Astrology & Horoscopes ~ October 2017


By Rose Marcus @


October 5: Full moon in Aries: 11:40 am (12:43 Aries)

October 19: New Moon in Libra: 12:12 pm (26:35 Libra)

October 9: Jupiter enters Scorpio: 6:20 am

October 14: Venus enters Libra (3:11 am)

October 17: Mercury into Scorpio (0:59 am)

October 22: Mars into Scorpio (11:30 am)

October 22: Sun enters Scorpio (10:27 pm)

**Please note: all times listed are PDT, please check your local time.

Dates to watch: Oct1, 3 – 7, 8 – 11, 14, 15, 19, 24, 26, 27

Happy Thanksgiving to Canada & to all observing!


The big news this month is Jupiter’s exit out of Libra into Scorpio on October 9. Spending one year in each sign, Jupiter revisits a specific area of your chart every 12 years.  Think back to late October 2005 through November 2006. What was going on for you then? That was the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio. No doubt you were dealing with something major. You are about to do so again. Although it is a revisit, each transit pass is unique to the moment.

Personal life, social life, and self to self; the relationship experience has been the key feature of this past year of Jupiter in Libra, the swinging scales/balancing act archetype. Have you brushed over it or skirted around it? Have you experienced an extreme? Have you found it difficult to find or maintain a happy medium? Taking it to a much deeper level, Jupiter in Scorpio will enlarge the scope of whatever is already on the go.

What compels you now? Soul (yours, mine, ours) now embarks on an intensified probing mission. Soul will now direct more conscious attention to feeling its way around the deeper levels of its own desires. In so doing, the aim is to peel back the layers, to uncover and infiltrate what’s at the root, what it senses can/will crack the code of its own psychological motivations, drives, and obsessions.  Motivation intensifies, the stakes do too. To what purpose?

Simply speaking, Jupiter in Scorpio correlates to the growth of desire. Desire for what? Knowledge is power. Truth is power. Jupiter in Scorpio seeks to open a portal, to experience, to explore, and to gain access to that which will lead to bigger picture soul growth,

During this transit we’ll confront unresolved trauma, shadow work, and critical choices, of both the past and the present. Jupiter in Scorpio’s darker side can expose us to the more difficult passageways of life, such as betrayal, abandonment, sexual violation, manipulation, crime, violence, addictions, bankruptcy (material, moral, spiritual) and harsh realities pertaining to the death experience.

On the other hand, Scorpio is a regenerative, rebirth and empowerment archetype. Jupiter’s transit through this sign can set the mission onto an attainment track of significance. Jupiter in Scorpio advances the process of merging more deeply; advances the process of “reunification” or realignment between self and soul desires, thus also allowing for a deeper meeting with the soul of another, and/or with that which symbolizes success and fulfillment.

October opens on a productive note, thanks to Venus and Mars in Virgo in good shape with Pluto in Capricorn, (the reality base). Use the first few days of the month to get a better handle on it or to make inroads.

Supporting Jupiter’s growth mandate, Venus and Mars, the relationship duo, begin a new two-year heal-it, improve-it, work-it out, initiative on the Aries full moon, October 5. Venus/Mars will direct their attention to what’s unfinished, to the work, repair, upgrade, correction, improvement, and healing that is yet to be done.  The Aries full moon signals an optimum time to hit go and/or take on something new. Take life by the reigns and put your best effort into it. By the time the Libra new moon arrives on October 19, you could feel you have made a breakthrough and/or that your on to something fresh and new.

What will you confront while Jupiter transits Scorpio? What holds greater sway over you now? Contact me to discuss how Jupiter in Scorpio will influence your natal chart. Use the tab at the top to book a personal astrology reading.

What will you confront while Jupiter transits Scorpio? What holds greater sway over you now? Contact me to discuss how Jupiter in Scorpio will influence your natal chart. Use the tab at the top to book a personal astrology reading.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Venus and Mars in Virgo are on a productive move-along over the first few days of October. Get to work on the necessary upgrades, repairs, and corrections. Direct added attention to your health too. Great strides can be made.

