The Power of Daily Mantras ~ January 28 – February 3, 2018


The Power of Mantras

This week’s Mantras covers logic, stability, connectedness, preparation, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

January 28 (Connectedness): “I am connected to a higher vibration of spirit.”

You need to see that you are linked to the Universe. When you feel linked to the Divine, you know and understand that you’re not alone and can connect with others in your life. When you experience this flow of energy, it makes your kinship with lovers, family, and friends feel that much stronger. And when you see this, it’s because your passions relate to each other on a spiritual and Divine level. Repeat this mantra anytime you feel disjointed from those you cherish.

January 29 (Fertility): “My life is fertile in all areas.”

The Divine wants to see you happy. Your life is full of abundance and it comes in varied colors of prosperity. Being thankful for even the smallest blessing or happy thought can open the gates to more fruitfulness to come your way. When you hear someone say that they’re living a life of gratitude, this is what they mean, and it helps them to manifest more of the plentifulness they desire.

January 39 (Stability): “I am steadfast in my desires and thoughts.”

Stay resolute to the course you’ve picked for yourself. The tests you face will only serve to strengthen the resolve you have. Your dreams are on firm ground. When you reach your aspirations, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to maintain your substantiality because you held to the path you set before yourself. Tenacity is a good thing when used in the right ways.

January 31 (Insightful Understanding): “I will see the world from another’s point of view.”

Look at the situation from the other side. When you are discerning in the way you observe any condition you find yourself in, you become more acutely aware of another’s feelings. Being astute will allow you to show empathy in a new way, but it will also clear the air in any situation and help to keep peace in all your relationships.

February 1 (Fresh Start): “I will leave yesterday behind me.”

Take a deep breath and know that you can close the door on yesterday and make a fresh start today. Today is a day to start laying the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the rest of your life. With spring right around the corner, this is certainly an opportune time to start planning what you want your thoughts and soul to be nourished by in the future. Your thoughts today feed your soul tomorrow. Therefore, make a new path and know that your life is yours to create.

February 2 (Next Logical Step): “I will think clearly about my path forward.”

Logical thought is a part of being spiritual. When you take time to clear your mind, you keep your emotions under control so that you can respond to a situation. Your reply to any obstacle should be the kind of conduct you would expect from others. Being transparent about your intentions allows you to take a clear leadership role in your life and the current situation. Choose logic over emotions in any predicament.

February 3 (Reflection and Preparation): “I take time to breathe and see all my past blessings and challenges.”

Take time to reflect on all that life has given you. Contemplation will allow you to prepare yourself for what you see in your future. When you take time to consider your reactions to situations in the past, it opens up new paths forward. Take some time to anticipate what you see as the next logical step on your trek through this life. These two actions work in great combination when you employ them in alignment with your higher vibration.

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