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Sail Away From Negativity

Luminita D. Saviuc – Negativity is poison – poison for the mind, poison for the Soul, and poison for the body. And it’s crucial for us to learn how to sail away from it.On a regular basis, we interact with all kind of people – happy people, angry people, people who (…)

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Life Under A Lunar Eclipse: Nothing Is Quite As It Seems..

Sarah Varcas – A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is full and its light is blocked by the earth’s shadow. A full moon is traditionally a time of fruition and harvest, but when eclipsed it heralds, instead, hidden fruits and obscured results. Nothing is quite as it seems. If we think we’ve failed, think again – all is not lost.  (…)

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Convincing Signs You Reincarnated Into Your Present Life

Simple Capacity – Reincarnation has been a trope and a theme in every major mythology except the Christian. This is of course because the Abrahamic religions treat time as a straight line and reincarnation is replaced with  (…)

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Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact

Montalk – Much of what we know about aliens comes from what abductees and contactees themselves report. The problem is that fabrication, hallucination, and screen memories obscure the truth, so various protocols exist to improve the signal to noise ratio. These include cross-correlating multiple eyewitness accounts and using hypnotic regression (…)

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Shattering The Illusion Of Reality

Elva Thompson – A couple of years ago, I watched a video by Cristobal Vila called Nature By Numbers.  The short film was awesome, but it turned my perception of the natural world upside down, by showing that nature (…)

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Rudolf Steiner Describes the Archons and Parasitic Entities That Feed Off Your Fear and Anxiety

Dylan Charles – Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of (…)

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Practice Of “Satanism” Within The Vatican

Arjun Walia – The works of multiple scholars, from Plato to Manly P. Hall and further down the line, suggest it is essentially the use of rituals and techniques to invoke and control “spirits” or lifeforms that could be existing within other dimensions or worlds. For example, according to Hall, “a (…)

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The Lemurian Connection

Lee Carroll – Greetings. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This room has been filled with so much energy in these last days! [This is the third day of the Shasta conference.] There has been great frivolity, teaching, and healing. There has also been revelation – perhaps even the beginning (…)

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Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix

Sigmund Fraud – The human mind is easily programmed, and human behavior is largely autonomous once the sub-conscious has a suggestion of what to do. By default, people seem inclined to conform to the ideas, environment and behaviors around them, at least as a means of survival and of fitting in. Unless an individual (…)

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Lisa Renee – This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis, which gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we (…)

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