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November Overview:


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Full Moon in Taurus: November 3: 10:23 pm
November opens with both Venus and Mars, the relationship duo, in Libra. November 3 the moon rises full in Taurus, a Venus ruled sign. On the full moon, the sun trines Neptune in Pisces, the higher octave of Venus. Just before the peak of the full moon, Venus in Libra opposes Uranus retrograde in Aries. Ceres, considered to have an affinity with the sign of Taurus, is in dynamic aspect (square) to the full moon too. The Venus archetype is all over this one!

There are many ways the full moon could play out for you. It could slip by unnoticed for the better part of the day thanks to the sun’s trine to Neptune midday. The day could be easy rolling. Folks can be easily sold.

The moon is especially responsive when in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation. Taurus taps all the senses: scent, touch, taste, sound, and sight. Expect to be feeling whatever you feel in a deeper, more profound way. Expect to be highly sensitized to the world around you too: to the mood, the vibe, the environment, the unspoken, the touch, the sound, the pheromones. Combined with the sun’s trine to Neptune, the full moon sets up a wonderful day for creativity, romance, intimate encounters, massages, body work, relaxation, self pampering, glamming up; etc. Let it flow, let it go. Enjoy yourself.
On another note, the full moon in Taurus can put the attention on an inner evaluation process. What’s it worth? How deep does it run? How much is there? What am I getting out of it? What can I use? Can I resurrect it? I Can I survive this? The full moon across the Taurus/Scorpio axis intensifies an evaluation process. It clears the path so you can better hear the sound of your own voice, so that you can delve deeper into your inner psychology and motivations, to feel your way around your soul’s deepest desires, or to feel your way around the soul of another. The sun’s mid-day trine to Neptune creates an opening for that to happen.

This full moon takes you/us through a process of reassessment. While the sun taps from Neptune’s creative source, the moon in trine to Pluto and Juno in Capricorn can assist you to get real about those feelings. Whether you drop anchor and stay put, or you change the bedsheets, Moon/Pluto/Juno prompts you make a recommitment to yourself and that which you value. The sun’s trine to Neptune opens the heart wide, it is imaginative, inspired, idealistic, romantic, kind, and compassionate. As such it can be gifting and full of creative potential and spiritual riches, but sun/Neptune can also get easily swept away by the ideal, the fantasy, the projection, the rescue mission, or the escape route (drugs, alcohol, coverups). On another note, sun/Neptune can produce an event that claims the attention of the masses. A special someone can get our attention too.

Ceres in dynamic tension to the full moon can revitalize or resurrect. The transit can help you to reclaim yourself or your passion. On the other hand, if there is something that needs to be dealt with, Ceres can resurrect for another go. Watch for more development and unfolding in the few days that follow.

Just before the full moon peaks, Venus in Libra opposes Uranus. Beyond a good transit to socialize or enjoy a night out, Venus/Uranus can cut to the chase, spark a fresh conversation, break you out of the inertia, or perk up the interest.

Mercury enters Sagittarius: November 5:
Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5. Due to the upcoming retrograde (December 2 to 22) Mercury will extended his visit to Sagittarius to January 10. Get a head-start on the holiday extras as best you can. Mercury in Sagittarius puts everything into full swing. Between November 27 and December 6, Mercury will stay in close conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius. Watch for plans, opportunity, life, the future to shape up in some significant way.

Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries:
November 11 marks the last of 3 exact trines between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. (December 24, 2016; May 18, 2017; November 11, 2017). This planetary pairing has served to awaken, enlighten, and inform, to prompt new exploration and innovation. For the past ten months, this duo has been working to bring us up to speed and to accelerate the design of new framework and a new reality. The time is right, the time has come. Take a risk and reinvent now while Saturn/Uranus create optimized circumstances and conditions for you to do exactly that. It is a once in a lifetime transit. While November 11 is their final exact meet up in the fire element (Aries and Sagittarius), the duo will continue to stay in trine aspect while Saturn finishes up in Sagittarius (December 19) and through the end of the year. They will meet again by trine aspect in 2018 but across the element of earth (Saturn in Capricorn; Uranus in Taurus.)

