Astrology & Horoscopes ~ December 2017


By Rose Marcus @

December Overview:

December is front loaded with planetary action. Venus in Sagittarius, December 1 to 24, has the money-making/spending peak period fully covered. Also kicking the month off, Mars in Libra strikes it hot with Uranus in Aries. This transit has produced a noticeable edgy, ready to burst, or around the corner atmosphere over the last week or so of November.  By December 1st, that jettison moment is on full steam ahead.


December 3: Super Full Moon in Gemini 7:47 am (11:40 Gemini)

December 17: New Moon in Sagittarius 10:30 pm (26:31 Sagittarius)

December 21: Winter Solstice: Sun Enters Capricorn: 8:29 am

December 2 to 22: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (29:48 Sagittarius to 13:00 Sagittarius)

December 1: Venus enters Sagittarius: 1:14 am

December 5: Chiron in Aries stations direct: 1:46 am

December 9: Mars enters Scorpio: 1 am

December 16: Juno enters Aquarius: 11:19 am

December 17: Ceres stations retrograde: 2:31 am

December 17: Pallas Athene stations direct: 3:38 pm

December 19: Saturn enters Capricorn: 8:47 pm

December 24: Venus enters Capricorn: 9:26pm

**All times listed are PST, please check your local time.

**Hanukkah begins December 13

Dates to watch: December 1-3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15 – 17, 19 -22, 24, 25, 27


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all. May you feel at peace with yourself and your life through the holidays.

Brightest of Blessings, Rose


Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus retrograde in Aries December 1:

Across the Libra/Aries polarity, Mars/Uranus makes for a well-timed cut to the chase regarding relationships and finances. It can be a consciousness raising transit, sparking a personal breakthrough or insight. As this happens, all relationship interfacing hits a next level up.  Out there in the world, Mars in Libra in opposition to Uranus continues to keep trends, causes, movements. and justice seeking on high heat. What’s going on with North Korea? Are we on the brink of WW3? If Mount Agung’s Volcano’s eruption (in Bali) is big enough, it could change the world’s temperature.

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, December 2:

On December 2, Jupiter in Scorpio forms an exact trine with Neptune in Pisces. This “as the spirit moves you” transit has been operative as broad-stroke influence for a good portion of November and will continue to have significant creative input through most of December. Together, Jupiter/Neptune tap from the richest of wellsprings, be that of creativity, romance, inspiration, generosity, compassion, a loving heart, or the desire to align with the divine. On the other hand, that wellspring could be one of illusion, delusion, and self undoing. Immunity is lost when we are exposed to such a transit. No matter how we think it is divided, the world is but one. We can’t help but swim in the deep end of emotions, imagination and potentials, real or conjured. Motivation, desire, and obsession – through Jupiter in Scorpio, the soul stirs a potent brew. To the plus, we are open, ready to receive, to relinquish or negate that which may be standing in our way. We can more easily surrender to the process or the moment. What runs deep, what’s deeply buried, what’s been lurking inside of us and/or hidden from full view -Jupiter/Neptune exposes a wealth of resource.

Super Full Moon in Gemini, December 3:

While Jupiter/Neptune keeps on the open-it-up track, Mercury in Sagittarius launches into retrograde motion. Both are staging for the super full moon in Gemini on December 3. Forming a critical ninety- degree square aspect to the luminaries, Neptune in Pisces is a major player regarding this full moon. When Neptune is involved, we witness something that is global, that affect the masses, (that perhaps scapegoats a particular group such as the ethnic cleansing happening to the Rohingya), that the collective consciousness, etc.

Watch for news, a key piece of information, for something that has been hidden or has previously escaped notice to surface. On the other hand, something can get lost in transition, or simply lost. Someone or something could do a disappearing act. A trend or momentum can dissipate or dissolve.

Noting that Mercury (ruler of Gemini) has just turned retrograde, the full moon could compromise personal information, health, or expose some other vulnerability.  Jupiter/Neptune combined with the super full moon across the transportation and travel axis set the many into motion searching for an ultimate gift, an ultimate truth, spiritual fulfillment, or an escape route. (The Mars/Uranus transit mentioned above also gains added traction because of this super full moon.)

