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Singularity, Uniqueness and Connection

Jennifer Hoffman – This article is an Archangel Uriel channeled message.The separation that is being created by the ascension cycle is a process of spiritual distinction designed to allow new levels of energetic frequency and vibration to co-exist on the earth. It is the unfolding journey of multi-dimensionality as (…)

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Your abilities are limitless

John Smallman – As humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, know that it is unstoppable.  The collective has made the choice and the decision to awaken, and that intent goes on intensifying.  There are signs of your awakening everywhere, however, at the same time, much is arising that is not (…)

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What is real? What is there to hold on to?

Owen K Waters – One of the main reasons for experiencing life on Earth is to discover what is real. We spend our lives coming here, going there, trying this and trying that. We acquire physical things and eventually let them go. Life’s experiences pass by like so much water (…)

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FBI Fear Awan Case Was Cleverly Rigged To Protect Obama, Lynch, Holder, Wasserman, Congressional Dems

Investigative Bureau – The fix was in to protect Justice Department officials as high up as the US Attorney General even before the Awan investigation started, FBI veterans with knowledge of the case now fear.And so far President Barack Obama, who appointed the US Attorney in the District of (…)

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Truths To Learn About Life

Alanna Ketler – Do you want to be a better person? Do you believe you aren’t reaching your full potential, and know you can do better? What’s stopping you? Is it anxiety? A lack of drive or ambition? Or are you a (…)

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The Book Of Enoch- Alien Wisdom – Enoch was in fact an alien, or he couldn’t have lived as long as he did – 366 years (3284-3017 BC.) – and impacted on the human consciousness hologram to help humanity evolve within that timeline. They had devices which gave the powers of communication, teleportation, and the understanding (…)

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432 Hertz and the Suppression of Pythagorean Mathematics

Anthony Tyler – Many people today have heard about the scientific explanations that quantum theory provides – such as the vibratory densities of all physical objects, showing that in a very real sense, the physical reality that encapsulates the human experience is nothing more than one large vibratory collage – (…)

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Parallel Worlds Exist And Interact With Each Other

Anna LeMind – The idea of parallel worlds is one of the more favorite topics of science fiction writers, but also a popular subject of interest for many researchers. If you watched the Fringe series, you will remember that there were two simultaneously existing versions of the same world with slight differences between them. It seems (…)

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Never Before Seen Prophecy of Pope John Paul II Published in Italy

Damien Cowley – A never-before published prophecy attributed to Pope John Paul II has been revealed by a close confidant of the former pontiff during a memorial lecture on his life, the contents of which could cause scandal within the increasingly liberal and politically-correct Vatican.Speaking in Italy on October 22nd, Monsignor Mauro (…)

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Warning Signs from Your Intuition

Tanaaz – If you are open and if you are listening, your intuition is always sending signs and clues so you can move forward in the right direction.The right direction is really the direction that is aligned with your soul. It is not a question of good or bad, it (…)

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Prepare For The Tsunami Wave Of Cosmic Light

Michelle Walling, CHLC – Many people have talked about the largest wave of energy yet that will have an unmistakable affect on the consciousness and vibration of humanity. It has been called 3 waves, the solar sneeze, the galactic superwave amongst other names. It has also been said that this wave (…)

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The New Timeline Unfolds

Jelaila Star – Much has occurred since the last mission update in early October.  At that time we were informed that because we had successfully moved through the “Summer of Blood” with our presidents (US, China and Russia) still alive, and without a civil war, we had moved onto a new (…)

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Travelers in Time

Steve Rother – Greetings Dear Ones. I am Merlia. I am overjoyed to join you this day, watching your game on planet Earth changing every moment. It is such a beautiful sight for us to watch you from here. The magic has begun and I wish to tell you more of (…)

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Gillian Grannum, Ph.D.

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