New Moon in Scorpio: November 18: Mars square Pluto: November 19:
The new moon in Scorpio on November 18 in opposition to Sedna begins the countdown to the USA Thanksgiving on November 23. Stay true to what is in your better interests and make a total commitment to making the most of the opportunities placed before you.
Mars square Pluto on November 19 marks the third quarter of a work-it-out project that was begun in October of 2016 and ends late April 2018. At this point, all that has been useful to the contemporary evolutionary growth and learning mandate has been built. It will now serve as a foundation for building it better from here.

Concluding thoughts:
November is an opportunity month. Saturn/Uranus and Venus in good shape with Jupiter (conjunct November 13) and Neptune (trine on November 16) keep creative opportunity alive and well. Make the most of it while the getting is good!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

November 3: Full Moon in Taurus 10:23 pm (11:59 Taurus)
November 18: New Moon in Scorpio 3:42 am (26:19 Scorpio)


November 5: Mercury into Sagittarius: 11:19 am
November 7: Venus into Scorpio: 3:39 am
November 15: Pallas Athene retrograde revisits Aries: 7:01 pm
November 15: Vesta into Scorpio: 8:13 pm
November 21: Sun into Sagittarius: 7:05 pm
November 22: Neptune ends retrograde: 6:21 am
**All times listed are Pacific Time, please check your local time
Dates to watch: November 1 – 3, 5, 7,8, 11, 13, 15 – 19, 21, 22, 25, 27

Happy USA Thanksgiving!

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Jupiter in Scorpio cranks it up where it holds the greatest impact. Whether subtle or intense (likely a combination of both), it’s likely you have already witnessed its influence.
What’s driving you? What’s controlling you? What/where do you need to gain a better hold? Over this next year Jupiter give you a deeper look at it. What do you want, what do you need? Jupiter can challenge or motivate you to get yourself or your life under better control.

Ambition directed toward increasing your financial stronghold is highly recommended. Jupiter can help you to make astute choices regarding what and who gets a piece of you. Jupiter will provide you with extra steam to get you to where you feel you want to be. Jupiter requires that you are brutally honest with yourself and with everyone else too. If you aren’t, Jupiter could expose you to the darker side of Scorpio (hidden agendas, manipulation, compromised trust, betrayal.)
What do you have to work with? Are you putting it to good use? Are you taking full advantage of what is available or right in front of you? It’s time to invest more, invest all. The full moon on November 3 is especially lucrative and fertile. Yes, a hefty expenditure could be part of the works, but the profit/benefit will prove ample too. Watch for the full moon to provide deeper insight into your own inner workings. It helps you to tap from rich inner and creative resource. The full moon can call forth in some essential way. It’s time to show yourself more appreciation, recognize what you have going for you, get yourself better committed, enhance.
Saturn’s trine to Uranus on November 11 brings you to a right time/right place feel. By the middle of the month, you should feel you are on a good roll especially so once Venus aligns with Jupiter on November 13.
Feel you’ve hit a final stretch or that you can finally get a move on? That’s Mars/Pluto are on the last leg of a cycle begun in October 2016 and that will complete in April of 2018.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Jupiter’s one-year tour of Scorpio will prove to be of major impact regarding the way you interface with the world around you. More specifically, it will be of major impact regarding the evolution of a key relationship. Jupiter mines from the wealth that already exists.

To the plus, Jupiter can deepen the connection and keep you even more in-touch -with other, or with the workings of your own soul. A relationship built on an honest platform has the potential to grow exponentially. One that is built on something that has been deliberately or unconsciously swept under the carpet can run into trouble. When its time to uncover it and/or get at it, Jupiter in Scorpio has a knack for hitting the target with laser beam precision.
This Jupiter transit can also be of great benefit to you regarding a financial, career, or health turnaround. It requires that you invest/commit your all.
The full moon in Taurus on November 3/4 can be somewhat of a two-part experience. There’s what comes first and what comes next. Setting an easy creative, romantic, or money flow/go track, the sun’s trine to Neptune gives you good reception; finds you them or you open to suggestion. It is a good day to indulge, enhance, enjoy, and/or to set it into play. Anything you do to feed the soul/commune with the divine should feel wonderfully replenishing. Take action and you’ll set you up for long range benefit. Accompanying the full moon, Venus/Uranus can make for a late night extra or fresh infusion.
Venus in Scorpio, starting November 7 gives you a better feel for who, what, where, and when. Teaming up with Jupiter on November 13 and Neptune on November 16, Venus keeps relationships and money matters upfront and center. What’s good can grow, what isn’t good for you gains more exposure too. There’s plenty of lucrative/opportune stars between the full moon and new moon (November 18) to assist you. Saturn’s trine to Uranus on November 11 also sets what’s timely into motion. Want change; want more? November opens doors for you. It’s up to you to step forward.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