Gemini correlates to the present and Sagittarius to the future. Mercury’s alignment with Saturn also brings the past into play regarding the super full moon. To move it to higher ground and to maximize on the opportunity that is available, it is imperative to revisit the past, to reframe it into today’s context, and to use the information and the learning as a catalyst for our future benefit.

The full moon can expose/reveal in some undermining or opportune way. What you have been told, what you know and what you think you know may not necessarily be one and the same. When Gemini/Sagittarius is emphasized, fact from fiction or opinion becomes an issue. The appearance or advertising is not always the reality. What is said and done may not be one and the same. The Gemini full moon can expose duplicity, lies, misleading information, etc. (Matt Lawyer, a well known T.V. personality (Gemini ruled) has been fired for sexual misconduct, the latest in a long list of named abusers. Although his cheating was apparently common knowledge, few say they knew the extent of what he was up to.)

On a positive side, one movement that I think is gaining great traction and that to me seems to be a key memo of the super full moon, is to put the spiritual message of the holidays as the first go-to rather than to buy into the commercial hype. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius “seconds that emotion”. Noting that Venus teams up with Saturn in Capricorn on Christmas, quality time spent is the best gift you can give. It is likely that many of us will bid for a low key, less extravagant holiday.

Chiron in Pisces ends retrograde December 5:

Chiron in Pisces ends its five-month retrograde cycle on December 5. Although it can be a subtle influence, Chiron resources directly from the memory pool the soul, bringing what is aptly timed to the surface for further exploration and processing. The moment is truly the most precious gift we have.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, December 2 to 22:

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is apt for revisiting places and faces. Of course, it is wise to allow extra time and flexibility regarding travel, social, holiday plans and activities during the retrograde cycle. You are wise to spend the extra on added travel and medical insurance to safeguard against the unforeseen. Make sure the message gets across to the right person, that the package has the proper address and postage, etc. Don’t rely on the advertised shipping or delivery times. On the other hand, by choice or by karmic design, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can take you out of the picture and/or send you elsewhere for short time.

Due to its retrograde cycle, Mercury is on a triple check in with Saturn, once last month (November 27), once this month (December 6) and once next month (January 12). Framing or book-ending the holiday season, you are likely to find this time-pocket notable for bringing the past forward, for revisiting/working your way through a key issue, circumstance, or relationship matter. On the bigger picture scale, don’t under-estimate the karmic nature of your experience. Mercury retrograde with Saturn is an ideal influence for re-examination, restructuring, re-prioritization, renegotiation, downsizing, tightening up on the essentials, serious talks, redoing official paperwork or agreements, and for taking steps to get it under better control. The process can take you through several stages or checkpoints. Too, it can take longer to figure it out or finish it off. Take your time, give it time; get your rest, listen to the dictates of body, mind, and soul.

Mars enters Scorpio, December 9:

Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio on December 9. The emotional barometer intensifies. The transit is a good one for agenda setting, for probing deeper, pinpointing better, and for taking better advantage of what you have to work with.

Saturn enters Capricorn, December 19:

Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn on December 19. A planet in its home sign has full access to its resources. Putting us face to face with a reality that is in need of a major restructuring, the archetype of Capricorn has been a dominate theme since Pluto first entered this sign in 2008. While many dread the sound of that, Saturn in Capricorn is a useful transit for taking better charge of your life. Saturn’s motto is, put in the effort, do the work, get the result/the reward. Accomplishment, which always feels good, is among Capricorn’s sweetest victory. Saturn now shortens the time-line to our date with 2020 toward a momentous stacking of planets in the sign of Capricorn. By then, we will be more well informed regarding what is obsolete, while at the same time the newly forming reality gives us something more substantial to stand on and build from. I will write more on Saturn’s transit soon.

The winter solstice (December 21) loans Saturn extra creative force/traction. Mercury ends retrograde on December 22 which is a helpful influence if you have not yet finished off or have been plagued by indecisiveness or uncertainty. As stated above, Christmas Day is ideal for taking time, spending time, or for pulling back on the unnecessary work, stress, expense or extras. Many will be spending the holidays alone. If you are alone, please go gentle on yourself. The day will come, and it will go.

The moon in Gemini on New Year’s Eve sets a good backdrop for socializing, watching it on TV, or enjoying and observing in your usual way.

