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Your Weekly Overview:

Loose cannon alert! Put down the boombox, because this is the opposite of a “say anything” week. On Tuesday, December 12 the bright Sun beams onto Mercury retrograde at the same degree of candid Sagittarius. People may think they’re just “calling it like I see it,” but that bluster could cause major meltdowns. In 2017, opinion and fact seem to be interchangeable—and in mere 140-characters. But Truth with a capital “T” could come to light under this cosmic coupling, as the Sun illuminates empirical data that’s been obscured or even covertly hidden away. Got something to confess? Better start singing like a canary—before someone else puts a spin on YOUR story. Even if it’s a sordid one, better it should be a firsthand account than a juicy morsel from the grapevine.

On Friday, it’s amorous, glamorous Venus who meshes with Mercury retrograde in the Sagittarius realm. Honesty is definitely the best policy in the game of love—but put a fur cozy on that truth hammer, why don’t you? Venus is diplomatic and loving. The truth doesn’t HAVE to hurt if it’s delivered gracefully. Set the right atmosphere for your dialogue, perhaps discussing over a delicious meal or in a calming and comfortable environment. The Venus-Mercury retro merger can bring happy times, too, like a reunion with an old love interest. Couples might find Friday an ideal time to slip off for a little pre-holiday getaway. An overnight “just the two of us” trip can fill your tanks and make it easier to navigate family dynamics later in the month. Sagittarius rules publishing, so writers and mediamakers may get a burst of creative steam near the weekend. Tuck away with the muse for a spell and work on your magnum opus!

Eureka! This Saturday, December 16 the Sagittarius Sun syncs up with innovative Uranus in Aries, bringing out the thought leaders in us all. This rousing energy can get everyone pumped about innovative projects—and since high-minded Uranus is in the picture, ones that make the world a better place for all. With a little due diligence some dynamic dreams can come to life this weekend! An electric current will crackle through social interactions, and we can make some exciting new connections while we’re out decking the halls. But make sure that surge protector is in place! Uranus remains retrograde until January 2, which could send us on some wild goose chases…or worse, in pursuit of a misguided-yet-charismatic Svengali. Before declaring anyone “my new guru,” run the background checks—or better yet, absorb their teachings but remain independent (AKA your own guru). Both the Sun and Uranus are self-authorized energies and together they remind us that we are powerful as individuals. Uranus is team-spirited by nature, however, so remember that there can also be strength in numbers, especially when you’re collectively working towards the same game-changing goal.

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