The full moon in Aries on October 5 is accompanied by Venus/Mars on the launch of their next two-year program. They’ll set to work on the unfinished matters of relationships, both present day and regarding significant karmic recall. Of course, the most important relationship undertaking you have is the one with yourself.

The big news is Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio on October 10. What drives you now? This transit will take you through a deeper exploration (perhaps a confrontation) regarding desires, needs, and motivations. From the inside out, it sets you up for substantial evolution. If you haven’t been able to find your mojo of late, look to Jupiter in Scorpio to put the key in the ignition. The transit also sets you for a powerplay time regarding finances, intimate relationship needs, conquering addiction, or any other part of yourself or your life that needs an overhaul.

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 17 and immediately hooks up with Jupiter (October 18). The sun in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter on October 26. You won’t have any trouble staying focused. The Scorpio transits help you (or force you) to stay better committed. Increasing attention on important relationships, contract matters, and your balancing act, Venus treks into Libra on October 14 and Mars does so on October 22, (the same day the sun enters Scorpio.) Overall, it should be an intense, fully stacked move along month.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Put yourself to work in the first few days of October, you can make great headway. Venus and Mars in Virgo in trine to Pluto help you to greater effectiveness and smarter think-through. You should find you can retain information quite well. Also, the transits help you to take advantage of good timing and to spot great bargains. Venus, Mars, and Pluto also loan you good sway and help you to convince, convert, and enlist those who matter.

You’ll stay busy with one thing after the other from the full moon (October 5) through the new moon (October 19). Relationships can give you a run for it; finances can too. It’s time to face a big decision, to confront what’s necessary, and to make sweep change.

Jupiter’s one-year transit through Scorpio will prompt major change regarding the way you witness and interface with the world around you. Someone or something could have a profound, life-altering effect on you. A key relationship is slated for a major overhaul. A major contract, actual or karmic is in the works. No matter where you find yourself or what you face, know that there is more to it than is readily evident. Jupiter in Scorpio suggests there are hidden elements, more layers, and major karma at play. In some cases, you may feel Jupiter in Scorpio’s workings as a sink or swim initiation, or as an all or nothing choice. To the plus, Jupiter in Scorpio can provide you with laser beam intuition or a great advantage.

Jupiter is an archetype of freedom, not traps. Addictions, obsessions, and self undermining are also matters to confront when Jupiter transits Scorpio. If these matters are on the front burner for you, know that your bravery will be exceptionally rewarded. Reach out for a life-line and enlist the help you need.

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 17 and the sun does so on October 22. Both can keep you sharp. Even so, it is wise to stay observant, to read the fine print, look under the hood, secure your passwords, increase your safeguards, re-examine your strategy for success, etc.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio invites you (or forces you) to spend more time developing an upgraded level of honesty with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself, the more on track you’ll stay, the more satisfied you’ll be, the less you’ll feel duped by circumstances or by others.  When Jupiter is in Scorpio, betrayal, violations of trust, and abandonment issues can grow into something major. Don’t get paranoid about it (that’s Jupiter in Scorpio too), it may not be your reality at all.  My intention here is simply to alert to range of potentials for Jupiter’s transit.

Venus in Virgo (to October 13) and Mars in Virgo (to October 22) are opportune for your sign, so set yourself to task, clean up your act, and see ready progress.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Jupiter in Libra has saved the best for last. Use the first few days of the month to put it into action and you should find you can get more than the usual accomplished.

Full moon (October 5) to new moon (October 19) keeps you on the go with one thing after another. Some push is required, especially October 8 to 11.

One way or another, Jupiter in Scorpio (starting October 10) puts you to work. This one-year transit sets you onto a major undertaking, especially regarding health and wealth upgrades. You are likely to face major, even life altering, decisions along the way. Today sets up tomorrow. Yes, a hefty investment is necessary, but you know there’s value in the act. It’s the least you can do to enhance and to safeguard your prospects. Jupiter in Scorpio is an apt transit for renovations, training and education upgrades, for strategic planning and powerplay initiatives.

