings to just flow; don’t hold onto them. This will certainly help you move forward. Releasing what holds you back right now will allow you to move towards happiness. When you hold onto things, it builds a blockage in your spiritual life. That blockage then seeps into all areas of your life. However, if you release it, it will allow you to move forward towards the dreams you are working on manifesting.

September 12 (Memories of Love):I prioritize the happy memories.”

Think of all the happiness you have had in your life. Think back to your childhood and focus only on the joy you felt. These memories will certainly allow you to feel that love again. If you can hold onto it, it will bring a telling smile to your lips. The smile will make others warm up to you, in turn, bringing more love forward. You are what you feel when you feel love—even past love—so think back to that first kiss, that Christmas present you adored as a child or that first time you cooked with your grandmother. Those are all memories of love, so hold onto that feeling, and it will surround you with love today.

September 13 (Choose Wisely):The life I live is based on the choices I make. Therefore, I will choose carefully.”

The life you are living today is the result of choices you made in the past. So how do you want to feed your life in the future? What you think today, will be what feeds your life to come, so choose to think positively about your life. See each day as a new page in the adventure of your life. By seeing life this way, you’ll certainly be able to take the time to think about how the choices you make today will affect your life in the coming months.

September 14 (Emotional Withdrawal): I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.”

Sometimes, people who have hurt you in the past want to stay in your life, however, you need to separate from them so that they may see you as emotionally withdrawn. That’s okay! You have to set up healthy boundaries and stick to them. You have to close down emotionally after a trying time in order to recharge your spiritual and emotional batteries. So it’s safe for you to close down and spend time contemplating what you want out of the next phase of your life.  Don’t get down on yourself or others for going through emotional withdrawal. It’s healthy to do so at times.

September 15 (Fulfillment of Wishes):I thank the Divine for helping me manifest my dreams and desires in perfect time.”

This Mantra is a thank-you. When you are grateful to the Divine, the wishes you have made have already come true. And when you are aware that the dreams have come true, you will see them when the timing for them is right. Yes, you want to thank the Universe before it delivers to you the wish you made. So thank the Divine, and watch as your dreams and desires come to you. Don’t try to control anything that is not yours to control at this time.

September 16 (Triumphant Success):I appreciate everything I have in my life and always keep the door open for more blessings.”

Give thanks for everything that you have in your life. The blessings you have already received are why you should keep a gratitude journal. When you use this to record the things you already have, then you will receive more of the blessings you want. Yes, you will continue to receive all that you want and desire. So dance in the joy that having a blessed life gives you. You will find others are also happy for the gifts that you have and will help you celebrate those victories in your life.

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