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We the People vs. the Swamp [Video]

Greg Hunter – Author Patricia Muth says the two-party system is not what you think it is in today’s political landscape. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat, but “We the People” vs. “the Swamp.”Muth explains, “We don’t have a two-party system in this country.  We have a one-party system in (…)

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Visualizing Tips to Encourage Your Dreams

Andrea Schulman – Lately I’ve been getting a number of requests from readers and viewers for some visualizing tips, so I figured I’d spend a few minutes on the blog today to discuss.Many people who learn about the Law of Attraction are aware that visualizing can be very helpful in cultivating your (…)

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California Wild Fires – Geoengineered Firestorms Designed to Advance the Agenda(s)

State of the Nation – There is nothing more sacred to the New World Order agenda than the covert plan to establish a One World Government.  The ultimate goal of that misguided agenda is to completely own and manage all natural resources on planet Earth, as well to control the weather around the globe—24/7.  This game plan also includes controlling all  (…)Read more…

Personal Integrity

Lisa Renee – As the distance between the bifurcating energies is increasing, we can see that a lot of people are starting to fall through the cracks.  This time is especially challenging for those who do not have a strong moral compass and core sense of self.  As the negative (…)

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Ways To Naturally Increase Your Mood & Vibrational Frequency

Jennifer Sodini – Within the spiritual community, terms like “raise your vibration” and “elevate your frequency” seem to circulate many conscious conversations. These terms can be taken in a literal sense, as you can literally feel when someone has a low vibe, or a dense frequency, as these circumstances usually lend (…)

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Ancient Discoveries That Change How We View History [Video]

You are about to see incredible evidence, ancient ruins that are show advanced machining that defies belief, how were they made. Mysterious artifacts are scattered all over the earth by an very advanced ancient civilization. Is it possible that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago, bringing with (…)

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Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?

Ken – Last week, I came across a video titled Stephen Bassett E.T. Disclosure Conference 2014, and I couldn’t help but notice the reaction counters below it. If they are correct, the information in the video was uncritically accepted by the site’s visitors, and I found that quite troubling. No one (…)

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Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

Sayer Ji – For decades it was believed that brain regeneration was not possible. But an accumulating body of research now reveals that common foods such as broccoli contain compounds capable of stimulating the repair and renewal of neural tissue.Ever since Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the father of neuroscience, declared (…)

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Signs You’re Out of Spiritual Alignment and Ways to Rejuvenate Connection

Nick Polizzi – Do you ever get a nagging sensation that something is not quite right inside of you? I’m not talking about a kink in your neck or an upset stomach – this is deeper than that. Maybe it’s a limitation within yourself, or a lack of flow and direction (…)

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