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Indigo/Crystals - Attributes of the Crystal Children

Indigo/Crystals – Attributes of the Crystal Children

Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach * Extremely sensitive to everything in their environment -sound, colors, negative emotions in others, smells, food, chemicals, pollutants, the “feel” of clothing, violence, and pain of others, group consciousness, electromagnetic frequencies, solar flares. * So sensitive that they are deeply vulnerable, as well as very powerful because of their intense vulnerability. […]

Indigos/Crystals - Living Right Now

Indigos/Crystals – Living Right Now

[fbliked]Insert Your “LIKED” Content Here[/fbliked] Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach Living right now has unique benefits. You are more likely to receive the gifts of this life when you understand what the gifts are and how they can change your evolutionary path in a radical way. Here is some background on a few of the opportunities […]

Indigos/Crystals - How to Ask Your Angels for Help

Indigos/Crystals – How to Ask Your Angels for Help

Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach How to Ask The Angels for Help:  1. Just remove all doubt, close your eyes and lovingly ask them for help. It’s that easy. 2. Don’t question their existence and wonder if they hear you and if they care. Know that they hear you and know that they care. 3. Then, […]

Indigos/Crystals - DNA Repatterning

Indigos/Crystals – DNA Repatterning

Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach [fbliked]Insert Your “LIKED” Content Here[/fbliked] How DNA Activation & Repatternings/ Clearings Can Quicken Evolutionary Progress & Change Your Life An Activation of your DNA and Subsequent DNA Clearings and Repatternings can quicken your evolutionary progress. The impact of the activation is typically felt over an extended period, although some people begin […]

Indigos/Crystals - DNA Activation

Indigos/Crystals – DNA Activation

Posted By Jorge Indigocrystalcoach [fbliked]Insert Your “LIKED” Content Here[/fbliked] DNA Activation and the Ascension Process We are being changed physically from carbon-based being with 2 strands of DNA into crystalline beings with 1,024 strands of DNA (eventually), because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. We are in fact having our bodies merged […]

Indigo/Crystals - Awakening Signs

Indigo/Crystals – Awakening Signs

Awakening Signs Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach [fbliked]Insert Your “LIKED” Content Here[/fbliked]   1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This too shall pass. 2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. […]

Indigos/Crystals - Self Sabotage Behavior

Indigos/Crystals – Self Sabotage Behavior

Self Sabotage Behavior can start for a number of reasons but a particularly sneaky one happens when things don’t turn out as you expect. You think you’re going to get certain results from your efforts and when they don’t happen exactly that way, it’s at that point that you may begin to self sabotage yourself. […]



Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL The dark night of the soul is a process many spiritual seekers go through at some point in their lives, I being one of them. The dark night is not mentioned that much in spiritual texts and teachings. A lot of the times, we are […]

Indigos/Crystals - Keeping A Spiritual Journal

Indigos/Crystals – Keeping A Spiritual Journal

By Jorge Indigocrystalcoach Benefits of Keeping a Spiritual Journal Journaling . . . . . ~ clarifies one’s understandings of the nature and will of God ~ organizes one’s thoughts ~ gives one a chance to play with ideas ~ brings out thoughts that might never have occurred to one otherwise ~ records spiritual thoughts […]



Posted By Jorge Indigocrystalcoach How to Silence the Critic Face Your Fears One way to make that voice in your head go away is to face your fears head on and deal with the consequences. This way you will have lived through the worst case scenario and lived to tell the tale and that way […]



Posted by Jorge Indigocrystalcoach Multi-Dimensionality The Nature of Multi-Dimensionality Until fairly recently, all humans born on Earth were born as Third Dimensional beings. This means that they were fully in the material plane or realm, and their consciousness was “locked” into the Third Dimension. They functioned on the first three chakras, the material, the emotional […]



Angels translate that which is beyond our ordinary consciousness into a form that we are capable of understanding. They choose the method of communication that the individual they appear to will be most receptive to- whether this be via our ordinary five sense or via our more subtle senses of visions, dreams, intuition, feelings or […]