Horoscopes All Signs

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

December opens with an edgy, excitable feel, with everything in full swing and everyone on the go. There’s a cluster of stars making quite an impact in the first few days of the month. On December 1, Venus enters Sagittarius. On the same day Mars in Libra is on a cut to the chase with Uranus in Aries. Relationship conflicts, financial matters and social reach a head. Mars in Libra forces into the open issues of justice, fairness and the one-sidedness of give and take. Jupiter in trine aspect to Neptune are making the most of it Dec 1, 2, and so should you.

The super full moon can defy logical or rationale, keep you juggling, or see you come up empty no matter how you try to solve it. With Neptune as a major contributor, uncertainty or confusion is in the mix. It can test your faith in what you know or what you believe. Things that look virtually the same on the outside can be vastly different on the inside. The same goes for people and their intentions. On the other hand, you may find you are able to successfully work through an elimination process. If you can take the emotion out of it, you will be better able to discern fact from fiction or wishful thinking.

Due to its retrograde Mercury meets with Saturn three times, twice in Sagittarius (November 27, December 6). When they meet up on January 12, both will have trekked into Capricorn. As is typical of the season and the transit, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can reconnect you with folks who are a long distance away or those you haven’t heard from in awhile. The cycle can prompt a regroup regarding an intimate relationship involvement (present, past or budding), finances (investments, debts, will and estate planning), business plans, marketing or publishing matters.  Most importantly, Mercury retrograde takes you on a deeper soul-searching mission, into an re-examination of choice makings along with evolving options and needs.

Pumping up your motivation and ambition Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9 helps you to get more committed and confirmed. This transit can make you more obsessed about getting to the bottom of it or getting a better handle on it. Mars in Scorpio is good for zeroing in or stripping it back. With both Mars and Mercury retrograde on the same wave length, there’s great opportunity to make the most of what you have going for you.

The lead-in to the big day (Dec 22 to 24) can be better than the actual event. Christmas can be a duty call, it can be small, or simply a day to stop and relax. As of December 26, the stars are already on the move-along.

Spend it social, in front of the TV or let spontaneity pick the entertainment, the Gemini moon on New Year’s Eve, makes for a smooth go.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

December 1 can dish up a welcome release, especially if you are at the end of a semester, job or prospect. On the flip side, things can reach a breaking point. Mars/Uranus can shatter through a sound barrier, or cut to the chase in some unexpected way.

The super full moon in Gemini on Dec 3 can see you revisit something you may have preferred/tried to escape or avoid. Don’t buckle under pressure. Stay the course. To the plus, the super full moon could let you off the hook, re-establish your faith in someone, produce a saving grace, or a lucrative, beneficial, or heart warming opportunity.

Think its over? It may not be. Mercury retrograde can see you revisit or resume, or give you a second chance to get it finished, fixed, healed, or upgraded. Mercury’s alignment with Saturn can put you on a time extension. You may need to stay put or stick with it for awhile longer. In this regard, Mercury/Saturn can be a tough go at times, but if you will put the effort into it, you’ll get it under good control and have something to show for it by the time Mercury/Saturn end this cycle and begin the next on January 12.

Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9, can be both of challenge and of benefit. To the plus, it can deepen your understanding regarding what drives you, them, or it. Your intuition and radar can sharpen, especially regarding relationship undercurrents. Mars can assist you to be sharper regarding how you navigate your way through the tricky spots with others. Along with Mercury retrograde, this Mars transit is good for introspection and for strengthen resolve/refortifying from within. Keep the right “in your better interest” objective in your viewfinder and you stand to make a good turnaround for yourself. As the month advances, the more you’ll know, the more you’ll grow.

On the other hand, Mars in Scorpio can see you face a tough battle, with yourself or another. You could confront matters to do with trust, power trips, manipulation, sex, money, betrayal, and abandonment.

By the second half of the month, you should find that you are getting a much better handle on it. Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, the sun does so on December 21, and Mercury ends retrograde on December 22.  On Christmas Day, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. Less is more. The day itself may produce a level of strain, but overall you can feel it as a timely, move past it marker. In your traditional way is also a good pick for your New Year’s Eve entertainment.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

December 1 through the super full moon in Gemini could see you swamped with activity, people, information overload, or emotions. You’ll feel the full moon’s effects strongest if your birthday falls at the end of May or beginning of June, but of course, with Mars/Uranus and Mercury retrograde to kick things off, no one is immune!

