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Your Weekly Overview:

Heart explosions: incoming! Good luck trying to play it cool this week, people. On Monday, November 13, when supersizer Jupiter nuzzles up to seductive Venus in Scorpio, we could all melt into giant puddles of mush…or morph into the sultriest sirens the world has seen (at least since Beyonce’s last Instagram). The Venus-Jupiter duo calls for love that is passionate, limitless, honest and true. Fauxmances will crumble near Monday; don’t even bother trying to revive them. Instead, lean into Jupiter’s worldly optimism. There are 7.6 billion people on the planet, and at least three who could be our soulmates. Keep on reeling in the same sad sacks? Stop fishing in that factory-farm pond and cast your line in wider oceans where you might find someone wild and fresh. With Jupiter being the global ambassador, diversifying your dating portfolio could be the answer to finding the click. Need to rev things up with your old faithful? Don’t fall into any hibernation habits. A change of scenery will get your mojo(s) rising again, whether you’re booking a weekend getaway, renting a hotel for a sexy one-night staycation or just getting it on in a different room of the house. Variety IS the spice…

Creatively, the Venus-Jupiter tag team—in soul-deep Scorpio, no less—could bring some real strokes of genius. If you’ve been blocked, find your way to a body of water and take a stroll with the muse. Okay, we know it’s cold in a lot of climates now. In that case, plant yourself at a restaurant or hotel lounge with water views and start scribbling in your journal. Give automatic writing a try: Ask yourself a question in your head, then let your pen move across the page. The free form answer that reveals itself may come from the deepest well of your subconscious or—who knows?—a spirit guide. A session in the sauna, steamroom or hot tub can also be a catalyst for genius. Take a little longer with your morning routines this week. The best ideas HAVE been known to pop up in the shower.

There’s more alchemy on the schedule for Saturday, thanks to the new moon in Scorpio. Want to turn a leaden aspect of your life into pure, shimmering gold? Get the ball rolling on those transformational efforts. Real change takes work—it never just happens overnight. But this is a NEW moon, so it’s all about jumping off the starting block. Look ahead to April 29, 2018 as a date for achieving a milestone. That’s when the FULL moon in Scorpio completes the cycle of growth that starts this Saturday. Scorpio works in the shadows, so don’t try to force the positive vibes—not without paying attention to the full range of feelings involved with making change. It can be scary to let go! The fear of the unknown is what keeps most people stuck in a cycle. Instead of giving yourself a sunny pep talk, embrace what’s coming up. Explore your worries and shine a light on those monsters under the bed. By acknowledging what’s buried—and finding some savvy guides and mentors—you can embark on a journey that’s not just successful, but also amazingly nourishing to your soul.

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