The month ahead isn’t entirely swimming in the deep end. There’s a balance. You’ll benefit socially and relationship wise from the sun and Mercury in Libra in the first portion of the month and Venus and Mars in Libra in the latter portion.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

If you have something to say, convey, or discuss, don’t waste a minute. The first few days of the month are opportune for making your pitch or getting your point across. Mars, Venus, and Pluto favour all upgrades, updates, and improvement efforts, especially those directed toward health, wealth, and relationship matters.

One way or another, the Aries full moon on October 5 fast tracks a new reason to get up and go. Launching a new two-year cycle, Venus and Mars in Virgo also breaks it down/clarifies it for you too. While there can be some extra pressure or challenge over the week or so that follows, overall, the month ahead is a productive one. If the full moon didn’t thrust you into action, there are several trigger dates in the weeks that follow.  Opposing Uranus, the new moon in Libra on October 19 sets up another strike flint time. A new job, career trajectory, or life course can signal the start of so much more to come.

Jupiter’s transit through Libra has been a difficult balancing act for many. If that’s the case for you, take heart. Jupiter in Scorpio, starting October 10, can help you to make a significant turnaround where it does you the most good. Need to rebuild from the ground up? Where there’s a will, there is a way. This transit is an effective catalyst for taking you where you need to go. To the plus side, it can prompt you to an empowered initiative, to embrace sweeping change, to get down to the nitty/gritty and to conquer it. If you feel compelled to go the dark side, Jupiter in Scorpio will take you there too. It’s tougher to climb back out when you want to, so my suggestion is to get a healthy obsession going; stay fully committed to what’s in your higher and best interests.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Hit the ground running October 1 – 3; get to work, and gain. A problem can be easy solved, perhaps it will correct itself. Thanks to Mars and Venus in Virgo in good shape with Pluto, you should find that you can put your time, mind, and resources to good use.

The Aries full moon on October 5 can get you/it moving faster. Accompanying the full moon, Venus/Mars start a new two-year improvement project. Venus/Mars are also on a mission to fill in the missing blanks and to tend to the unfinished. Once Venus and Mars leave Virgo for Libra (October 14 and 22) they’ll put more attention toward communications, transport, social life matters, and the everyday back and forth.

Thinking about a big reno project? It could be the walls, or something more; Jupiter in Scorpio, starting October 10, sets the stage for a major overhaul. Beliefs, ambitions, priorities, and needs can shift big time. A new address, financial or family status is within the range of possibilities for Jupiter. The month ahead is a good time to set wheels in motion. The end of this year and start of the next marks the next a pivotal decision-making time. If you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet, that’s okay too. Let the experiential side of life and living be your information guide. One thing sets up the next. Stay on watch and trust your intuition and heart to help you navigate your way.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

October opens with both Mars and Venus in Virgo going strong. Mars supplies you with ample fuel, Venus supplies you with ample effectiveness and sway. Take your best shot; ready gains can be made.

The full moon (October 5) could fire up a new financial prospect, challenge, impetuous, or independence urge. A new emotion can surface too, requiring you to take a deeper look at what is really triggering you.  That fighting spirit looks good on you. Take the initiative, don’t back down, but also make sure to pick the right battle. One way or another, a compromise will be necessary. Make it to your benefit as best you can.

October 8 to 11 can pile on added strain. One way or another, you’ll work through it and come out the other side with more to show for it. Thanks to Uranus in the mix, the new moon on Oct 19 could dish up the unexpected or see you make a breakthrough.

To a large extent, Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio on October 10 can feel like you have just busted yourself out of someplace. You’ll pick up much greater steam from this point forward. The time of fence sitting or waffling on it is over. It’s time to confront it, to commit to it, to go deeper with it. Allow yourself to be completely consumed with whatever is grabbing you by the balls. Whether your motivation stems from desire, need, or pain, know that Jupiter in Scorpio offers you mega opportunity to rebuild and to do so in some momentous, empowering, life-altering way.