Venus in Sagittarius, starting December 1, also sets full swing on finances, relationships, travel, and the holiday extras.  Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can mess with plans, intentions or time-tables, especially in the first few days. By December 6, you should get a better handle on whatever has side-tracked or side-swiped you in the first few days of the month.

The next big push is on regarding work or health as of December 9, when Mars enters Scorpio. Expect full to the brim days to continue. Even so, in the week that follow (December 10 – 17), Mercury makes several good aspects, so you should feel you are gaining good ground.

As of December 15/16, you should feel you are hitting a good stride, despite Mercury retrograde. Use the transit to block outside distractions and to listen to yourself, to tune in to your beating heart. There’s plenty of changeability/fluctuation inside that beating heart, but see it as a naturally evolving process. You are working your way toward better consistency.

Saturn in Capricorn (December 19), sun in Capricorn (December 21), Mercury direct (December 22) and Venus into Capricorn (December 24) shift your attention, activity level, and energy. These transits which are well timed for getting to the Christmas goal post. Quality over quantity, less rather that more, does it best this year.

The transiting moon is in Gemini for New Year’s Eve. Planned or taking it as it comes, you’ll have no trouble coasting through.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Mars in opposition to Uranus on December 1 can see you on a breakthrough, a cut-loose, or a full steam ahead. With Mercury retrograde starting December 2, and a super full moon in Gemini on December 3, things can easily get blown out of proportion and swing to an extreme. Mars/Uranus and the super full moon, etc. could produce an onslaught of the unexpected, especially regarding health, work, or necessity (i.e., the must-do/can’t wait list).

One way or another, Mercury retrograde puts you back to work. The transit can put you on a time extension regarding a health matter, problem solving, repair work, etc. Where and how it is possible to do so, take extra time to do your homework, to work through the process, research, or discussion. Mercury retrograde can prompt a trial and error or elimination process of significance. There is a reason for every step along the way, even though it is sometimes hard to accept such a statement.

Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9 loans you more drive, initiative and tenacity. It helps you to get better in touch with yourself, to zero in on best options and choices, and to make better use of what you have going for you. The transit also helps you to read and navigate people better. Emotional depth, passion, and creativity are the gifts of Mars in Scorpio. Put yourself into play and aim for a healthy obsession. It could take you far.

Saturn in Capricorn, starting December 19 can work in a variety of ways. If you have adjusted well during the Saturn in Sagittarius years, this next two plus years of Saturn in Capricorn can help you to build in some substantial way, both internally and regarding outer world interfacing. If you haven’t lined it up well enough yet, Saturn in Capricorn will put you under pressure until you get yourself there. Don’t see it as punishment or a karmic fallout. The transit is purposeful. It will challenge you to find the strength to move yourself to higher ground.

Christmas Day is a time to appreciate what you have, no matter how much or how little of it there is. The day will come, and it will go. Plan it or take it as it comes, New Year’s Eve, is what you make of it.


LEO July 22 – August 22

December kicks off with an event filled, action packed weekend, starting with Venus into Sagittarius and Mars in Libra striking it hot with Uranus retrograde in Aries. One way or another both transits take it up a great big notch. Venus in Sagittarius is one of your best transits for love, life and laughter. It’s a great transit for performers, athletes, travellers, spiritual seekers, and lovers.  Beyond a social event, an end to the semester/start of a vacation, or an onslaught of holiday extras to tackle, Mars/Uranus can dish up something unexpected that requires your immediate attention. A fresh perspective or insight, or piece of news could rev it up for you too. Don’t take chances on the road or slopes, when travelling, or when sharing information.

December 2 – 22, Mercury in Sagittarius tours retrograde. To a certain extent, it is an appropriate transit for catering to the holiday season, for looking back and for memory making. As is typical of the transit, it is a time to reconnect with loved ones near and far, and to remember those who are no longer with us. It is also typical fallout that some things get pushed to the back while the holidays take precedent.

Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9, also puts more attention on home and family.  Lasting through most of January, the transit also puts attention on refinancing, renovation projects, (personal as well as structural) and new business ventures. Both Mercury retrograde, and Mars in Scorpio can take you through deeper introspection, soul searching, or questioning. It’s always good to check in with yourself.

