The Power of Daily Mantras ~ February 11 – 17 , 2018


The Power of Mantras

This week’s Mantras covers changes, frustrations, direction, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

February 11 (Pick a Direction): “I will make a choice today.”

There are no wrong choices in this life. That’s because you will learn something from any decision you make. And the lessons you learn will help make sure you’re on the right path. Sometimes you need to pick the wrong thing so that you can recognize the right situation when it comes along. Any choice you make right now is the one you were meant to make. So, pick a path and follow it to its natural conclusion.

February 12 (Release Frustrations): “I will see the Godliness in you.”

Say this out loud when you find you are frustrated by another person. Taking this stand and seeing the Divine in another will help you look past whatever it is about them that upsets you. When you find yourself getting short tempered with another individual, stop and ask yourself why you give them that power over your emotions. Hesitating for just a momentary pause will help you see the incident in a different light and open a higher vibration of energy in your life.

February 13 (Changes): “Changes are here, and I welcome them with open arms.”

You have been using your vision board to co-create your dreams. The Universe is your co-creator, and the manifestations you have been working towards come to you. Be prepared for the changes because they will be more than you imagined! The Divine can take your dream and make it perfect for you too.

February 14 (Divine Timing): “Today is the day I give birth to my dreams.”

Yes, now is the time for you to give birth to your dreams. You have been waiting for the right time and for everything to fall into place. Here it is—everything that you have been working to manifest. All of the hard work that you put in is finally paying off. The first part of the birthing process is here too. Yes, the labor is hard, but this has been a labor of love for you. Relish all that comes your way today, for it is certainly the start of a new time of joy for you.

February 15 (Sojourn): “I will take time for myself now.”

With the changes that have been taking place in your life and the labors you have gone through to bring your dreams to fruition, it is time to take a rest. You need to take a little bit of time to do something that allows you to relax completely. It could be a weekend getaway with best friends or some time alone with a good book. Whatever it is, take time to catch your breath and refocus on the next phase of your life too.

February 16 (Education): “I will research my dreams and educate myself on what I need to know.”

Gaining life experience is a great way to get an education. Sometimes, you need to talk with others who have been through what you are dealing with and listen to their wisdom. Other times, you need to attend classes, seminars, lectures or marches to learn more about what speaks to your heart. Taking time to learn all the ins and outs of a matter allows you to gain valuable information that you can use to get ahead in your manifestations.

February 17 (Charge Ahead): “I will only accept forward-looking, life-affirming answers.”

When you say this mantra, say it with the unequaled conviction your heart will give you. It will align your spirit with a positive vibration and open the doors for miracles to come to you. Yes, some of the occurrences will be small, and others are going to be big. Be just as grateful for the little miracles as you are for the larger ones. Your gratitude will keep moving you forward at this time in your life.


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