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From This Moment On

From This Moment On

  Posted by Felix C Lopez  ‎(((♥))) Make a decision that , from this moment on , you will never be less than friendly toward yourself. No more treating yourself like a slave. No more putting yourself down – ever. No more negative assumptions. No more torment over past events that you can’t change. No […]

The Beautiful Planet – Video

If you get a good rapport going with Mother Nature She will guide you and teach you perfectly. Any problem. With understanding of the balanced way to be and who you are. She will welcome you in the wild places where it’s undisturbed and quiet. You must be still and ask a question and listen […]

Planet Gaia – Life In The Melting Arctic – Video

By Migel Konstantin Planet Gaia, Life In The Melting Arctic [HQ] Planet Gaia, Life In The Melting Arctic [HQ] Musik Track: Indian Oriental Mix by Funkhaus Europa, Video Created 26. March 2011 * Migel Konstantin •∞❀●✿♥~ * Namaste * ~♥✿●❀∞• Length: ‎19:45

Video – Beautiful Planet

Beautiful clips from Virtual Trip – Beautiful Planet; Music: David Lanz – Variations on a Theme From Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major

Video – Underwater