Saturn in Capricorn begins on December 19. For the next couple of years, Saturn will put added priority on the necessary improvements and upgrades. It is a good transit for professional development, and for gaining expertise, a more solid reputation, or an official designation. Saturn wants you to take your health seriously too. Do the work, get the result – that’s Saturn’s motto.

The days leading up to Christmas can be more upbeat and fun than the actual day. Still, the day is what you make of it. The same goes for New Year’s Eve.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

TGIF – December 1 can bring you to a well-timed cut-loose, next level, step, or adventure. Too, Mars/Uranus can trigger sudden motivation, sudden cause, or a breakthrough with something or someone (that someone could be you.)

Also launching you on your way, on December 1 Venus enters Sagittarius. To the plus, it can brighten your spirits and put you in the mood to make merry.  Mercury, which has been touring Sagittarius for most of November, turns retrograde on December 2. Travel or welcome visitors and guests, both are apt reconnecting with family and folks, and for all that goes along with the holidays. Watch for Mercury retrograde to put added attention on a family member, whether they are of the past, present, or future. There may be a repeat or a need to talk it out or make your feelings and sensitivities better known. Future plans, such as a home renovation, move, or change, relocation or education track can continue to occupy your attention too.

The super full moon in Gemini on December 3 is strongly influenced by Mercury retrograde (ruler of Gemini) and in dynamic (square) aspect to Neptune. Things can blend well, or things can get blurred. Don’t make assumptions or expect for things to go as planned. Try to keep open-minded and open-hearted. You may be called upon/need to show up unexpectedly.  Make sure to guard your health and wealth.

Mars into Scorpio, starting December 9, helps you to stay sharp, shrewd, focused and well targeted. You should find that you can make a greater dent regarding your to-do list. Interactions hold greater impact too. You’ll read them, and they’ll read you. You may notice others are listening to your advice or feelings more than they usual do.

Saturn’s advance into Capricorn on December 19 can come as a relief from the added pressure and strain of the Saturn in Sagittarius years.  You should find the transit helps you to build it better at all levels; best of all, at the center and core of your own consciousness.

For the most part, Christmas day meets expectations, New Year’s Eve will too.

LIBRA September 22 – October 22

You could get triggered or you could get excited; either way Mars in Libra hits full steam ahead with Uranus on December 1. On the same day, Venus enters Sagittarius, to launch full swing on the shopping, social, and travel end of things. Venus in Sagittarius also keeps added focus on the future.

It’s always good to check in with yourself again. Preceding the super full moon in Gemini by only a few hours, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, starting December 2, can take you through a rethink, or revision.  Mercury’s alignment with Saturn (December 6) is good for tightening up on plans, getting more selective with time and money, and reigning yourself in where necessary.

While the super full moon in Gemini on December 3 could initially set up uncertainty or confusion, after the fact it will give you a better sense and feel of how things are shaping up and how to play it next. There could be news, a social event, or a trend set. With Mercury freshly into retrograde, a change of mind or plans can happen. Take it one step at a time and double check all information and instructions, count your change, take advice in stride, do your own research, and/or get a second opinion.

Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio on December 9, but you’ll continue to get good traction out of the transit, especially toward the end of the month and into January when it teams up with Jupiter in Scorpio. Mars and Jupiter pump up your passion, your sexy, and allure. You’ll find your intuition is sharper and that you are quicker on the uptake where others are concerned. Mars and Jupiter can help you to tap from an inner resolve that you have only skirted around up until now. Too, they can help you to build up your resources and assets, to create and manifest in some major, high impact way. They set up fertile conditions for to you maximize on the moment, its learnings and opportunities, and to get more out of your interactions with others.

Beyond a good time to prioritize quality time at home and with family for the holidays, Saturn’s advance into Capricorn, starting December 19, brings you to a next foundation laying chapter. It sets the clock on a “time is ripe” moment of great significance, perhaps for something long awaited. This is a good influence if you have already been working toward a fresh start or toward taking some official step forward. If you have been procrastinating or avoiding, you’ll get a push from Saturn. Saturn can put you to work, but it also offers you something more substantial to build from and work toward.

Christmas day, appreciate the gift, no matter its size. Spend it anyway you like, New Year’s Eve stars dish up a pleasant evening.


SCORPIO October 22 – November 21

December 1, Mars/Uranus can kick start something unexpected, extra, or lucrative. Too, it could let you off the hook, or spark a fresh insight, idea, or opportunity.

