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by Pam Younghans


ECLIPSES are one of the universe’s most potent tools for catalyzing change and augmenting awareness. They occur when a New or Full Moon occurs within a certain distance of the Moon’s Nodes, those points in space that represent our karmic past (South Node) and our evolutionary future (North Node).

The Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday is an especially significant event. It is a Total Eclipse, amplifying its metaphysical impact. It is also a Supermoon, occurring when the Moon is within a certain distance from the Earth, and increasing its magnetic influence on our planet and our emotions. It is also a blue moon, which simply means it is the second Full Moon within one calendar month — an infrequent event that contributes to our sense of this lunation’s rarity.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 5:26 a.m. PST (1:26 p.m. GMT) on Wednesday, January 31, at 11°37′ Leo.

AT THE TIME of the eclipse, the Moon will be very close to the North Node. In her book Eclipses and You, astrologer Judith Hill writes that “celestial energy enters” during such North Node eclipses. She recommends that we use this type of eclipse “to either pray or set intentions for pleasant and productive energy and connections to enter your life.”

If you wish to partake in a group meditation to take advantage of these eclipse energies, my friend, teleclass collaborator, and wellness educator Elsie Kerns is offering a free online Prayer Bowl Blessing and Healing on Wednesday evening. To learn more, please click here.

THE MOON conjoins the fixed star Minchir during the eclipse, activating and focusing the healing effects of that star. Astrologer Roderick Kidston writes that Minchir represents “the idea of something contaminated which needs to be cleaned out, purified, and restored to wholeness.” He continues:

“Think of it as the Humpty Dumpty star. Not all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could put the poor smashed egg back together, but Minchir is a star, and full of magic. It can put broken eggs back together, and doesn’t have to scramble them first. Minchir gathers fragments, then cleans and restores them to wholeness, whether the fragmentation is spiritual, emotional, intellectual, or physical.

“Minchir takes you on a great healing journey. It won’t always be easy, it will put you on a workout on any or all levels of your being, but it will absolutely be worth it in the end. A new improved you is in the making here, and that is worth every Minchir challenge.”

By observing current conditions on the planet, we clearly see that healing is essential to our moving forward — individually, socially, and as a species. By intentionally working with this Lunar Eclipse and Minchir, we can make great strides in restoring our fragmented selves to wholeness.

THE DWARF PLANET CERES, namesake of the Earth Mother goddess (Demeter to the Greeks), is incredibly close to the Moon at the time of the eclipse — within 2 minutes of a degree! This proximity infuses the eclipse with themes related to Ceres, issues that many mortal mothers must grapple with: unconditional love and acceptance, grief and loss, attachment and control, self-worth, and self-sacrifice.

Among the areas of concern that may arise at this time due to Ceres’ involvement in the eclipse: All aspects of parenting and child care; nurturing professions such as nursing, social services, and hospice care; food cultivation, preparation, and services (such as restaurants); domesticated animals and their caregivers; nutrition and “food as medicine”; and food-related disorders or complexes.

THE SUN is of course also a primary player in the eclipse drama, being exactly opposite the Moon. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun is aligned with the South Node, Venus, and Juno in Aquarius.

This line-up indicates that we are in the midst of resolving karmic issues regarding how we approach all types of relationships. Old friendships may resurface, and current partnerships or alliances may change significantly. We are compelled to address matters that have not been resolved, to confront ways in which we have closed our hearts in response to the pain of betrayal, separation, rejection, or abandonment.

NEPTUNE also plays an important role in the eclipse, being tightly quincunx the Moon and Ceres. Through these aspects, Neptune tells us that the ultimate success of our healing journey depends on our making a very important attitude adjustment. Wherever we have been locked into polarity and comparison, we must move into trust, forgiveness, and acceptance of what is. By so doing, we unlock the door for the Universe — and Minchir — to do their magic.

As always, the effects of an eclipse are not limited to the day or week in which it occurs. We have already been working with the influence of this Lunar Eclipse for at least the past two weeks, and perhaps a bit longer. And, we can expect related developments to ripple out into the next six months at least, until the next set of eclipses in July and August.

Remember to call upon higher-level beings for assistance now — and also request for their ascended essence to work with you. You might call upon the highest aspects of Minchir, Luna, Ceres, or Neptune, depending on who you sense will be most helpful in your healing and renewal.

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IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are beginning a year of healing in which you will address many issues and attitudes that have limited your ability to fully embrace and enjoy your life. It is no longer adequate to simply “exist” — your life is pulling you forward into involvement and fulfillment. Do your best to release and forgive the past, for this is what allows your future to unfold most gracefully and benevolently.

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