Jean Guy Martin ~ Poet






Jean-Guy Martin is a Featured Writer in Poetry and Daily Inspiration.   His poetry has been well received by many.  He delights us with his imagination as he visually creates  a world of beauty and passion.

He is a welcomed friend and fellow poet  that I admire,  I am always inspired when I read his beautiful work.  I know you will enjoy is work as much as I do.

Jean-Guy Martin has just recently published his first poetry book,

“A Rainbow in The Dark”.  It’s avaibale on Amazon at the links below.

One will find love, spirituality, nature concerns, memories, inner strength and more on his voyage back to himself. Accompany me on this path. A journey through poetry from a heart.

Jean-Guy Martin was born in a modest French Canadian family, in Montreal, Québec. As far as he remembers, even as a very young child he was drawn towards sci-fi television programs. By the age of 14, he had compiled over 200 hand written pages, of different cases and mystery files, from UFO’S sightings to Big Foot and ghosts stories. In High School he would be in charge of an after school activity where about 15 to 20 students would discuss about paranormal.

Later years saw him going through many experiences and studies about Spiritualism, personnel inner evolution, spirituality and supra-mental psychology, only to name those. He also wrote a novel in French and is now translating it to English.

Recently, hardships having forged him, he began writing poetic metaphysical reflections, in both English and French. He is working now on finishing writing and publishing 2 books of those poetic metaphysical reflections. His books will be available and available in both languages before the end of this 2011 year.