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Enough with the swagger! The proof is in the pudding for the next seven weeks as make-it-happen Mars leaves Leo’s den and checks his ego at Virgo’s door. We’ve all made a few bold promises while Mars toured Leo since July 20. But how much of that fire and fury can we actually back up? (And, uh, do we even WANT to, in reality?) This Tuesday, September 5, marks a simpler, saner, and more serene cycle. With Mars in humble Virgo until October 22, random acts of kindness and selfless service will win the medal of honor. Extreme Cleaning, anyone? (And please use environmentally-friendly products.) These earthy, orderly Virgo vibes get us obsessed with systematizing and simplifying. Feel free to color-code your bookshelves and purge anything processed from your fridge. Mars in Virgo could get us mad for all things wellness related. Just be careful not to hop on the latest fad, because spending $20 for a gemstone-infused, activated-charcoal healing tonic miiiiiiight not be worth the coin. Or just make it your damn self during this DIY-fueled Mars cycle!

There’s more support for clearing up mixed signals also on Tuesday, as messenger Mercury effectively ends a retrograde that began on August 12. We’ve had our share of misunderstandings, crossed wires, screwed up schedules (and deliveries!) over the past few weeks. And when Mercury retreated from Virgo back into Leo on August 31, it was impossible to NOT take everything personally. The communication planet’s course correction couldn’t come too soon. Until Sunday, he’ll hover in Leo, giving us an opportunity to talk through last week’s dramas and hopefully hug it out. This is also a cosmic green light to get your fall fashion game up to snuff. Are you representing true to form? Mercury in Leo likes highly personalized visual cues. Say it with an edgy haircut, bright red trench, even monogrammed accessories. Then, on Sunday, Mercury joins Mars and the Sun in Virgo, lending his clever lifehacking to our autumn efficiency missions. PS: The shadow of Mercury retrograde ( lingers until September 19, so don’t go barreling into the salon, Apple Store or the car dealership without doing sufficient Pinterest-ing and research. An extra ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

If you’re worried that you might turn into a total control freak, fear not. On Wednesday, the annual full moon in Pisces will help us surrender to a soulful, spiritual groove. At its best, this full moon can be enchanted and poetic, helping us voice our dreams and deeply held desires. Let down those walls and boundaries a bit. A willingness to be open—and to just try new experiences—could bring major life shifts. But that’s no excuse for casting good sense aside. The downside of this full moon is that it can make us romanticize to the point of delusion. If you’re going to rock the rose-colored glasses, at least take a peek through the reality filter too. There’s good and bad to everything (and everyone) but looking at the full picture is the way to go now. Head’s up: If there’s a snake lurking in the grass, la luna is going to expose the venom. No more excuses! As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces helps us let it go. Farewell, toxic frenemies and energy vampires! Hello, to all that is good, true and beautiful…and that goes WAY beyond surface appearances.

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