While Venus into Sagittarius on December 1, and Jupiter’s trine to Neptune on December 2 keeps it rolling, the start of Mercury retrograde (late December 2/early December 3), and the super full moon in Gemini on December 3 can dish up something confusing, draining, or unforeseen. Enjoy the party but guard your health and safety, watch your consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs, be extra careful on the road. A long trip or late night can be exhausting. Give yourself extra time this weekend to catch up on rest, etc.

As is typical of the cycle, Mercury retrograde can take you on a reassessment and soul-searching mission. It is a good time to pull back on over activity, to review and reprioritize, to tighten up on the budget too. Refinancing or a contract review is timely too.

If you hit stop or pause earlier in the week, you’ll hit go again once Mars enters Scorpio on December 9. The week that follows is optimized for getting the show on the road at all levels.

Saturn in Capricorn, starting December 19, can put you into a more serious mindset. It is a time to gain more professional recognition, to undertake formal studies, to get certification, or to make a professional or personal status more official (i.e. citizenship, proprietorship, single or official committed, etc.).

Whether it is a duty call, or you get to call the shot, for Christmas Day, don’t struggle with it. Meet the requirement; accept what is. Stop, relax, do right by yourself. On the town, social, or relaxing on your own, New Year’s Eve is easy to take.


SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Mars/Uranus and Venus into Sagittarius on December 1 sets you on systems go. Enjoy the boost, the fresh air feel while it lasts. The very next day, Dec 2, Mercury in Sagittarius begins retrograde. To the plus, Mercury can give you a time extension and/or give you an opportunity to recoup or regroup.

Also, it can sweep something out of the way and/or see you gain a leg up or a second chance. You can come into better accord, with yourself or another. You could come clean with another, or they may reveal something to you. If there are unresolved feelings, they can seep out in subtle or strong ways. Physically, and emotionally speaking, vulnerability and lack of immunity are also an issue regarding this full moon. don’t let yourself get talked into more than you know you should take on, keep your distance from those who are obviously under the weather, and watch what you consume.

While Venus in Sagittarius keeps you on the move, Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9, sends you under cover more. You are likely to covet time away from the holiday and social overload. While the super full moon had you on an open-it-up, Mars in Scorpio finds you wanting to button it down a little more. This transit finds you wanting to keep your observations, thoughts and feeling to yourself, or to carve out better quality one on one time with the one or ones that have your heart. (That can include carving out more quality time for devotional practices/to commune with the divine too.)

After two and a half years helping you or forcing you to come to terms with yourself and to work on building it better, Saturn leaves your sign for Capricorn on December 9. Despite how hard Saturn can be, when you look back you are likely to see that you have accomplished quite a bit, that overall, you have gained. Saturn in Capricorn will continue to help you to build a more solid platform to stand on. While travel and fresh adventure is always something you enjoy, you’ll find that you don’t have to move around so much now, that you can plant yourself, and grow and thrive from there.

The sun and Saturn conjoin on the winter solstice, December 21. Mercury ends retrograde on December 22 and Venus enters Capricorn on December 23. By the time you get to Christmas Day, you’ll be ready to stop right where you are. Quality over quantity is the order of the day. No matter what you choose, the moon in Gemini on New Year keeps you well entertained.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 20

December 1, Mars/Uranus can bring you to a well-timed finish-line, or a cut-off point. Either way, you are likely to be in the mood to shift gears and cut yourself some slack.

Mercury in Sagittarius turns retrograde just eight hours before the super full moon in Gemini on December 3. An appropriate transit for the time of year when we reconnect with those near and far, Mercury retrograde, and Venus in Sagittarius can put you in a mood to escape the onslaught. You aren’t alone in that sentiment. It is likely that if/when there’s a choice to be made, Venus conjunct Saturn for the big day puts many of us in the mood to downplay Christmas this year. Quality over quantity is the right choice.

Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9, can enrichen your interfacing with folks, at the personal level and professionally too. It’s a lucrative transit if your business caters to the season. Along with the longer Jupiter in Scorpio transit, Mars can see you resume a goal or project. It can assist you to produce more tangible results for whatever you have on the go. It’s also a good transit for taking a deeper look at motivations and needs, and for recommitting yourself to the inner or outer changes you know in your heart of hearts are in your best interests.

