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Let’s all return to modesty, shall we? A dialed-down approach could be in the cards starting Tuesday, as romantic Venus tucks into virtuous Virgo. Rustle up that lace fan and cameo pin. Love (and fashion) might get downright Victorian for the next four weeks. And quick! Clear the “erotica” from your browsing history and delete the NSFW shots from your phone. Subtlety—and stability—become the sexiest traits of all as the beatific planet lingers here until October 14. This downshift may feel sudden, however. Since August 26, Venus has been flipping her mane in Leo’s lair making everything…extra. The highs and lows, the dramatic arcs—we say we hate them, but why do we humans keep creating more and more? With Venus moving on to Virgo this Tuesday, we’ll get a much-needed break from Cupid’s reality show. Tone down the pyrotechnics and opt for earthy sensuality. There’s so much to enjoy when you slow down and savor the simple things, from the warmth of someone’s touch to the radiance of a fresh-faced glow. With beauty queen Venus in au natural Virgo, apply makeup with a lighter touch or skip it and slay with your #IWokeUpLikeThis face all day. From decor to wardrobe, the classics win, especially if they are sustainably sourced and eco-chic. Green is the new black when Venus visits this earth sign’s realm.

On Wednesday, 2017’s only new moon in Virgo sends us into efficiency overload. Bless this mess? Absolutely not. It’s time to sort, file, organize, systematize—and energize. Decluttering your physical spaces (and your virtual ones) can be a stress reducer. Those distracting piles and unchecked messages take up a lot of psychic energy, even when you’re worrying about when to get them done. Wellness is Virgo’s domain so use this lunar launch to get your fall fitness routine in motion. Could your meals be healthier, your sleep more sanctified? Feather your nest with everything you need to keep your body humming like a well-oiled machine—from a fridge full of fresh produce, snacks like raw almonds in the pantry and an essential oil diffuser on your nightstand.

Should this all be sounding a little too tame, don’t freak out. On Friday, September 22 the Sun is due for a costume change, unbuttoning Virgo’s crisp white oxford shirt and donning Libra’s embellished date night dress. Collaborate, cooperate, co-create! Dynamic duos thrive during Libra Season, but not in the “OMG we have EVERYTHING in common!” kind of way. Since Libra is the sign of the scales, we can achieve a happy equilibrium by pairing up with a complementary force instead of doppelganger. Is it time to make a peace offering? Libra’s harmonious vibes help us smooth over any rough patches in our most important unions. It’s rarely too late to at least TRY to make amends—and the gracious diplomacy of Libra season will make others more amenable to accepting apologies. The spirit of justice is in the air and with worldly Jupiter lingering in Libra until October 10, there could be another global push towards equal rights and the resolution of lingering investigations. Now, where did that picket sign go?

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