LIBRA September 22 – October 22

Overall, October opens on a productive note. You should feel that you are getting it together just fine, that most things are sorting out as best can be expected.

The full moon on October 5 thrusts the action switch regarding something unfinished and or in need of repair, this regarding a relationship matter, contract, project, or ambition. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, a next stage, or to take a next stab at it.

You can find yourself under a time squeeze or added pressure through October 11, but see it as a natural progression. Each piece or step leads to gain.

Jupiter exits Libra on October 10, but you perhaps you’ll get more out of Jupiter in Scorpio. The past year of Jupiter in Libra has been a qualifying one. It has taken you through an important observe it in action, information gathering chapter. Are you fully committed to your objective or the turnaround you desire? Jupiter in Scorpio increases the intensity and the potential impact or reward. You can’t go at it a little, halfway measures will not cut it. Jupiter in Scorpio is an all in or all out archetype. It requires a hefty investment. It’s time to lock in your request to your greater good and to do whatever it takes to get yourself there. Don’t bankrupt or betray yourself, empower yourself instead. Jupiter in Scorpio is a naturally resourceful archetype. Trust the transit to help you to pull it out of yourself when you need to. You are stronger than you think.

Thanks to the opposition to Uranus, the new moon in Libra on October 19 may feel more like a full moon. Watch for something fresh, opportune and/or unexpected.

SCORPIO October 22 – November 21

Get on it. You can make good inroads with folks and projects over the first few days of October.

The full moon in Aries on October 5 puts great momentum behind the start of a new job, ambition, project, or health regime. On the flipside, you could face unexpected/unavoidable repairs and/or added expense. The week following, Venus, Mercury, and Mars keep you working it out with Saturn. Day at a time, step by step gets you there. By the time birthday month arrives on October 22, you should feel you have tackled plenty and are starting to see your way clear.

Relocation, a new career direction, a new home life, a new inner awareness; one way or another Jupiter puts you on the move. Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio on October 10 launches a new twelve-year personal growth cycle. On the bigger picture perspective, it’s your soul on its next mission. Replenishing your drive and motivation, Jupiter in Scorpio gives you something new to shoot for. The world/your world has changed/is changing. You are/your life is a major work in progress too. Along with living it out, your perspective now hits a rapid growth phase too. There’s nothing light weight about today’s undertaking, what it could produce, where it might lead. Give it your all.  Everything you do, say, feel, and experience holds greater potency and impact.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

You’ll make good stride over the first few days of October. Mars and Venus in good shape with Pluto help you to regain control, to get it fixed or healed.

Uranus in Aries continues in retrograde through the end of the year, but the transit serves you well.  Uranus retrograde stays the course with Saturn through its finish-up with Sagittarius in December. Setting circumstances to optimized, Saturn/Uranus keep your personal, career and lifestyle reinvention on the move along. Keeping it fresh, current, and interesting, they ease you into a new groove. Together, Saturn/Uranus are innovation experts. They’ll strip it down for you and cut to the chase where necessary. They enhance your natural intuitive faculties, help you to hone in on what’s in your best interests, and help you to take life on.

The full moon in Aries on October 5 can launch a new career trajectory, work project relationship or health chapter. It’s a good time to start on repairs, upgrades, corrections, downsizing and streamlining. October 8 to 12 the stars keep pressure or strain.

There’s no skirting around when Jupiter tenants Scorpio. This one-year transit, starting October 10, plunges you into deeper emotional realms, into the total immersion program. It’s a good transit for taking a deeper look inside your own soul – or that of another. As such, all activities or studies related to figuring yourself out better, freeing yourself of addictions or other undermining habits or circumstances are worthy undertakings. Jupiter in Scorpio can take you through a saturation chapter, a gestational, or trial-run period. It will prompt you or force you to get better committed. Where there is a will there is a way. Jupiter in Scorpio is a resources rich archetype. It’s excellent for making the most of it.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 20

The first few days of October could bring news, and/or put you into a better know. Mars and Venus in good shape with Pluto help you to sort it out and/or to get it under better control.

