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Your Weekly Overview:

Cat and mouse game, anyone? The week is off to a seductive start as the Sun swirls into Scorpio on Monday, October 23. Anything too obvious will be a bore over the coming four weeks—and the person who exercises the most willpower wins all the toys. Scorpio Season reads more like a mystery novel than a rom-com; or make that bodice-ripping erotica. Scorpio is the legendary sex symbol of the skies and while we’re under this zodiac sign’s spell until November 21, our animal instincts will be potent. Pay attention to subtle cues and body language. Actions (and inactions) speak louder than words. Have you been waiting for the right moment to take a chance on romance? This Thursday, Jupiter, the galactic gambler, places his chips at the same degree of Scorpio as el Sol. Their combined energies will provide a Venti-sized cup of courage to lovers. Cop to that crush or get real about the “more” that you want from a relationship. But plan your confession in private. That’s where the magic happens when esoteric Scorpio is simmering in the skies.

Check your boudoir AND your balance sheet. Along with sex, Scorpio also governs money and power—nothing light and fluffy here, folks. Tap this cosmic energy to get healthy, WEALTHY and wise. Start tucking more away for the future. No, that doesn’t mean stuffing cash into a mattress or even a basic savings account that pays miniscule interest. Instead, have a portion of your paycheck automatically streamed into your 401K (or SEP IRA if you’re self-employed). Is that all Greek to you? Time to learn the language of money! Head to the personal finance section of the bookstore and educate yourself on the basics. Let these sunbeams guide you to an excellent money manager who can help you build a diversified portfolio that yields compounding interest and sets you up for a future of greater security. Scorpio is a nighthawk so working behind the scenes—obsessively and after dark—could yield some serious genius. Think beyond the 9-5 grind and more along the lines of passive income. Could you create something that makes you money in your sleep? Think: downloadable products or a network marketing business that syncs up with the work that you already do.

Ready for an extreme makeover? Scorpio is the alchemical transformer. This is the time each year when the phoenix rises from the ashes. Something may have to perish (metaphorically) to pave the way for something new. But don’t be scared. Scorpio gets a bad rap because of its undeniable intensity. But this sign is represented by three totems: the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle. While there can be an initial sting (scorpion) or some tantalizing-yet-dangerous charm (serpent), the highest expression of Scorpionic energy is the visionary eagle which soars above and settles down loyally with one mate. Power through those shadowy emotions and soar!

Protect your tech this Friday as the quarter moon lumbers through digitally-savvy Aquarius. As you upload, post and save to the cloud, how secure IS your data, really? And are your favorite apps tracking your every move (and geotagging them, to boot) because you kept the location accuracy ON in the settings? It might make your head explode to think about this, and if so, you should probably hire someone with IT cred to make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable. And, uh, is that your Twitter bae or a bot who’s been @-ing you? Better triple check.

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