Virgo New Moon Intuitive Astrology: Forecast in the Houses ~ September 19 – 20, 2017


Virgo New Moon (10:29 p.m. PDT on Tuesday / 5:29 a.m. GMT on Wednesday) and a new season begins when the Sun enters Libra on Friday (1:01 p.m. PDT / 8:01 p.m. GMT).

As this is our first New Moon since the Solar Eclipse on August 21, it provides an opportunity to make a new start and to access different perspectives on all that has occurred in the last four to six weeks. And moving into a new season — whether is it autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or spring in the Southern — always offers us a chance to shift gears and focus more on where we are going instead of where we have been.

Both events are also evidence of the constancy of the heavens and the Earth, whose courses continue always onward, undaunted. These cosmic but very physical role models remind us of the value of persistence, nonattachment, surrender, and faith.

The September 19th-20th New Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and will be guiding us on a healing journey.

If you have had a physical complaint or an emotional wound surface in the last few months, the Virgo New Moon is going to inspire you to take action in order to bring your body back into balance.

Virgo energy is all about healing and caring for the mind, body and soul. The mind is the gateway between the body and the soul, which is why tuning into the mind and wading through both conscious and unconscious thoughts is so important on any healing journey.

Under the influence of the September New Moon, we are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of our mind so we can heal and step into our power.

We all have a power state that we can shift into when we have learnt to take care of ourselves and address any nagging or toxic thoughts, and this New Moon is going to be our guide.

The Virgo New Moon is going to bring healing energy to all corners of our lives so we can mend any wounds that may have surfaced.

We are going to have to take the journey within in order to truly understand our thoughts, feelings and what our body may be trying to communicate to us. We are going to have to connect within and come face to face with the truth.

Perhaps take a moment to still your mind and place your hand over your heart center. Ask yourself- What do I really need? What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?

The Virgo New Moon is really asking us to put ourselves first and to make our healing a priority. It is also the perfect time to schedule a general check up, or to do something for your health and wellbeing.

There is a harsher energy that may arise over the time of this New Moon as well, that may cause you to treat yourself or others critically or judgementally. It is important that no matter what wounds are surfacing for you that you treat yourself with loving kindness.

Don’t be hard on yourself. The most powerful steps you can take on a healing journey is to learn to love yourself and your life, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Finding the joy and learning to laugh and smile are also powerful healers that often go forgotten. Under the influence of this New Moon, don’t forget to take time out to do the things you love and to celebrate your life and your body.

Try not to be critical of yourself or demand yourself to take harsh measures when it comes to your health. Move gently and take action when you feel it truly aligns with your heart and soul.

Part of the reason our bodies get so out of balance is due to stress and the expectations we have to look a certain way or be a certain way. Under the dark night sky of the Virgo New Moon, try instead to accept yourself exactly as you are and to nurture your body back to health rather than being demanding or critical.

Treat yourself with love and kindness and your body will respond in turn. This same principle goes for any emotional wounds that may need to be dealt with.

The September New Moon is the perfect time to express yourself, talk through your feelings and to release any stuck emotions. While this is always a good idea when it comes to healing, the Virgo energy will really be supporting your efforts.

To embrace the energy of the Virgo New Moon, take some time out to be with yourself and to reflect on where you are at.

This year has brought changes and new beginnings for many and now it is time to go within and listen to the wisdom of your own mind, body and soul.

Virgo New Moon in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars)

The atmosphere of the Self — looks, social behaviors, aura — are foremost for this lunation.  With Virgo as your rising sign, your way of meeting life is conscientious, reserved and sensible.  This lunation calls for a fresh infusion of vitality to how you present yourself.  You might be inspired to update your look, and clear out the closet of stale fashions of another time (or that don’t fit).  What does your appearance say about your well-being?  Cleaning House:  New cards or image online, purge negative “not you” triggers to self image, ritual bath, a vision of your highest health.

Virgo New Moon in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus)

Attention turns to values, natural gifts and investments.  End support for what’s out of sync with your values.  Choices that reflect your instinct for what endures, what’s natural and beautiful.  Committing to daily practice of your art or craft.  Time to invest in your life’s work, with a class, or certification program.  Cleaning House:  A purge of messes in your living space (garage sale)?