The sun’s trine to Neptune on the full moon November 3 can keep your work day humming along quite nicely. Creative projects or creative solutions are your best bet. While you may feel like coasting, if you choose to apply yourself, you can get somewhere good. Those in positions of authority can be in the mood to ease up too. Don’t slack off on safeguards or the important stuff though, and make sure to pump up your vitamin C. As the day wears on, the full moon picks up steam. Watch for an extra expense, an impulse purchase, a spontaneous whim, strike flint, or fun social evening out.

Mars continues in Libra, Mercury exits Scorpio for Sagittarius on November 5, and Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio on November 7. One thing after another, the trio keep your days full to the brim. It’s a month to try it on for size, to learn as you go, and to make the most of it. The sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus keep you sharp on the uptake. While there may be no let up on the work or working it out, the stars help you to key into what is most essential, useful, or expedient.
The weekend of November 18/19 shifts the energy and the focus to the approaching holiday season. While full to the brim days continues, for the most part, your stars keep on a relatively straight shoot to the end of the month. Try to stay a step ahead as best you can. Mercury begins retrograde on December 2.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

The major effect of Saturn’s 2 ½ year transit through Sagittarius has been to move you onto a new life course. Even if you have felt overwhelmed, bombarded, or done in by the transit, Saturn has been keeping the focus on your future benefit. Saturn’s final trine to Uranus in Aries on November 11 brings a sense that you are gaining ground, that life is more doable, that time is working in your favour. Yes, fresh opportunity lies ahead rather than behind you. Jupiter’s recent advance into Scorpio also supports Saturn’s mantra: make it real, make it viable, make it more substantial.

The full moon on November 3 can open it up for you in some opportune, lucrative, romantic, or heartwarming way. Creativity and inspiration are on ready tap.
Mercury in Sagittarius, starting November 5, can increase job, education or marketing opportunities. Your days can get busier. One way or another, the transit will keep you physically on the go. Venus in Scorpio, starting November 7, is a lucrative and enhancing influence. Venus can do your love life or your wallet good benefit. Of course, they can entrench you more too, so go with all your heart but stay wise about it! Try not to get too far ahead of yourself, to bank on the promise, to overspend or to put yourself under too much pressure. Next month’s Mercury retrograde may force you to do cut backs, to revise plans or expectations.

LEO July 22 – August 22

It has been building up or growing on you since the end of last year. Saturn’s trine with Uranus on November 11 brings you to a greater recognition of your future – how much more there is of it to take on, and the growth and reward that is now more within range. This whole year has been a bridge building one regarding reinvent yourself, your career, your lifestyle, your ambition, your relationship to the world at large, perhaps to a special someone (or few).

Launching the month, the full moon in Taurus on November 3, 4, settles you into a next groove. It’s not about reaching a plateau or stopping though, but rather about hitting a productive springboard.
The sun’s trine to Neptune (November 3), Venus conjunct Jupiter (November 13) and Neptune (November 16) and the new moon in Scorpio on November 18 are stage setting and foundation laying in some fortuitous/gifting way.
November 19, Mars square Pluto can take you past a roadblock or your own inner resistance. Plans or circumstances can seem to take shape on their own. Go with the flow. This Mars/Pluto also serves as the unofficial checkpoint for the start of holiday season onslaught.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Jupiter’s recent advance into Scorpio loans you better concentration, focus, and follow through. The transit also helps you to convey and communicate with greater impact, to get a better grip on what, where, when, and who. Saturn on the move with Uranus (reaching peak on November 11) also supports you to cut to the chase and to move yourself forward with greater clarity. This is a confidence building, can-do pairing. Saturn/Uranus can push the refresh button for you in some well-timed way.

