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Elevating Your Frequency And Vibrating Even Higher

Adeana M. Slater – The energy to stagnate or settle is becoming less and less enjoyable or desirable. This is good news.This means we have crossed yet another threshold or hurdle not only individually but collectively. You may not know your true soul calling and mission yet. This does (…)

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Judge Roy Moore and the DC Swamp

Wayne Allyn Root – The corrupt DC swamp has controlled this country for decades. Then along came Donald Trump. He whipped the DC swamp. They desperately tried to fix the election, to guarantee Hillary’s victory. They rigged the Democrat presidential primary for her. Then the mainstream media tried to rig the (…)

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Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead

Carol Adl – Dr. Annie Fairbanks, a holistic doctor in Arizona, was found shot dead in her home on Friday along with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son.She is the 77th holistic doctor to have been found dead under mysterious circumstances over the past couple (…)

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Implanted Thoughts

Lisa Renee – When we have a better comprehension of how Implanted Thoughts and mind control implants are used, we can better discern the agenda and refuse to participate with it.  If someone set out to design a society that drives people to worship self-destruction, self-absorption, and materialism while driving them to (…)

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Living in Transparency

You have been waiting many lifetimes for the Grace that is being offered you during these extraordinary times.  The veils are being lifted and you are discovering their illusory nature as you actualize your present mission to once again merge fully into the Christ that you are. ~ Jeshua the (…)

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The Mysterious Sealed Temple Door No One Can Open

Michael Chen – The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of India’s most popular and most sacred temples. Located in Thiruvanathapuram in Kerala, India, it is one of the most visited temples in the country.However, inside its heavily-guarded gates is a locked room with supposedly hidden treasures and for sure a (…)

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Trump and the Hatchet Man Maneuver

Nurit Greenger –  Trump is a master of the Executive Suite and knows how to play the game for keeps. When he took on Reinhold “Reince” Priebus, an establishment figure, it was the proverbial ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ But Anthony Scaramucci was absolutely a brilliant move!Apparently, Liberals (…)

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Judging, Judgment and Energy Flows

Jennifer Hoffman – The amount of darkness, density, corruption, and criminality that is being exposed in the halls of government, film, music, in the US and internationally, is simply astounding.  While it has been going on for a long time, the entire house of cards has come crashing down. Look at (…)

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The Addictive Old Energy

Lee Carroll – Greetings, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside as always, and I now give you a message that he is not aware of. The way it works, is that the information that is being given from the other side of the veil is information (…)

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The New Timeline Is Emerging

Colin Joe Byrne – We are going through a period of time where the timelines are separating and a new timeline is emerging. I have known that this would happen for many years and wondered what it would feel like, and now I am finding out, and it’s a little uncomfortable (…)

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Japanese Master Demonstrates The Power Of Chi With Animals [w/ Video]

Buck Rogers – We too often take it for granted that human beings only have five senses, and whenever something cannot be immediately explained within the framework of modern science, we tend to brush it off as an anomaly, or an oddity.“I exchange energy with the animals, and then they go (…)

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New vaccines will permanently alter your DNA

Jon Rappoport – A news story tend to move in waves. It appears, retreats, and then appears in an altered form—replete with lies, cover stories, and embedded confusion. That’s why I’m keeping this story alive in its stark essence—The reference is the New York Times, 3/15/15, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” (…)

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Message to Humanity and the Earth: It is Time

James Gilliland – We are going to reveal some information that will be similar to and as controversial as a message delivered over 2000 years ago. Yet this message will not be in fables and allegory it deals with facts. This story goes back over 460,000 years. It is time for (…)

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