Welcome To Global Light Minds:


This publication was started in March 2011, just after the  earthquake in Japan.  The header photo is a photo taken from the spread of the Tsunami as it reached across the Pacific to the shores of the Western United States.  It was a wake-up for all who witness the event around the world.

This site is dedicated to raising the consciousness of all, into a world of Love, Joy, Happiness and Peace on Earth.  It’s really is about the survival of the Human Race.

We are a group of writers and spiritual thinkers, we live around the globe.  None of us have met in real-time, in this lifetime, but we do know each other…..perhaps at some point we will meet again.

Each of us creates on a different level of spirituality, some through writing, poetry, philosophy and visual arts.  We have blended together an emotional plea from our hearts, filled with love for you to become as one, with each other and our planet, Earth.

It really is up to us, to make a choice  in how we view each other, to love each other and to heal the planet, so that my children and yours will live to see the beauty and bounty that has been graciously bestowed upon us.

I hope that you will enjoy the articles, inspiration and thoughts, so you, our fellow-man will unite together, as One.

With all of my love to you,

Wendy Zake