In addition to launching a well-timed “let yourself off the hook” weekend, the full moon on November 3, 4 can put you in the know and give you a better feel for how to play it next. You could make a breakthrough with someone or something. The next two weeks that follow can set you onto a positive/lucrative upswing.
Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5 and will stay in this sign for an extended time due to next month’s retrograde cycle which begins on December 2,3, and ends on January 10. The transit will keep you well occupied with home, family, and the holidays. November 27 may be a first day back to work for those of you celebrating the USA Thanksgiving, but Mercury conjunct Saturn also brings you to an important finish line. Although you can feel under added pressure or a time crunch while Mercury/Saturn stay in close proximity through the first week of December, but the duo also keep you goal driven and gives you an extended period of time to work it out. Know your limits and don’t put yourself under unnecessary strain, expense, or obligation.

LIBRA September 22 – October 22

Whether its passion, a promising potential, or a fight to spur you on, look to Mars, continuing in Libra through December 9, to keep you driven and well energized. The full moon on November 3,4 can be a good one for taking it further, for gaining ground, seeing results, or reaping the benefit. Someone or something new could intrigue or entertain you.

Mercury in Sagittarius, starting November 5 and Venus in Scorpio, starting November 8, also keep you making the most of it. Venus trines Jupiter on November 13 and Neptune on November 16 sets the week onto a smooth social, creative, money making, and/or relationship flow.
Saturn trines Uranus on November 11 for the last of three exact alignments in the element of fire. This completes a ten-month staging cycle. The duo has give you the opportunity to observe, to explore, and to information gather. By the end of the month (November 27) and through the first week or so of December, Mercury will meet with Saturn. It will be time to review and to work through whatever needs to be discussed or sorted out before moving on.

SCORPIO October 22 – November 21

The full moon on November 3,4 sets a lucrative and fertile backdrop. Inspiration comes naturally. Spending or indulging does too. Sun/Neptune benefits career, creative, social or romantic aspirations. Once you have locked into what is in your best interests, it immediately opens the door to more.
Mercury leaves Scorpio on November 5. Due to a December’s retrograde cycle, Mercury will be on an extended tour of Sagittarius (through January 10). This transit gives you more to work with and toward.

Mercury in Sagittarius makes for busier days. During this transit, you’ll become naturally more resourceful. If earnings are a matter of supply and demand, your income can increase. Considering the time of year, more spending can get the better of you, but keep on the lookout, better deals can be had. Mercury stays in close contact with Saturn from November 27 through the start of retrograde on December 2 and into the first week of December. It’s a time to be more selective, to tighten up on the budget, to pull back where necessary. Aim to shop/work/plan smarter, stay goal focused, and to wrap up what you can.
Saturn’s trine to Uranus on November 11 brings a feel that you are making good progress for yourself and that work and life in general is on a good track. Venus on the move with Jupiter (November 13) and Neptune (November 16) sets up a high volume yet an easy to take week. Go while the getting is good.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Saturn is just about done with your sign! Only 8 more weeks to go. You’ll gain the goods out of Saturn through the new moon weekend of November 18/19 and especially so around November 11 as Saturn forms its last exact trine with Uranus before both exit fire signs.

Saturn/Uranus help you to make social, personal life, and professional inroads where it does you the most good. The transit encourages you to try a new way of being on for size, in relationship to a special one, and/or regarding how you interface with the world around you. A new interest, creative project, or career path is well worth exploring. Investments will net a substantial pay off. Do it for your long range/long term benefit.
The full moon weekend can spark something last minute or unexpected. Use the November 3rd weekend to entertain, socialize, or to take time out to replenish yourself.
The clock turns back on November 5 (Daylight Saving Time ends) while on the same day, Mercury springs forward into your sign. Travel or keep it spinning right where you are. Either way, Mercury in Sagittarius keeps you well on the go. You can find yourself feeling feistier, friskier, more energetic, and even quicker on the uptake than you usually are. Others could find it difficult to keep up with you. Due to next month’s retrograde, Mercury will extend its visit to your sign through the start of January. By all means max-out on the best of the moment, but also, stay wise and try not to tax your health or wealth. Between November 27 and the first week of December, Mercury and Saturn are in close contact. This is an ideal period to slow it down, pare it down, finish it off, and prep for what comes next.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 20

November opens with the stars on your side. You should feel like you are making good progress for yourself, that you have it mostly under good control, and that you are making good inroads where it adds up the best. Profits can be up. You can get more out of your social activities too. Make the most of it, enjoy it to the fullest over the full moon weekend.