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19 and will transit your sign until the end of 2020. Over these next few years, it will bring you to an end of the road and to the beginning of a new life chapter. You are wise to identify the parts of yourself or your life that you have outgrown and to allow them to naturally wind down so that you can give your quality attention to the newly evolving reality. If you don’t know what that is yet, simply work on tending to the task at hand and gaining control over what you can. Time reveals all.

Venus, freshly into Capricorn conjunct Saturn on Christmas Day, hits it just about right. Slow down, have patience, let your heart lead the way, do right by yourself too. Social, watching it on tv, or enjoying your evening in your usual way is a good way to play it New Year’s Eve.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Mars/Uranus and the super full moon in Gemini launch December with added intensity, excitement, or opportunity. Venus begins her stint in Sagittarius on December 1 (to December 24), but just before Mercury finishes its tour, it will turn retrograde, which it will do from December 2 to 22.

Both Venus and Mercury retrograde are apt for switching gears for a few weeks while the holidays take precedent. Both are good transits for travel, making the social rounds, getting out and about, for keeping you busy and “elsewhere” for a spell. If your business caters to the season, its time to cash in. If you are spiritually inclined or like to volunteer and do your part, then you’ll enjoy these transits. Of course, Mercury retrograde always produces an element of the usual snafus and unforeseen, i.e. miscommunication, added expense or time wasters, sidetracks, etc.

The super full moon on December 3 could produce a special event to attend, news, a departure or arrival, a finish line or springboard you in some significant, perhaps unexpected way. Too, the full moon could produce an official announcement, review, re-meet, an important talk, negotiation, legal or paperwork matter. Someone important to you could factor into the full moon. There could be a second chance to finish or to launch.

Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9, revs up your ambition to get it under better control, to reap more benefit and reward for your efforts. Along with Jupiter also touring Scorpio, the transit helps you to zeroing into your best bets. It can deepen your commitment to the work that is required, and see you develop a better strategy for success. Both transits sharpen your observational faculty and help you to play the game better.

Saturn in Capricorn, starting December 19, dips into the background of your chart, but it’s not an invisible influence – it is a strengthen and refortifying influence. As it works its way through Capricorn it will give more tangible shape and form to budding potentials.

The days leading up to Christmas can be more upbeat and entertaining than the day itself. You could feel you want a little more out of Christmas itself, but enjoy what you have. Be grateful for the precious moments. Spontaneous or planned, New Year’s Eve is good anyway you slice it.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Mars/Uranus on December 1 and the super full moon in Gemini on December 3 can hit your refresh button in some dynamic way.  Perhaps you’ll feel like you are standing in two worlds – “here” and “there”.

The super full moon is in dynamic aspect (square) to Neptune, your ruler. At the very least, a let it go or cut-loose can do you good. The transit could get you going on a new plan, project, or attitude. Its what you know and who you know; business and pleasure can mix well. Socially or business wise, perhaps there’s someone to partner up with. With Mercury freshly on a retrograde tour, try not to race to far ahead on a promise or wishful thinking. It’s good to entertain possibilities, to aspire and be hopeful, but let them prove themselves over time.

Too, on the day of the full moon, make sure to stay detailed oriented, to ask more questions, and to double check instructions or information. Be clear with your message too, as you could get called on it later. When in a quandary, say less, observe more. Guard your health and make sure you know what you are ingesting. Your immune system can be vulnerable. Your body may soak up too much; emotions can get the better of you too. If you have taken an emotional dip around the full moon and start of Mercury retrograde, by December 6 when Mercury/Saturn join forces, you should feel you are getting it under better control.

Mars in Scorpio is an empowering transit for your sign. You’ll have six weeks of this transit, and most of next year of Jupiter in Scorpio. Both loan you good savvy and help you to harness your intuition and creativity. You may find the world sits up and listens to you more. Your words and presence can carry more impact and influence.

On the bigger picture scale, Saturn’s advance into Capricorn on December 19 can give you a sense that you have arrived at a right time and place destination. The transit can give more tangible shape and form to the future and to support you as you work to realize your goals. Some friendships and business relationships will grow in importance. For the now, Saturn in Capricorn, aligned with the sun on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) with Venus on Christmas Day sets a good backdrop for slowing down and enjoying quality time with loved ones and on your own too.

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