Virgo New Moon in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury)

This lunation concerns the lively social scenes of everyday life. Virgo here wants to process what’s taken in (information, stories, news) and glean what’s useful for day-to-day living.  New Moons are times for endings.  You could end habits that have you spinning on useless info that never gleans anything, only mental vexation.  Good one to begin research, share in a forum or collaboration or set a goal that brings varied threads of your work together.  Cleaning House:  Getting rid of old magazines, newspapers.  Make space on your bookshelf.  Start a new journal.

Virgo New Moon in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon)

A lunation with attention on origins, and the shelter of home and close circles (family and friends).  Time to purify your home, to make it your refuge and place to recharge.  Stellar one to infuse the air with healing currents, like with aromatherapy.  Cleaning House:  Exorcising your home of preoccupations with the past.  Make new memories of comfort, safety.  Put up images that remind you of meaningful ties.

Virgo New Moon in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun)

Virgo here is very sincere about play, responsibility to children and an artistic practice.  A lunation to rededicate yourself to living your dreams, with your choices day-to-day.  A new love could begin that’s pure romance.  Cleaning House:  Confront weary-worn beliefs about your creative abilities.  Take a chance on self-expression with a class or workshop.

Virgo New Moon in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron)

The pinnacle for all things that effect your well-being.  Good timing to set in new habits and cut out unhealthy ones.  The action could be centered on work, the J.O.B. that sustains you.  There could be a change or realization about what’s next in your working life, and planning out the steps.  Cleaning House:  Detoxing.  Breaking free of negativity loops.  A dedication ceremony to your whole self.

Virgo New Moon in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus)

This lunation puts a charge on the one-on-one thing – love, enemies and frenemies, your public.  One to do a love spell, by writing down qualities you seek in your future beloved.  Acts and words that dissolve binding kinds of cords with another.  In other words, great time for closure, with what’s in your power.  Finding peace from a sense of responsibility — making peace with your part in the give and take.  Cleaning House:  A letting go ritual, of what’s unresolved with another.  Making space for new relationships.

Virgo New Moon in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto)

A portentous lunation that involves a big surrender to the unknown, and swirling in the cauldron of the dark.  New Moons are about giving over to the healing moment — it takes trust in yourself and the great mystery.  With Virgo here, you have instincts for the timing of this kind of total soul healing.  This New Moon creates that dark portal, to get to hard-to-reach areas of the psyche and soul.  Cleaning House:  Invite assistance to exorcise demons and cut cords with energy vamps. Track and face fears.

Virgo New Moon in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter)

This lunation is about expanding your sphere, whether with travel or gaining wisdom.  Virgo in this house craves knowledge that’s hands-on, and can be applied to actual living.  One for committing to a direction of study — taking aim with the Archer’s arrow.  Setting realistic goals that get you excited, and have you visioning the pathway to making it real.  Cleaning House:  Breaking out of routine.  Taking your knowledge to the next level.  A working travel experience.

Virgo New Moon in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn)

Time for holistic renewal in the sphere of your life’s calling.  If you’ve set your sights too low, and feel it, now’s the time to adjust your aim to the top of the mountain.  Good time to plan your strategy, like going on informational interviews.  What aspirations make sense and align with the current anguished rhythm of collapsing and reconstructing.  Cleaning House:  Let go of what’s not worth the effort, or comes from what’s expected by family or society.  Make space for your own version of success!

Virgo New Moon in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus)

A lunation with a beam on practical genius.  You might invent something, from your prescient ability to tune in to what’s needed, in a system or process.  A timely one to look at ways to join in — volunteering, brain storming for a better world, putting inspired ideas into practice.  Be alert to flashes of brilliance to do with refinement, purification, living the wholesome life.  Cleaning House:  Exit networks or online forums that are no longer in sync with your vision and values.  Pick up practical nuggets ahead of their time, from dreams or day-flashes.

Virgo New Moon in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune)

Time to retreat and listen — to your mind, soul and body.  A chance to unravel knots and shamanically track how your thoughts effect your body, what’s there in the body memory for release, and more.  Tune in to the subtle energies that you encounter, and the ones that follow you into your dreamtime.  The imaginative stream is a fast current, to pick out what’s most vibrant.  Turn the treasures of your interior life into gold, and find practical ways to share your experience.  Cleaning House:  Release the ghosts of the past and present.  Sage your space.  Purify with earth energies (crystals).


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