Whether it’s a planned course of action, a spontaneous prompt, you decide to take a fresh stab at it, or push comes to shove, the full moon on October 5 sets wheels in motion. Accompanying the full moon, Venus/Mars in Virgo launch a new two-year, learn-as-you-go cycle aimed at necessary upgrades and figuring it out better. There can be adjustments to make, trial and error, or an elimination process to go through. Consider it a natural progression.

The day to day world is changing, the way we do business is changing, you are a work in progress too. While the school of life will keep you busy enough, don’t hesitate to embark on education or training upgrades too.

The stars keep the momentum going strong, (perhaps the pressure too) from the full moon October 5 through the new moon on October 19. By the time Scorpio month arrives on October 22, you should feel like you have worked your way through plenty and that you are making gain.

Ambition is always a good look for you. Jupiter’s one-year tour through Scorpio can see revamp your goals, take you through a major lifestyle overhaul, or set you onto a major financial turnaround.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

The first week of October should get you off to a good running start, thanks to all three personal planets (Mercury in Libra, Venus and Mars in Virgo) in good shape and helping you to sort yourself out.

The full moon in Aries on October 5 could bring news, an opportunity and/or get you going on something new.

Beginning a new two-year cycle on the full moon, Venus and Mars in Virgo put you to work on necessary upgrades, repairs, and renovations. Health, relationship shortfalls, and financial belt tightening are key topics for Venus/Mars. Apply yourself, you can do better. Uranus, your ruler, is retrograde until the start of the New Year, but it’s a productive transit for getting yourself onto target and task with better precision.  Uranus and Saturn (trine aspect) support one another’s ambitions/agenda through the rest of the year. Together they set optimum timing for getting you or something new off the ground, and for faster progress to be made.

Whether it’s an active search, deliberate intention, or circumstances at play, Jupiter’s one-year tour through Scorpio, starting October 10, can alter your reality base in some dynamic way. It is an opportune transit for a career or lifestyle powerplay. When Jupiter tenants Scorpio, there’s no choice but to get fully committed and to give it your all.

October 8 to 12 can put you under added pressure, but it’s also a productive time for working your way through it. The new moon on October19 can dish up something social or unexpected. Uranus in opposition to the new moon keeps it fresh, stimulating, and/or exciting. Someone or something new could take you by surprise. You could make a personal, creative or relationship breakthrough. Try your luck; follow through on an impulse or instinct.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Whether you are working it out with another or with yourself, the start of the month sets you onto a productive track. You can make good inroad with folks in the first few days of the month. The full moon of October 5 can get you started on a new project, job, or training course. It’s also a good transit for tackling a repair or tending to something that was left hanging or unfinished, to attempt a patch up with someone, or to continue a conversation or negotiation. Perhaps a better way to do it, something more to consider or to add; revisions or modifications spell improvement.

The full moon to the new moon on October 19 keeps you on the go with working it out and/or one thing after another. Stay on top of it, keep working at it, and you’ll have plenty to show for it. The new moon on October 19 could spark a breakthrough, a stroke of genius, an opportunity, a fresh start, or something out of the blue. Added expense can be in the mix. October 16 to 18 are good for travel, or talks and such.

Relationship wise and/or financially, this past year of Jupiter in Libra may have swung the scales from one extreme to another. If you have found yourself on the upswing, great. If you have found yourself on the short end, Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio, starting October 10, may be the good news transit you’ve been looking for. It can renew your faith in yourself and your hope for the future. To the plus, Jupiter can put more viable prospects in your path. It is up to you to recognize them as such and to do whatever it takes to provide yourself with the best you can. That means you’ll need face yourself and your world with stark honesty and to make a full commitment to your future. Call in all your faculties: emotional smarts, intuitive smarts, and business smarts too.

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