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The Mandela Effect: Is It Bad Memory Or An Alternate Reality?

Lori Alton – Full disclosure: If you prefer to keep your sense of reality – and your cherished memories – intact, you may want to skip this article.If, on the other hand, you want to explore the fascinating phenomenon that is the “Mandela Effect” – and even take a (…)

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Las Vegas Sacrifice: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Truth

State of the Nation – Mandalay bay resort was the setting for another ‘Fast & Furious’ type operation gone bad. But that’s not the worst of it!“Only now does the official narrative make sense. The FEDs had no choice, as they saw it.  Either Stephen Paddock was a card-carrying FBI (…)

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The Dark Forces Have Been in Survival Mode for Almost a Year Now

Eric – Major movements towards the complete control of the surface population by the negative agenda were halted and reverse engineered back into a major push forward towards positive polarity/timelines.The 23rd of September was pushed with as much quick “end of the world” programming as possible for a greatly (…)

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Are you familiar with your spirit guides?

Robyn M Fritz – Who do you turn to for spiritual guidance? When? Why?One constant throughout human history is our need and desire for spiritual guidance. Yes, we often turn to fellow humans for that, from friends to counselors and spiritual advisors, but we also yearn for the presumed authority, (…)

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Signs You’re Out of Spiritual Alignment and Ways to Rejuvenate Connection

Nick Polizzi – Do you ever get a nagging sensation that something is not quite right inside of you? I’m not talking about a kink in your neck or an upset stomach – this is deeper than that. Maybe it’s a limitation within yourself, or a lack of flow and direction (…)

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Foods That Look Like the Organ They Heal

Sayer Ji – Have you ever thought about the natural laws that underpin our world? Governed by sacred geometry, organic patterns are the building blocks that shape our experiences. They (…)

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The Disappearing Self

Vidya Frazier – It can get really weird to be part-way through the Ascension process. Aspects of your personality self are falling away. New aspects are emerging, but you may not relate to them yet. And they don’t fit comfortably with the other parts that are in the process of (…)

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Jumping up a Timeline and Time out of Time

Jelaila Starr – Here we are in these final few days of the Summer of Blood, (yes, it completes around the end of September.) We are not in an all out civil war and all three leaders (US, China and Russia) are alive and well.Reaching Critical Mass and Completing (…)

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Ancient History and Understanding

James Gilliland – Well looks like the double speak is here. The masks are all coming down. No rock is being left unturned and all iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. The days of tyranny and deception are coming to a close. We are in the Apocalypse defined (…)

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Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

Daily – Here are 5 simple ways to stop absorbing negative energy.1. Stop People PleasingWhen people complain about you or try to bring you down, don’t take it personally.This kind of behaviour is more a reflection of who they are than of your worth.The more (…)

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Mass Dreams of the Future

Owen K Waters – In Dreama Vance’s recent article, Nodal Points and The Train Station, she illustrated the concept of different parallel realities – of how different trains are leaving the station and how we can choose which “train” we will take as we progress through The Shift into tomorrow’s (…)

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