The Power of Daily Mantras ~ November 5 – 11, 2017


The Power of Mantras

This Week’s Mantras covers rest, loss, sharing, new perspectives, and more.  Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

November 5 (Truce):Exploring a possibility for a peaceful resolution is not a sign of weakness.”

Take a moment to stop and just think. Is there a peaceful way to settle this difference between you and the other party? By doing this, you give yourselves time to cool off, and cooler heads will prevail in this situation. You may need to find an outside mediator to help you hear each other, but it will ultimately lead to amnesty. And that will allow you both to move forward towards a common goal. If you can acknowledge an impasse from the start, it will keep you both from parting in the first place.

November 6 (Loss):I give myself time to grieve and to heal.”

You need to take the time to grieve all losses. It doesn’t matter if they’re people, pets, material objects or relationships. However, you need to limit the time per day you allow your heart to focus on this loss. When you restrict the amount of time spent in mourning, you allow the goodness in the world to reach your heart. You don’t allow yourself to fall into deep despair either. Feel yourself heal and move forward on a better path. This allows you to find small reasons to smile every day and those smiles will lead to even more smiles, happiness, and laughter.

November 7 (Rest):I will take some down time to look within and meet myself where I am needed.”

Yes, you need to take time for yourself and meet yourself where you currently are in life. This mantra for meditation asks you to take your time, so you don’t have to worry about what your goals are, or where you want to be in the next six months. But meet yourself right where you are. Talk to yourself and see what you need. Don’t ask anyone for anything you can’t give yourself right now. By taking care of your needs now you’ll be able to care for those who depend on you later. But right now, focus on yourself and meeting your own needs.

November 8 (Sharing):I will help those less fortunate than me.”

A way to keep others from envying what you have is to share it or help them get what they need too. When it comes to prosperity and abundance, you should share. By sharing with those who you love and care for, they will be less envious of you and yours. You will also have fewer people coming to you and asking for a handout. But, be careful and make sure you’re providing help and not a crutch. Share your good fortune with those who matter to you and don’t allow others to make you feel guilty about the hard work you have put into getting your reward.

November 9 (New Perspectives): I am shown the correct path forward for me, and it is uniquely mine.”

As one of your mantras for meditation, you need to let your past drop away from you and know that you will be able to find a way that is perfect for you. You’ll see that you can move past any troubles that have been nipping at your heels. And when this happens it brings with it a new trail in life. This could be a new job, new partnership, or a new location. Your life is getting ready to change, and it’s going to be in a better way too. Yes, growth can hurt at times, but you will be able to see this as a blessing in disguise later down the road.

November 10 (Daring):I will take a chance to do what is right in front of me now.”

Be brave and daring; this opportunity may not present itself to you again. And if you take the chance you will find what you were searching for. This change will bring you some great new energy, and this will carry you forward toward new opportunities. Yes, you may have to resort to a bit of cunning, but try to get the things you need and make the necessary course corrections right now.

November 11 (Breaking Free):I will be free in my thoughts, heart, and life.”

Are you being held in place by your past or are you facing a game you can’t win? Actually, it’s okay to move ahead, and this is really about breaking free from limitations that can block the flow of prosperity and abundance. Talk about your goals with a life path psychic and see where there are blockages. If you can see the obstructions ahead of time, then you will be able to stay on course for your goals.

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