Completing a 11-month cycle, Saturn conjoins Uranus on November 11 for the 3rd and last time. This is the peak of the pairing, but Saturn and Uranus will continue to work closely with one another for the rest of the month and the rest of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius through December 19. They set a fresh, upbeat, and social backdrop. Under this transit, innovation and change, even radical change, can feel quite natural.
Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5. While Venus in Scorpio, starting November 7, will continue to keep you well entrenched in relationship and money matters, Mercury keeps you going strong behind the scenes. It’s seems you have plenty to plan, consider, or to feel out. One holiday down (for USA folks), one more to go. Mercury/Saturn are conjunct on November 27 (and again on December 6). Due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle, they will stay in close proximity through December 7. It will be an important time to get a better handle on it. . Note that Mercury retrograde starts on December 2, so do you best to get it sorted out but know that start of Mercury retrograde can call for more adjustment, more time, or working it out.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

The full moon on November 3,4 is especially opportune. Keep your time, mind and heart open. Potentials are optimized.
Mercury fires up in Sagittarius on November 5, the same day we turn the clocks back. Along with Venus freshly into Scorpio (as of November 8) and Mars continuing in Libra through the start of December, the personal planets set you up to get the most out of what’s available/what’s right in front of you.

Beyond the extras that the holiday season delivers, Mercury’s extended tour of Sagittarius will give you an opportunity to get a jumpstart on your next best course of action. That could mean clearing up something first. Perhaps it’s taking a step back or a time out in order to get it moved forward. Or perhaps its time to get yourself back into the game, in a more up front and center way.
Uranus, your ruler, continues in retrograde through the start of January. The retrograde serves to single it out for better viewing; to cut to the chase with greater precision. Saturn forms the third of three exact trine alignments with Uranus on November 11, but it has been an ongoing bring it up to speed program for this past year. Saturn and Uranus will remain a good team through this month and most of next. Uranus keeps it going on the intensity dial; Saturn on the substantial dial. Some of the experience falls into the category of natural progress, other parts of the journey have taken you through an exceptional passage. Looking back and looking forward, it all adds up. You are getting there, keep plugging away.
The new moon on November 18, and Mars on a corner turn with Pluto on November 19, launch you onto a next track. You are also likely to feel it as the unofficial start of the holiday season.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

The sun’s trine to Neptune on the full moon of November 3 can make for a dream come true day. While that could be an overstatement, all things are possible! At the very least, sun/Neptune keeps your heart wide open and feeling it all. You’ll soak in every sight, sound, and vibe.

Sun/Neptune taps your creativity, your imagination, your ideals, your hopefulness, and your tender heart. It sets an ideal backdrop for the artist, musician, poet, lover, healer, and spiritual seeker. Someone or something can make quite an impression on you. Of course, the sun/Neptune trine can simply create a smooth-running go, a day to escape, to relax and to get your pleasure fill. Even so, the full moon will create an impact. Watch for the energy to pick up steam as the evening advances. Venus/Uranus can stir something fresh or extra.
This full moon can diminish your resistance and pull up emotions you had locked away or didn’t know existed. Once you get a handle on where you are at where, you’ll hit a fast track.
Mercury’s advance into Sagittarius on November 5 and Venus into Scorpio on November 8 keeps you deeply submerged in the process of moving yourself forward. It’s powerplay time for matters of heart and wallet. Both help you to make the most of what you have to work with. Mercury and Venus also prompt you to get a head-start on the holiday extras. Saturn’s final trine to Uranus on November 11 is followed by a week of Venus making the rounds (conjunct Jupiter on November 11 and trine Neptune on November 16). Beyond a good flow and go week, you should feel that you are coming up with the right formula. No matter what you face, for the most part, the stars will support you with a relatively smooth sail for most of the month ahead.

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